Monday, January 16, 2006

Monday Blues With A Silver Lining Attached

Today is Monday, the bane of all working people in the world. There's no other day in the world that is despised and dreaded. There's even at least one song about Monday and the negative things associated with it. So there's no need for a reason for ranting about Mondays. I LOATHE Mondays.

Today, I'm already swamped with my work, but then again what else is new? Feels like everyday of the week is a fricken' Monday...

What's really special ( or worser...everyday is just "normal worse" ) about this day is that I got to train new people, sort of take them under my wing and teach them the tricks of the trade. So far, they got potential, but what I'm really waiting is for their "real" personalities to rear up in ugliness. Sure, everyone has their bad habits, but I'm looking for those bad traits that I can at least grit my teeth into acceptance, balanced of course by their good ones. Kinda like difference between the one that has a good PR but he's lazy ( out with him!!! ) or the one who's windy yet knows all the products ( stay, boy, stay! )

A day like this needed some form of recuperation, so it was off to the gym to burn some fats and putting the mind from slow burn to cooling off. Perhaps, if everyday is like this I'll be thin in few months...

After the gym, went off to cool off some more while waiting for my girlfriend to finish her law class. Coffee seemed to work a little, maybe of all the background noise, so then decided to head to her university's parking lot to wait for her, killing time and to read in relative silence. There were a few people in campus, late nighters and med students by the looks of them, studying quietly in well lighted places.

Then it hit me.

I could actually paint my stuff here! Since I don't have the time at home and after gym gives me a window of a spare hour while waiting for her, I'll just troop down a one of them benches, unlock my bag, and take out a few models to paint. Hmmm...can this be feasible? Barring some unforeseen scenarios, this might work. I'll let you know in a couple of days.

State of Mind: Missing Warhammer...
Song of the Day: Far Away by Nickelback
Looking for: My paintsets and tools
Calories eradicated after today's cardio workout: 300


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