Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Ex Files: Early Morning Sightings

I slept at 7:30 yesterday, in order to get up early to take my family to the airport. I got up pretty much ahead of schedule, at 2:30am. So what's a guy to do at the wee hours of the morning? He plays with his toys. Literally. And for you green minded people out there, that means either reading sourcebooks or playing console games. This morning though, I kinda looked for something solemn and quiet, hence I popped in MGS3: Snake Eater in the PS2 and proceeded to sneak through the jungle evading rather intelligent AI KGBs using stealth, camouflage and a little help from a Kermit the Frog doll ( for those who played the game before know what I'm talking about, hehehe ).
After an hour playing, got to finally read the new sourcebooks I got yesterday. A Game of Thrones is very nice, very detailed. I get to see my favorite characters come into D6 life, hehehe. My only gripe is that its just about the first book, so there's no continuation. But the details are very big! Imagine the book to be as big as a Player's Handbook and Dungeon Master's Guide combined! Now that's hefty!
I just scanned the Serenity and Shadowrun sourcebooks, and looks pretty nice at a glance. Different from the usual DnD fare, more of a d20 based gaming, but still looking forward to browse some more later.
Anyways, at around 6, I got my ass off to drive my dad to the airport. Nothing special, used to do this a lot. When my whole family got off the car, who do you think I saw?!
Lo and behold! It was the Eater of Lies and the Despoiler of Souls! She Who is Akin to a Whale! She Who is Like A Sack of Potatoes!
I saw her just as she was entering through the Departure Area. Weird, kinda like a hard dream...or a soft nightmare. Whatever.
Hmmm ... interesting ... she's going to Manila. I wonder why? Ah well, things will become clear in time.
In any case, I'm plain happy cuz I'm alone in the house with my movies, books and music. Ah, to have the house to myself.
State of Mind: Still Agonizing Over The Quest
Now Listening To: Malikmata by Up Dharma Down
Now Reading: The Kindly Ones by Neil Gaiman
Looking For: TIME! Dammit, 8 days to go and counting!


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