Monday, October 18, 2004

Why Me?

This past week has been the busiest yet ever since I came to Beijing. Had to give prepare and give a speech in Chinese, then went to Beijing Zoo last Friday, spent the day with my Language partner in Saturday, then went to church and a Russian restaurant in Sunday. In top of it all, I get the dubious privilege of handling the Holloween Party at the end of the month. Whew...

I always wonder why that I get this kinds of duties. Wherever I go, I always end up in this scenario where in just few short weeks I find myself near the top of any community or group (YFC Iloilo, YFC Makati, Beijing Pinoys etc...) without doing anything at all. I remember when I first started in YFC Iloilo that in just a span of one month of joining I find myself trust in the position of a Chapter Head. Same thing happened when I was in Manila. Now in Beijing, it's happening again. What is it about me that makes people notice my presence? Well yeah, I'm fat (I prefer husky though), loud and sometimes obnoxious but that doens't mean I'm the repository of responsibilties. Not that I'm complaining mind you but it can a man into thinking that something is going on, that something is planned out and you don't know what the next move is. Hell, you might not even know the rules or the game either...

So in any case, my load of responsibility in our little community here includes management of the Beijing_Pinoy yahoogroups, which I'm the owner and bouncer, and now, planning some sort of party that at least won't get anyone pissed off. So I'll probably play it safe: just eating, a simple program, and drinks afterward. Ay yay yay....

Going back to what happened the last week. The Zoo was nice, a really big place. I got to see the lions and tigers up close, and man were they HUGE. Probably bigger then the stories you hear. But the best part that I saw was the elephants humping and bumping uglies thing in broad daylight. Man, Papa Elephant got a 20 plus inch dick! I imagine that he must be really popular with the lady elephants, hehe.

In Saturday I spent quality time with my language partner, who I met when I missent a message to our Grand Poo-bah who runs this joint. Things happened, we met, and we agreed that I'll teach her English and she'll teach me Chinese. Nice. So we had our first study period that day and things went pretty well, as she corrected some of my pronounciations and grammer. Nothing beats when two people understand what we're learning, and since our teachers speak exclusively in Chinese, knowing what my mistakes were is a big plus.
Finally attended church this Sunday, and what a refreshing day that was. The sermon was a little preachy and the congregation a bit stiff though, but when I heard the opening bars to "Refiner's Fire" I swear I'm jolted up with enough juice to last me a week. Thank God for that.
After hearing mass, went to Wudaoku Market and bought me some ankle supports and a pair of running shoes, only costing me around 100 kuai or 800 pesos in our country. How cheap is that huh?

In any case, here's my speech last week. It's about an introdution of myself in Chinese.
Nimen hao. Renshi nimen hen gaoxing. Wo lai jieshao yi xiar. Wo chi Fei li bin liuxueshang Ai Hua, who xuexi Hanyu. Wo chi A pan de xueshang. Tamen de Laoshi Wang, wo chi pengyou Wo Ai Li he Ji Ar Di, tamen liuxueshang. Tamen dou bu shi Fei li bin ren, tamen dou Ini ren. Xiexie...

State of Mind: A blur...
Song of the Day: Flood by Jars of Clay
Now Reading: The Shining by Stephen King
Chinese Phrase of the day: Pu yao le, wo hen mang! (No, I'm very busy!!!)


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