Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year!!!

Well, New Year came and went, and me and the gang celebrated at one of our friend's pad in Huaqing, just two blocks from school. Since it's a Filipino party, pot luck is the name of the game and I was asked again to cook my Spagetti Espesyal, a secret family pasta recipe. Cooking's no big deal, its the lack of cooking utensils that makes this enterprise a little hard to do, since I have to do it twice with a little sauce pan.

Anyways, the party was blast, with lotsa food and drinks all around. A lot of people complimented on my pasta, with the follow-up question of what's the special ingredient. I just smile and say "Milk". Surprise? Hehehe, that's for you to find out how does milk figure in pasta.
Also, me and Ben choosing the champagne turned out to be very tasty indeed, just right for the party. Perhaps what really made them make yummy noises in satisfaction was after hearing how much does one bottle cost: only 15 kuai=120 pesos=2.20 dollars. Cheap yet delicious=very nice.

All in all, New Year was fine except for the given fact that my family isn't here, and they have fireworks here, even just a simple cracker. Now that sucks. I'm used to being deaf and blinded in every New Year from the massive fireworks display and loud noisemakers. Only in the Philippines does New Year can cause fatalities and accidents equal to a sinking cruiseliner...perhaps even more, with neighbors competing with each other for the loudest, brightest and generally the most outrageous bang-for-your-buck ever. Damn, I miss those...
Especially the food!!! Smoked ham, fruit salad, tocino...arrrgh, the list goes on. The Chinese cuisine here is making me a little too fat. Okay, maybe even more fatter then...

Damn, got to stop thinking thoughts back home, especially those dealing with tastebuds and stuff.

Anyways, that's it, I'm pooped/tired/no energy left to think and move. Hope you all have a happy new year!!!

State of Mind: Dizzy
Song of the Day: Big Machine by Goo Goo Dolls
Now watching: Goo Goo Dolls Live in Poland
Number of guests in party: 40+


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