Monday, December 19, 2005

Parties, Sunday Night Soccer and King Kong

Last week, the day after my last post, I got shanghied into attending 4 Christmas parties and 2 birthday parties. There was the Bacolod CH party, the Architects Party ( two on the same day in fact ) and our very own office party, all related to our business. Suffice to say I went home late everyday feeling like a stuffed pig. Thus, the two month buffet sessions begins...
The need to go the gym increases more and more...
Saturday's birthday party is for one of my dearest friends, Pink Gurl. We arrived late since it was the same day as in our office party, but we had fun, even though it lasted just 20 minutes since the electricity was down. Me and my bro had to drive the guests home, since Pink Gurl's place is "away from civilization".
Sunday, on the other hand, was a HS friend, one of the brotherhood. Having eaten a sumptous meal, we settled down and watch the San Paolo beat Liverpool 1-0, amids jeers, commentary, and bottles of beer. It was exciting to watch, even if I'm not a "futbol fanatico" , and since it was the finals. I think I learned more about soccer that night in just five years. It was great to see the gang again in the living, crowded on the sofa, cheering and agonizing each missed goal with beer on our hands. We haven't done this for a long time I guess.
I didn't get to finished the party though, as I promised my cousins to watch King Kong with them. And boy, I wasn't disappointed.
Peter Jackson is a god, and the cinematography is just too rich and vibrant and awesome. It's like watching LOTR but you know you aren't. Sweeping shots through the landscape, close-ups on the actors, the scenes ... all are so riveting.
For me, Jack Black was the man to watch, a man obessesed with movies and fame. He palyed his character to the T, and does with enough style in geekiness to pull it off. More power to you Mr. Black!
Actually, I'm operating now in safe mode, mind hardly online to write even a coherent report. It's past 3 am and I'm tired from the day's basketball game. To sum it all up, King Kong rocks and gets my vote for the Oscars!
State of Mind: Safe Mode
Now listening to: First of Summer
Game Day stats: 2 points, 4 steals, 8 rebounds
Best bit in King Kong: Diplodocuses ( dinosaurs with long necks to the ignorant ) slamming into each other with such realism!


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