Monday, August 30, 2004

News From The Outer Branches

Yesterday I had a gruelling game. And this time against the WVSU Faculty and Staff. "What?!!", you might say. "Us have a tough time against these old coots, whose youngest player is around the age of 35?! WTF?!!" Well, it true. We did have a tough game against them, going against our H.S. coach Sir Gaban and our ex-computer teacher now principal Sir Nepomuceno, with the gardening and maintenance staff as the defense. It was for the first time that I experienced "backwoods basketball", a game which involves brawling and a lot of flailing of arms and elbows. Though we did win, 50-43, the aches and bruises were just too much. Talk about 'eavy basketball.
ur Coach Gaban still shoots like a demon, three pointers followed by bad insults and cackling laughter. Principal Nepomuceno, surprisingly, also has a mean streak in shooting hoops. The gardeners and the maintenance staff were in rotation, and were having a field day in defense. Somehow, I was percieved as a threat, by the way they literally thrown their bony, muscled body at me, even after if I got the rebound. Post-game, I lost all sensation on my right abdomen, after garnering a three pointy elbows just below my ribs. Ouch.


Today is the day were I'm back at the borderlands, or the outer branches so to speak. The people are still the same though, penny pinchers the lot of them. One guy even had the temerity of asking for the lowest discount possible, which I gave to him, and then asking for a commision. WTF? We are not the Red Cross here, hello? Sheesh...

All is all though, it wasn't so bad. Except for the music of course. I think I heard Viva Hot Babes Kikay song for umpteenth time that it has given me the Last Song Syndrome. God help me if ever someone overheard me muttering that song. Radio stations here in the province are in a some sort of stasis, with the yuck mode on. They still play the lame ass songs for so many times now its becoming a promising torture device. What's worse, they sift through the songlist and pick the worst songs possible to play. Somebody just hand me a earplug please?

To wit, here are the seven lame ass songs, in no particular order since they all suck big time, that are still getting radio time and are played over and over again. Some you'll recognize as songs that are older then your grandmother's underwear.

1. Dayang dayang by "I don't fuckin' care"
2. Bed of Roses by Bon Jovi (please, once is ok, twice is enough, but for the 34th fricken' time?!!)
3. Kikay by Viva Hot Babes (Soft porn stars yes, singers no)
4. Peluka Kong Itim by Eddie Gil (Can Satan please remove this man now and not wait? He already has done enough to merit a place in Hell)
5. Stupid Love by Salbakuta (a literally stupid song by stupid people)
6. Any love shlock from the 90's (repeated over and over, it can actually give aneurysm to everyone)
7. Any love shlock from the 80's (even worse than the 90's, can make anyone comatose and brain cancer) There are others of course, but due to my brain's fail safe protective mode, those songs are now just repressed memories. Triggering them (i.e. hearing the song again) would probably cause irreplaceble brain damage. So every night it reboots itself, i.e. sleep, just in case.

The world would probably end if these said stations would have played Coldplay's "The Scientist" or even Dave Matthews "#41". I'm thanking God right now for NU107, the only rock station here, for providing a much needed release for tension and the stuff that goes with it. Rock on people!!!

State of Mind: Rebooting in One Hour.
Song of the Day: The Remedy (Live) by Jason Mraz
Now reading: Bleachers by John Grisham
Now looking for: An extended vacation...hmmm, China!


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