Sunday, July 18, 2004

The Powers That Be...

If you have one superpower, what would it be? Nevermind how would you use it, all that "peace on earth" and other unattainable pieces of crap. As much as I wish for that though, I believe that in order for greater good to be understood, evil is necessary. Otherwise, how can we know happiness? But I digress...

As a comicbook afincionado during my high school years, I am somewhat acquianted with the various superpowers the world has to offer, from the fabulous to the weird and, sometimes, the overtly gross ( The Spleen comes to mind, as the only superhero who can actually nuke an entire building with his fart with pinpoint accuracy...)

There are lots of powers, pertaining mostly to the physical side of nature, meaning super strength, speed, flight, invulnurabilities and other what-have-you's. Mental powers comes second, from telekinises, telepathy, mind control and things that generally make your head swim. This is just based on the western side though. In Japan, almost all powers come from inside, spiritually. From Naruto's chakra to Dragonball's Saiyan to Flame of Recca's powers, every jap fighting anime, and manga for that matter, is never an automatic talent, you have to build it up continously.

When I was I kid, Wolverine of the X-men was my hero. I mean, was there any cooler hero then him? Adamantium skeleton, regeneration, battle prowess, this guy can kick everyone's ass. Then I found out that lots of kids also look up to him, so I decided to change him. Against the flow, so to speak. So it went, going from one superhero to the next. The Hulk? Sure, near high invulnurability and the brains of a scientist all packed into one. Nah. The Flash? Brains and speed? Speed and agility counts low in my book, so he's out, along with Spiderman. Batman doesn't have any superpowers, though I would like to have his money and brains, hehe.
All in all, after researching and comparing every single superpower I came across, I found the ONE power to RULE them all. It comes from a manga/anime series titled Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and the big boss, the last enemy Jojo faced, can make time stop. Whoa, now would that be a cool power? Hmmm, I'm late, let's make time stop. OMG, my I need to review before the exam starts...time stop. Arrrgh, need money!What the... diamonds on display? Time stop! Hehehe...

Seriously, after watching that series, the concensus of the group that was with me( comicbook experts all ) was in rare form of awe. Imagine before that they would bicker every single day on who can trounce who to the other side of the universe when finally their debate was answered by a single scene. Sheesh...

For me Dias ( the head honcho's name in the series ) takes my vote as having the most bad assed power in the known comicbook/manga/anime/cartoon universe. 'Nuff said.
On other stuff, Gameday was a little slow since of the bad weather these days. No more section wars I think, since Team Cattleya lost two of its starting lineup, Earl ( studying law at San Beda ) and Yams ( now working in Laguna ). So the series is still stuck at 3-2, Team Anthurium leading. Ah well...

Oh yeah, even after all that researching, Batman still rocks.

State of Mind: Superhero Nonsense
Song of the Day: Universally Speaking by Red Hot Chili Peppers
Now Playing: Def Jam Vendetta, PS2
Gameday Stats: 13 rebounds, 3 assissts, 3 steals and 4 points


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