Sunday, October 24, 2004

Tired Updates


These past week has been a blur. Went to Fragrant Gardens, where we walked two thousand steep steps to reach the peak and just in time for the sun to set and Beijing city to turn on their lights. What can I say? The view was simply awesome.

I've trying to update everyday, but time won't let me do so. My daily routine consist of waking for class, then lunch with the Filipinos, go home and take a nap, then either go to business class or play basketball. In the evenings, have dinner and then either study or run/walk at the track for an hour or so. By the time I go back home I'm so damn tired I can hardly pump enough blood to keep me alive.

This time is just an exception, but I'm hanging by a tread from a second wind. Just got back from walking two hours in the track, and I knew I just have to update my blog at least once a week, even just by writing nonsensical stuff, which I'm doing right now.
Updates before I go. Great Wall visit is in Tuesday, and the Holloween Party to set on Saturday.
I think I'm ready to die now...

State of Mind: Mindblank in ten seconds...
Song of the Day: Ni Yao De Ai by Penny Dai
Now Reading: ...nothing...
Wishing for: One day of sleep...


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