Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Hamster Birthday Madness!!

Actually, I celebrated my birthday last Saturday at the Wahaha Restaurant. Yes, that's the name of the place and no, it's NOT a kiddie place, ok? The place actually reminds me of the bars of GB3 and Libis, the ambiance great. The guys were joking that this was my debut, 25 years of happiness. Also, what made my day was while the place is so upper class, the bill was average.


Lots of people came...come to think of it, actually invited the whole Beijing Pinoy group. The guys planned something surprising at the end, I was ready to give my speech of thank you's and bidding everybody good night when they dragged me to the center, and made me eat 25 spoonfuls of cake and dance with 25 girls, ending with my crush, Silence, the one I've been talking about these past couple of weeks. Lovely.

All in all, had a really great time. One of the best birthdays in my life. When do I ever again get to dance with 25 beautiful ladies again? Sigh...

After that, spent the next three days imprisoned in my room. Apparently, too much icing can really cause you severe tummy aches that makes u wish you would curl up and die, just to get it over with. It was so bad that I'm always in the bathroom every hour! Damn damn damn...
Today, I spent the day recovering from the sickness, and went out with an intimate dinner with friends to celebrate real birthday. A simple get together with laughs and joys. I still get to foot the bill though...

Looking back, I made wishes last year, some feasible, some impossible, some even a with a touch of weirdness. Going to China changed everything though. Anyways, time to update and perhaps add some more...

1. Build A Website: Yes, this project is still ongoing, and with finished, this was actually feasible. Too bad I had to leave for China before things could happen. Perhaps this year...

2. Lose Some Weight: Still ongoing. Might have lost a few pounds here in China, but that's just might have been wishful thinking...

3. Propose to this certain girl: Yeah, I know. I might actually scrap this resolution and just wait for God's Gift to me. Just wait and pray...

4. Web Design: Same as number 1. Will soon learn once I'm back home.

5. Write a Novel: Might have just been dreaming, but now I think I possess the drive to write...only problem is the finding the time...

6. Join a Rockfest: Not gonna happen anymore, but did perform live here in China, although only acoustics. Nice.

7. Collect Anime DVDs: Yep, China is the place to find the goods. Business? Still thinking about it.

8. Update regularly: I'm trying to. And I might change blog sites. We'll see when I come back. Finally..

9. See that I can focus and persevere and get my lazy ass off daydreaming.

That's it. Perhaps next year, there'll be less of wishes and resolutions.

This is me, Hamster, now 25 years, that's a quarter of my life there, wishing everybody to have a good time, thanks for the greetings and stuff, and hope that everything turns out right. I'm out.

State of Mind: Reflective Mood
Song of the Day: Twinkle Star by Nyoy Volante
Number of Guests last Saturday: 53 really cool people
Bill Amount: 1537 yuan


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