Thursday, August 19, 2004

I'm Baaaaaacccckkkkk!!!


I think I said something about having good times and yet having so little time to enjoy them. Well, my premonition turned out to be correct. This month has got to be my busiest month ever, going home and heading straight to the sack to sleep off and dream dreams of the utterly tired and lonely. Which is weird considering the months of June, July and August are considered our "lean months"; the people here usually prepare for the harvesting of the rice fields and such during this time, hence low on sales.

I also remembered saying that this month would turn out to be a month of good fortune, and that was having atrip to Manila for a week or less. I went with my Dad last Thurday, and yeah, things did get pretty well between us, with only some minor skirmishes and such. We went to various suppliers for our company, one for each meal of the day i.e. breakfast for Kyusen, lunch with Royal Tern, dinner with HCG...repeat ad nuseum. So it was for three days that I went around Manila visiting and chatting with big wigs. Was I happy? Yeah, I guess. The business bug has finally bit me and I could say that getting into this kind of business might sit well with me. Or maybe its just the Manila weather, I don't know...

In any case, I did have fun after Dad left for the province last Saturday, leaving me alone and free for the weekend. It was fun meeting with the guys again, even more fun than I can imagine. Only that bad weather did dampen my spirits a bit, but who cares? This will be the last time I'll see them again when I leave for China this September...

I finally got my own laptop, a Compaq V1000 series. While it may not play games like Doom 3 or the ever-late Half Life 2 ( damn! ), its loaded up the wazoo in term of connectivity i.e. bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LAN, IR etc. Nice piece of hardware, if I do say so myself.

I also did get to meet up with my best bud who's staying at Manila to study law at San Beda, which was also cool. I got to see his apartment near San Beda, then, after saying our goodbyes, got to ride the new LRT 2 tram going to Cainta. It's much more cleaner than LRT 1, and probably more effeicient then the MRT. What's cool about this line is that they finally introduced vendo-tickets ( I forgot the name ), the ones they use in Japan and in Hongkong. Went shopping at Greenhills, bought a ton of Kurosawa DVD's and some rare movies ( Lady Hawke anyone? ). Then I finally went home to prepare for my morning flight.

My flight was at five in the dead of morning, and I woke up at around three, dressed up quickly and went to the airport. Messed around with my laptop, watched an anime movie Blood: The Last Vampire, while waiting for my flight. Finally the call came out right on the dot, and we procedeed to the ramp, into the plane and took our seats. And waited almost a goddamn hour. Apparently, a group to Koreans were late so we have to wait for them. Damnation. Finally, after spending some time boring imaginary holes into the Korean's heads, we were off and airborne. The flight went smoothly without incident, and when we touched down, I didn't expect to say to myself that it's good to be back.

Apparently, I inhaled some of gas fumes from the airplane.

After dropping my stuff home, I went straight to the office, by orders of His Generalismo, my Dad. So I went to work, sleep-deprived I might add, on a Monday. Arrrrgh. What could be more worse? Well, I was given an overtime job...

I finally thrown the towel at around four in the afternoon, begging to go home and sleep, just 2 hours shy of closing time. With great relief, he consented, and I went home and like a sack of potatoes, fell on my bed and slept.

I woke up at around seven...the next day! And there I was wondering groggily why is it light outside when it's only seven in the evening? Arrrrgh....

So it was for this past week I had overtime everyday, and yes, I still fall down like a sack of potatoes, or a giant oak tree. Timber anyone?....

Oh yeah, something happened just this afternoon, after lunch. I also said something about this month as a month of surprises. Well, I was with my best bud's girlfriend at that time, to give to her some letters from the former and also to let her borrow some "educational cds". Guess who I saw at the Mall? None other than She Who Is Not To Be Named, The Devourer of Souls, The Eater of Flesh!

Yep, I saw my Ex, with her is her Consort of Icky Pleasures. Hmmm, I finally saw her current boyfriend! And the reports and rumours are all true!! He does look like a gigolo with a face of a monkey!!!

Relax. Take a deep breath. Okay.

Well, I saw them going up an escalator, and by whim perhaps, I grabbed best bud's gf, ran to the opposite side of the mall, went up the same level as she is, and waited for her to pass by. Time started getting fast at that point, my heart doing a triple beat in four time mode, anxiously waiting for her, my mind racking from all the possibilities that would happen.

Then there she was, She Who Is Akin To A Whale, three points above the starboard bow, 20 meters and closing fast. I ready myself, and headed straight at her path.

Time slowed to a crawl...
he's got bigger even. She was wearing a sleaveless haltertop and white slacks, giving the illusion of a white boat on full sail. 10 meters. I turn to best bud's gf and tried to make small talk. I think by this time she saw me. 5 meters. I swivel my eyes forward now, this time attempting eye contact. Missed! She was making lambing to her bf!! Blast!!! 3 meters. I can smell her perfume, the same sickly sweet kiddy type I used to like whenever we made love; this time it smelled like rotten flowers. Zero meters. We passed by each other.

Time stopped...

...and moved on. I was pass her now, and I resisted the urge to look back to see if she was looking. I think she resisted the urge also.

Well, perhaps she wasn't ready to talk things over, as I now ready to forget all that has happened in the past...but not forgive. THAT will probably happen in couple of decades or so. Check me up at that time. Or maybe she didn't want a confrontation with her bf, small dude that he was. Ah well...

She can't run away and hide all the time. Somewhere in the future, there will be a reckoning.

And I aim to see it through.
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