Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hamster's New Quest!

When I was in Manila last weekend, I stumbled upon this ad when passing by Gateway Mall.

The First Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards!

Wow. And it's affiliated with Neil Gaiman! Double wow!

Basically, the skinny is that Neil Gaiman and Fully Booked Stores will hold a nationwide writing competition in two types : Fantasy/Science Fiction Prose Writing category and Comics/Graphic Novel category

Bad thing is that it's deadline is in Feb 28. So that gives me a window of 13 days to finish a short story of 7000 words or less.

Here is the link for the Contest Details, for those who are also interested.

That saying...

I'll be out this coming week and the next, at the most, I'll just update tidbits and important stuff. Meanwhile, I'll be trying to put up a story a little over 10 days, a feat doubly hard, impossible even .

But I just gotta try right?

Besides, I think I have my story in my head now. Only thing left to do is put it in paper.

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Now Reading: Going Postal by Terry Prachett
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Blogger Kyuzo said...

good luck dude! :D

10:53 PM, February 16, 2006  
Anonymous kiks said...

go! you have atleast 5 more days?
goodluck cuz!

12:18 AM, February 17, 2006  

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