Sunday, July 25, 2004

Humanity: What Its Like?

Having said that the updates would continue on Monday, I find myself in front of the PC, writing. The plan was to have an overnight vigil last Saturday, which didn't happen, and also a sleep test at a hospital this night, which obviously didn't happen either, because of a new schedule. This is a testament of my life; everytime I make plans, even those with 99.99% chance of happening, something goes awry and wrecks the whole thing apart. I've been wondering why it always happen to me...maybe its just my luck or, God forbid, a curse of sorts.
This is probably the reason I always make plans on the fly, else they fly apart from me.

The vigil/reunion went well actually, with lots of people from both the batch '93 ( elemtary ) and '97 ( high school ). If there was one good thing that came out of Venus' wake, is that she brought the classmates together. Never had everyone, especially the elemtary batch had a chance to get together and gossip. Central to the talks was a reunion in the making, perhaps next year. Like I said, it was a bittersweet reunion.

Before I went to the wake, I watched Will Smith's "I,Robot" with my close friend Pringles. And I have to give props to the movie, doing an impressive translation to Isaac Asimov's moving Sci-Fi series. Hmmm, now I sound like Randy Jackson from American Idol. Anyways, Isaac Asimov did to the Sci-Fi genre what J.R.R. Tolkien did to fantasy; they set the standards for what each genre should be. They are, literally and figuratively, giants in their own right.

The movie basically deals what the book ( of the same name, by I. Asimov ) proposes, if a thing can think, feel and have human-like traits, can they be considered a living thing, even going as far as calling them human? In Asimov's book ( Being a bibliogist, I now only need his rare books to complete my collection, hehe ), the robots revolted against humanity since, logically, human beings can't take care of themselves, just like the movie protrayed, but in the book, the robots won and humanity took a while to overcome them ( series of novels ). Come to think of it, this is also what the Wachowski brothers tried to portray in Matrix: Revolution. Robots taking over the world. Brrrr....

While most of the population would consider "I, Robot" to be an action film, what with the fast paced plot and the special effects, I myself think of it as a movie laced with a tinge of dark foreboding. Try to go beyond the movie, let's say fast forward to the year of 2035 ( "I, Robot"'s date setting ), where robots number as many as 3/5ths of the numan population and taking over jobs and duties. Humans would grow lax and indifferent, trusting their lives to their "slaves", and since robots don't have feelings, the relationship of master and servant is pretty much ideal. What if a bug occured in the master system then, or worst yet, an "logical" choice presented itself to the mainframe that humans are useless, just like in the movie. Wouldn't that cause a disaster of mass proportions?

The main thing to consider is control, and its opposite, freedom. These things need to be balanced, and to certain degree. How much is uncertain at these time, but when the shit hits the fan in the future, I do hope we can recover enough to rectify it.

But I did enjoy the movie, with Will Smith just exact for the role of Del Spooner. One last trivia: While it's based on the book, or series of books, there was also a detective that was investigating a homicide. The dead guy, you guessed it, was also an roboticist. The difference is that the detective, Elijah Bailey, was teamed up with a robot, and was not hunting one. Both Bailey and Spooner hate robots with a passion, but in the end their perpectives changed.

Nevertheless, the movie does raises questions about our future. Will we basked in the glory of mankind, hence paving the path for our destrcution, as per the message of the Wachowski's Matrix. Or will we balanced things out just like "I, Robot", with little or minor difficulties.
In any case, when I build my home, I going to draw out a plan for a bomb shelter. If it's unused, it makes for a good wine celler, hehe.

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