Monday, April 24, 2006

Up Dharma Down::One Thousand::Rush Week

Pag Agos

At sa aking pagkubli
hampas ng araw pagdamdam ng gabi
tulog ang iyong mga kamay
di nako makapag antay

isang umaga muling aahon
at sisikat sa mga panahon
na tayong pang dalawa
masayang pagsasama

buong araw ng pag-agos
kailan ang huling unos
di alam kung tatakbo
kusang lalayo sayo

isang umaga muli ng pag-iisa
walang mayakap at makasama
pusong pilit na sinugatan
landas kong karaniwan

Up Dharma Down, last years winners of the NU107 Rock Award for "In The Raw". Been listening to them ever since the album came out. Hell, even before that ever since my cousin ( who's best friends with Armi, the vocalist ) mentioned and touted the group ( At that time I was rooting for Drip, another band that's been making waves ). What makes this band stand out from the others is the totally different kind of music. Some would say Emo, others say its Trip Hop or even Rock Hop. Even the critics are fighting, as evidenced on heated commentary last two weeks ago about whether the group is good or not ( Gotta get me details on that one ). Whatever. For my two cents, they get my two thumbs way up. They give a kind of a different vibe, dark yet soothing. Perfect for rainy days and traffic jams.


One thousand hits. Wow. Thanks! God knows its hard to update at least once a week when you're working around the clock. Now if I only have the time to paint my models...

One week left. It looks like I can't finish my damn story in time because of all the work falling down my ears. Tommorow I'm interviewing at least 15 people, and that means another month of training people. Arrrrgh. To cap it all off, Dad laid out next year's plan, opening up a branch in Batangas. This a two way thing for me. One, I'll handling the training ( duh ) and making frequent trips to that area ( doh! ). Two, I'll be nearer to Manila, which means I might be back to gaming! Woot! Of course, that's just a slim chance since Im handling the branches now. Ah well...

State of Mind: Foggy
Now Listening: Oo by Up Dharma Down
Now Reading: Going Postal by Terry Prachett
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Blogger Kyuzo said...

great milestone dude! so, kelan ka punta dito para ma-"hit" ka namin personally. =P

7:31 AM, April 24, 2006  

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