Sunday, December 26, 2004

The Three Day Movie Marathon...Or How My Life Is Pathetic

Christmas came and went. People got out, have dinner, spend time with their family and friends, give gifts to each other and generally spend a little piece of love around.

Me, I spent the last three days cooped up in my dorm room watching movies. When did I get to be so pathetic? My reasoning is that there's no reason to go out. One, it's cold. Then, half of my barkada went to Shanghai, and the other half composed of the "kiddie-minded" went to their own, and not to diss them or anything, but hello?

So I find myself in a situation where, if my life would be a cartoon ( maybe it is... ) there would be a light bulb above my head, I got the idea of just staying put in one place, watch some movies and perhaps study a little.

So here are some reviews of the movies I watched. Since this is China, almost all of what I've watched are asian ones. Did I ever write about me being into Korean movies? I mean liking them, not starring in one of them. Yep, that's right, and I thought they suck at first, but after watching the some of the good ones, not those B-grade stuff they shipped outside their country, I took to liking their quirky humour. Here we go, and in no particular order...

Sassy Girl: Korean love flick. Jun Ji-Hyun is just too beautiful! I may just found my new muse, hehe. Anyways, this was the biggest movie in Korea to come out and make waves internationally. The story revolves around finding new love even if in the grips of recovering from a lost one. Hmmm, while the plot seems the old same-o same-o, the characters more than make up for it. One of my votes for best movie watched in my marathon. Perfect for the night away from home...or for being in love.

Windstruck: This is just a so-so korean love flick, yet one also starred by Jun Ji-Hyun. Good enough to watch it through the end. I like the part about the legend of the pinky promise though, and that scene made me laugh for a full minute. Speaking of laughs...

Sex is Zero: A trip and a half, this Korean sex comedy will make make you laugh all throughout the movie. The lead character, Im Chang Jun as Eun Sik, is perfect for his role; sometimes you just want to kill the guy for stupid things he's done. While it has its hit or miss jokes, it does have it's serious side somewhere near the last half. Worth a watch. My fave scene was when he was trying to cheer up his love one by practicing his "kung-fu". Very nice movie.

White Castle: In the tradition of Road Trip, Van Wilder and other teen flicks, this movie is about two guys having an adventure when going to White Castle to munch burgers. Hmmmm, burgers. Good teen movie.

Volcano High: Korean action comedy flick. A movie in the tradition of Matrix, but with no plot whatsoever only that "My kung-fu is better than your kung-fu!" Fun though, and nice action scenes. For those days of boredom.

Spring Breeze: Nice Korean Love flick with a not so in-depth plot. Some will like it, some will not. Give it a try though, because I liked it.

Battle Royale: This time a Japanese movie, one I have been looking for a long time. Plot is simple. One section of high school students put into the island to try and kill each other, by the order of the government. It's kill or be killed, with every student of the class gets its fifteen minutes of fame by dying in various manners. For those in the know, this was the film that catapulted Chiaka Kuriyama, the lead actress, into stardom, and hence into Quentin Tarantino's hit film Kill Bill as Go Go Yubari. Angry at something? Watch this movie. Lots of blood and gore.

Sky Captain and The World of Tommorow: Nice movie with great cinematography. Also with a great set of actors and Good directing. If I remember correctly, some of the scenes are based from War of the Worlds, Dinotopia, Space Oddessy and a lot of Sci-Fi flicks. What's really great about this movie is that they really got the 50's look down pat.

Westender: The only movie that sucked. Medieval times setting. Lost king, prince, lord, I don't know returns after a realization, and who the fuck cares?

White Chicks: I laugh my butt off this one, especially the bathroom scene. Damon and Marlon Wayans pulled a good one here. Very nice.

Dodgeball: Ben Stiller is the god of geeks, and this goes out to one of the best comedy movies I've seen. Nuff' said.

Fighter in the Wind: Taekwondo versus Karate in this korean flick portraying the life of Choi Baedal, a real life hero. Kungfu with drama.

The Sopranos Season One and Two: In between movies I've watched this series (and another one), and this is one of the best series I've ever watched to date. The life of a family in in the Mob? Great! Awesome! James Gandolifini is the man of the hour!

CSI: Season Four: CSI now ranks number two in my list of best series, but that doesn't keep me from watching them in-between movies.
Well, that's it. Mostly Korean, some English and a Jap flick. Not too in depth, but good enough for a recommendation. Now, where's my Sopranos Season Three...

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