Thursday, July 08, 2004

A Prayer....

When things get chippy, I listen to Hed Kandi, Miguel Migs and Beach Lounge music. For those days of hell, Nickelback, Linkin Park and Incubus is just right for the mood. Barry White and some acoustic tunes goes for days on being in love. But for those of despair, I listen to Coldplay. Their songs just packs the necessary "whoomp" to alleviate the spirits, all the while having that serious undertone for that geek angst.

So now I'm listening for the past hour to Coldplay's "Parachutes" album, which I'm chucking out now for some soulful music. Things are not going well, from the China Trip to tommorow's sojourn. My fate is already casts, I'll see where the dice falls. There is a chance I might not go to China due to a troublesome problem involving documents. Then there's the fact that my life is so royally screwed that I feel my ass has been cruelly knotted by some inept boy scout.

It all hangs down to tommorow I guess, and my faith in God, burning low these days, is my last and only hope. My faith has always been strong, but things change and I now sometimes feel that I need a big boost of some sort. Perhaps that reunion with the gang will rekindle that, that is if I get to go.

So I guess, I'll just offer a simple prayer to the Lord...

Lord God, I know I haven't been your best servant these days, in fact I feel I'm totally lost. I need you Lord, even if there are days I don't even greet you in the morning. That habit has gone due to my hectic schedule, but I guess Lord, I have no excuses. I am a sinner, and if this is to be my fate, I guess I would have to trust in You. It hurts so much Lord, the trials and obstacles, but then again you said that your path is not an easy path. What I am thankful for Lord, is that even if the road is narrow and cliffs steep, you are there beside me, even if I don't speak a word to you. And it sucks Lord, because I only acknowledge you when there is a need, and for that I am truly ashamed. I am too caught up with all the material things in life, forgetting that these material things come from You. I just wish Lord God that I possess enough faith to serve and trusts you, for in only those two things, my life would be fullfilled.

But it starts this time Lord, I will try to be what I was the last year ago, so full of zeal and passion and faith. I wish to become that man, whom today is but a shadow of himself. Help me Lord fullfil that dream, oh God. Keep me away from sin and temptation, and give me strenght and hope to endure the storm that passes everyday in my life.


State of Mind: Prayerful Mood
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