Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Hamster Revived: The Prelude

I'm back.

Well, I'm also all apologies.

I've stop writing for the better part of the year and more, due to a lot of circumstances, but mostly I've hit a slump. To paraphrase a certain cartoon character from Hanna Barbara, whose name escapes me for the moment "Heavens to megatroid, it's been a long time, ages even". Yup, I feel like it's been ages since I've sat down, think down some thoughts, and punch down some words.

God, I miss the feeling.

So, what's been happening to me and this little pocket of existance in where I live in?

One word. Lots.

Before that, I'd like to explain why I changed blogsites. Much respect to Easyjournal, and I do really like their site, but I think that part of my life is over and done with, and I need a big change. Change is inevitable, and thus people evolve in time. And I guess I'd somewhat evolved from a gawky, geeky, expressive, naive, wildly imaginative boy to a more gawky, geeky, expressive, naive, wildly imaginative man.


Damn, I hate that word. It sort of implies that playtime is over and it's time to hide all your toys and bring out your tools to take over your responsibilities. And that was waiting for me when I got back from China.

China...seems like it was ages ago too. Reality does that sometimes I guess.

When I got back, I was immediately transferred to the warzone, the outer branches. This time, all four branches, which makes me the wandering manager. Culture shock? You betcha. I spent half the time in buses and trucks and tricycles to make my body and face weatherbeaten, with beaten the operative word here.

Then, after spending four months in the branches, I got pulled out of the trenchlines and summoned back to the HQ, not a hero but just a weary grunt with enough battle scars to make the most masochistic sadist go green with envy.

I got promoted. Whoopeedo. Actually my mind went screaming "Promoted?! My ass, that just gives the management more reason to chew your worthless ass!!!" And chewed it got. Actually, it was trussed up, spitted on a bamboo stick and carried over the flame to be burnt over slow fire. Arrrgh...

I'm now manager of not only the branches,but also the whole sales division, with connections to the deliveries, inventories and purchasing. Oh yeah, just this last week, and also management training.

And that is why I disappeared all of the sudden. No, it wasn't a kidnapping or terrorist action, nor mis-summoning of demons or traversing the twilight zone. I was BUSY.

So why now, at my busiest, would like to start again? Well, frankly, I really MISS writing. And not all has been hell, as you'll find out later, not as what I've griping these past few paragraphs.

One of the things that got me back was I've finally got my setting, characters and plotline arranged for my novel. Sure, it has some rough edges, but I aim to correct that by practicing everyday, hence this revival of the blog. I need an outlet for screwy ideas and out loud thoughts. And not just for my book. So, barring difficulties, I should be finished next year. The book that is.

Second, and perhaps the only reason I should do this again is I just gotta do it.


Hmmm, now to the good stuff. I'm leaving for Indonesia this coming Friday, for some much needed R&R in Jakarta, Bandung, perhaps Surabaya and finally hitting the beach in Bali. Yep, I know, it's just been bombed, but that just makes things cheap, hehe. I'll be gone for the better part of next week up to first week of December, so my next post would be on that day.

And this time, I really resolve to do it everyday.

And the thing that really gets my thungus is that, even with all the work that's piled up, I'm still, make that HUSKY. And even gained some more weight. And to paraphrase again Snagglepuss ( finally I remembered )...

"Heavens to Megatroid, he's super fat, gigantic even"


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