Sunday, August 08, 2004

Wishing For Anonimity

Well, I was right. This first week of August has been a busy week, and I think everything went in a sort of greenish-blue blur. Don't ask why, that's what I saw when I zipped past the last week. I think I even forgot to breathe as the days rolled by like a hedgehog on speed.

Anyways, some updates. Oh yeah, I think I mentioned something about this being a month of surprises, and this 1st week has been no exception. My bestfriend's girlfriend finally set me up with her friend, who I shall call "Girl Next Door". It was a Tuesday, I think, and we met up at lunchtime ( my only time where time actually slows down to normality ) because bestbud's girlfriend wanted to return my Extended LoTR DVDs: The Fellowship and The Two Towers ( I'm still holding my breath for extended version of LoTR: The Return of the King ) and apparently wanted to borrow some "educational" movies, if you get my drift. So there I was, face to face with Girl Next Door. Like my bestbud said, she's kinda chubby and has braces . What he didn't tell me was the girl used to live in front of my house, truly a neighbor; although I didn't know till she pointed out that she saw me in my house, while I must have been blind as a bat at not seeing her all these years


Ok, some preconceptions were shattered. First, I thought those who live next door were some kindly old folks. Well, yeah that's true, although in the early years Girl Next Door transferred to her own place. Second, I already knew her...well, her face actually, since we used to go to the same school together. When I first saw her, I thought to myself: Socialite. Bitchy. Not my type. Now socialite and bitchy were thrown out of the window, as for if she's my type...hmmm...nah, still not my type. Close friends yes, and that's where the line stops.

So we talked for just a short while, then she had to leave because her mother was waiting for her. Which I think is best, as I was a little confused and sidetracked ( plus my work anxiety ) at the event that just happened, leaving me somewhat like a deek blinking a headlights of the truck. Ah well, so now we are acquintances, at the very least. I just wished that I was meeting someone totally new, who didn't know me and what I'm doing and how much friggin' moolah I'm worth.

That last statement was made in reflection at what my friend "Mr. Fact" ( he has the obsessive compulsive disorder of looking at everthing in basis of statistical view. Must be the doings of his job, since he works for the goverment dealing with surveys and statistics... ) Anyways, he told me that, from the grapevine, me and my brothers are one of the thirty most eligible bachelors in my province. Gaddammit, has anyone got anything else better to do?

But yeah, I have to look in the big picture. Being one of those "elite group" ( Brrr....runs chills in my spine ) means I have to take care of making sure that the person is, well, yeah I'll say it: is not after our money. And while that possiblity is remote since a) being a big part of the grapevine means I know almost everyone, given time of course; and b) Ilonggos are the malambing type, and if I want a super bitchy uber socialite girlfriend, I'd go to Bacolod.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that I just wanted to meet someone totally new, someone who didn't know me and father's mini-empire. But in this small island, I guess that possibility is also remote, near high impossible even.

Perhaps that's why I always like to go malling in Manila then here; anonimity is such a blessing that I can look and buy stuff without someone seeing me, knowing me and commenting something. Not that I'm that famous here, wouldn't even aspire to be one, thank you. It's just the province's grapevine is more developed then others; sometimes I think of it as too overriped.

Maybe I'm just paranoid or something; but going around without having to meet and greet every person you know has its charm.

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