Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Making Manila Plans

The days seem to go forever. I mean, I can't wait to leave for Manila, even if it's just like for three days. I'm going to get a ticket the first flight in the morning, then leave the last flight on Monday. It's just two days to go and the anticipation is killing me.

My plan is to be on the lookout for really really cool ( yet affordable, seeing I'm in a tight budget here ) gadgets and books, most likely spending the bulk of my money on the latter. I'm thinking of getting a Gamecube for my room but it all depends on the money I have left on the last day. So priorities first, firstly books. Gotta get that book Miss Alto was telling me about, a new Eddings series. Then perhaps some new imported cds, particularly Miguel Migs, Hed Kandi and Fantastic Plastic Machine. Locally, I'm thinking of Cuidad and Sandwich, or even M.Y.M.P. For gadgets, perhaps an slim MP3 player or computer accessories, like the Radeon 9600 videocard. Then again, I'm leaving for China in just over a month from now so I just might hold off since the stuff there are so cheap you can buy a cow for a fart and a song, and not necessarily on that order.

In any case, I must not spend "much" on the first day, so I'll still have my money to go back home. I used to remember when I was still living in Manila that everytime I go home to the province my money is just enough for a taxi ride and the terminal fee ( i.e. 200 bucks ), but I plan to change things...er, hopefully...

Anyways, can't wait to see the gang again. Hope we all have a smashing good time, considering one of our friends got back from her sojourn in U.A.E.

Lastly, on a weird note, I just found out that the doorman in the Spiderman 2, the theatre scene, is none other than Bruce Campbell, from the cult movie 80's flick, Army of Darkness. Damn when did get so big all of the sudden? I heard he's working on a new B-movie entitled Bubba and Ho-tep Mummy, or something like that, I'm not sure. Working with Sam Raimi ( who directed the Army of Darkness on the first place ) does have it's perks, making a cameo appearance in such a big hit movie.

That's it, Hamster logging out. Workday tommorow and gotta get up early.

State of Mind: Sleep Mode in 1 minute and counting...
Song of the Day: I do by Ten to Five
Now downloading: Samurai Champloo!
Maximum number of books planned to buy: 10! ( I hope to constrain myself inside the store, else I'll do the Hamster dance of joy of seeing all the books in place...)


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