Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The Ex Files: Reviving A Lost Cause


Today is the first day of September.

And I forgot that my anniversary, August 12, has been gone. What anniversary? Well, August 12 was the day I wrote my very first entry. Wow. It's been a year since I started writing this journal, and I say it has been an effort to write something almost everyday. So, in celebration, I would now attemtpt to write something everyday. Not just anything though, since writing a few lines about some stuff is boring. Everyday, I'll write something meaninful and usefull, touching on the topics love, life and its disparity. Of course, there's the China Trip, so I won't probably run out of topics.

I had a good day in terms of people relationships. Met with Indian Man, my bud in college, who for the past couple of weeks kept asking me to meet up with him and reminisce the good old times at "Iskul ng Bayan". I only stayed at that prestigious university for only a couple of years, then had my roots pulled out and thrown to the distant shore of Manila. I had a lot friends there, good friends all. In fact, by the time I was in the second year, they had a notion to make me run for external vice president external, a notion I quickly doused. Me and politics? I would rather be put in a cage of flesh eating baboons. Seriously though, my life was good, and I was contented. Good grades, excellent friends and a nice girlfriend. I knew everyone in my year level, and by the time I reached second year, knew most of the upper classmen. Some I even made buddies with. What more could I ask for?

But it was not meant to be, and my downfall was triggered than who else?

My ex-girlfriend.

I once wrote a couple months ago an entry about seeking redemption in the eyes of my former U.P. classmates. Well, I'm now taking the first steps, going through my close friends who I haven't seen for the longest while. Actually I'm a little nervous about the whole affair since some people, once they heard the rumour, would form their own opinions about the whole thing and keep it locked in stone. Thanks God, it isn't true for for some.

It was fun actually, with basis on most of our talks is business. We must be getting older if were talking about those kinds of topics. We finally parted ways and promised to see each other again on Tuesday, for Ms. Fortune Cookie, who has a fashion show that day. Now, Ms. Fortune Cookie is also a good friend of mine, blockmates since first year, although we haven't seen each other for the better part of the decade. Took up guts to call her up (the nervousness is still in the background) and when we did talk, it lasted for over an hour. Wow. I miss her honestly, with others in our own little group of five. There was Fat Man (me), Serious (scrawny dude), Fortune Cookie (athletic babe), Bunny (happy-go-lucky and hyper)and Mother (fount of all opinions). My ex wasn't part of that group, the reasons all unremembered in the passage of time. Ah well, perhaps its for the best.

After I put down the phone, I found my resolve renewed. Perhaps there is hope for me and U.P. after all.

Still, the road for redemption isn't what you call a sightseeing tour. Hmmm, better get my running shoes...

State of Mind: Happy/Relief
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