Sunday, October 10, 2004


Tommorow marks my 1st monthsary staying here in Beijing, and I can say I've accomplished pretty much during the last 30 days. When I came here, I didn't know a damn thing about the country and its people; now I think I getting there bit by bit. Going over what happened and what changed...

I finally have a pump and container for water. The first two weeks I bought water by the gallons every three days, costing me money and effort to walk two blocks to the grocery store. Now, its cheaper to have this and one of the perks is that I can have the water delivered to my room! Yay!

I'm online now!Woot!I connect to the internet using dial-up and not ever get exhausted walking two blocks lugging my laptop to the agency. Only problem is that my dial-up here is not free. Then again, the speed is like that akin to DSL, and using a phone line has never been so sweet! Rest assured starting tommorow, daily updates will start!

I now handle the directory of the Filipinos here, and I'm the moderator/owner of beijing_pinoy@yahoogroups. It's actually weird since it's my first time here, and I don't know anyone. Now the hand of fate conspires me to be what I really am: The People Person. Ah well, more friends for me then...

I now cherish my nationality even more. Where can you find a race that bonds quickly as Filipinos? We Pinoys are like pieces of a puzzle, we stick together and find our own niche in our small community. Besides, which country can boast of excessive hospitality? We share everything to everyone, regardless of race, creed or religion. We could be ambassadors to our own country (I think we already have, judging by the number of invites we doled out to non-filipinos, invites like "Come to our country, don't worry, we'll take care of everything, and you'll only to pay for the airfare and pasalubong. Everything else is ours...")

Discovered that of all the races, the Indonesians are much like us than any other. It depends though, if we're talking about the Indonesian Chinese, then it's ok. But if it's a purebred Indonesian, nevermind. From what I hear, they are lazy arrogant bastards, most likely coming from their heritage and religion, but don't quote me on that. I have yet to meet a purebred Indonesian so I'll hold out my judgement for now.

I now jog everyday! Or at least trying to. My goal is to be fit and flat-chested by December, so I can wear the clothes I want to wear but can't because of body structure. So, it's usually basketball three times a week, then after that dinner and then jog in the evening. If I won't get thin by this then there's no hope for me...

That's it. School still is hard though. Even harder if its possible. The language gets more deeper, with intonations that would make my tounge want to curl up and die. Still, I have no choice but to continue and hope to really learn the language this time.

There's still more to write down, from our Mongolia Trip to the Hunting for Thermals to Hotpot Nightout, but I still have a class tommorow, eight in the morning to be exact. At the very least I'll have something to write about everyday.

Wo hen lei le! Zai'tien!!
State of Mind: Weary
Song of the Day: Yue Liang Biao by David Tao
Now Reading: One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey
Now looking forward to: The Weekend!!!


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