Sunday, September 05, 2004

Plans Destroyed Yet Again

Well, I did it again. I swallowed my own foot and pride when I said that I will attempt a blog marathon, that didn't happen. Then I remembered that when I make plans, these things usually blow up in my face, resulting in a black face with a puzzled expression, the kind you see in cartoons.

Anyways, to wit.

Friday. Lots of costumers on a Friday. Went to Dancing Queen's father's wake. Suffice to say, went home in the wee hours of morning to stumble in my bed, already snoring before I hit mattress...

Saturday. Woke up to the glare of an early rising sun. Damn. I forgot to close the curtains. Got up groggily, yanked the curtains close, went back to sleep. Only I couldn't sleep. Sounds of the morning penetrate my defrosting brain; Sandara's "In and Out" song does a buzzsaw on my subconcious. I really loathe that song. Got up, threw freezing water up my face, shrieked bloody murder, and attempted to shave whilst my hands are shaking from sleep deprivation. Ow. Memo to me: Don't do this again. Ever.

Work on a Saturday means extra mucho customers. No time to load the concious, just go into safe mode and let the subconcious run things from afar. Things were hectic from sun-up to sundown. I need to unwind.

After work, called up some buddies and treated them dinner, since its kinda like my despidida and my last week and stuff. My guys from the band, buds from my old community where I served, even HER, they were all there. It was a fun night, and again I went home in the wee hours of morning. It was kinda cool to see the old gang again after a long while, and this makes up for the foggy crap my brain has undergone these past days.

Sunday. Woke at 11. Basketball time! Went to the battlegrounds of PESCAR for some serious game of b-ball. The first game went smoothly, only we didn't do anything except for our shooting guard, Coach Gaban. Damn, that old dog can still shoot. At the end of the game, scores were 30-17, with Gaban 10/10 in the three point line, with 30/30 for personal insults, jests and cackling laughter. For example, when he shoots, he shouts "it ain't straight!" or "Rebound!!" then the ball goes in without touching the ring. Swish. Nothing but the net. Now thats our coach for you, never the one to pass up to psyche your mind.

At the end of the game, finally got my sleeping tests lined up and ready, and went to the hospital to get prepped up. "Prepped up" means the nurses are attaching wires to my head, face, arms, body and legs. Total wires: 37. Now the reason for my sleeping test is to find out why I snore. Yep, you heard me, snore. I never snored in Manila; apparently the weather here, clean as a baby's bottom, doesn't agree with me. It wants a chemical laden atmosphere to render me comatose and deader than Sleeping Beauty was.

It was an acheful night. I won't dare move, for the love of God, else the wires would get detached and we have to do all the wiring process again.

Woke up at 6 am, and went home with an aching back, aching head, cramped legs and arms. I was prepared for restful sleep when my celphone beeps. Turned out to be SHE. SHE was asking if I could go to lunch with her and her buddies. Lunch with HER! Hot diggity! Needless to say, I slapped myself to wake up, got into some clothes and went to lunch with her, aching body and all. The things I do for a girl. Damnation.

As to my promises of that blog marathon, you can just shove it to where the sun don't shine. I'm pretty worn out everyday from the work and preparations for the China Trip. And tomorrow I got invited to a semi private fashion show courtesy of a friend, who's one of the designers. More likely, I will be home again in the wee hours of morning.

Yeah gads, turns out this going out thing, every night, instead of going home and sleep, is draining me slowly. Then again I'm spending my last days in Iloilo.
What the hell, last days and all...
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