Friday, May 12, 2006

Let's Volt Out::Trace Elements of Rain::A Question of Gaming

The most recognized anime series in the Philippines, which started in during the Marcos Era. And who better to sing the Voltes V theme that time than ... Tito, Vic and Joey! Nothing like the original but tangena! Calling Hilot! Bwahahaha!!!

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It rained all day, and that signals that the rain months are coming soon, perhaps even earlier. I'm one of a certain group of people in the world that feeds off the rain. It calms my soul, and perhaps the only reason that I'll drive my car without any music on, just to hear the plink plink sounds in my wind shield. Say what you will about Mother Nature's thunderstorms and arc lightnings, I'm detached to that, like the calm center of a raging storm.

Kinda like a Zen thing.

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Having browsed some blogs, have found this questionaire and just had to take it.

For Gamers Only!

Do you

- remind yourself that you have 20 life?

Only when I don't have damage yet and have to play a risky gamble.

- count your successes?

Nah, the play's the thing.

- love 20s, Fear ones?

Hell yeah! That dragon just might get away if you roll a one.

- always untap your resources, check for upkeeps, and then draw your next bet before doing anything?

Yes, yes and yes. This one's automatic.

- hope your dice explode?

Yup, especially if you're a Kakita bushi on a critical iaijutsu duel.

- remember that even peons can kill daimyos?

Hell, even villagers can kill a king, why not a daimyo?!

- try to make your saves?

Yes. Or else take 6d6 damage.

- delay meeting the first boss?

As always, scout ahead and gather information first. Else feel the wrath of his vorpal sword of decaying.

- love your ribbon?

Ribbon? What ribbon?!

- save your mana?

Conserve Mana. He who splurges like wanton will find himself relying on a rusty dagger. Waste not, want not.

- avoid base contact?

Unless I'm charging headlong with Orcs ... and fanatics!

- count the clicks?

Only in Shadowrun, when taking hits.

- move your dwarves forward?

Pucha, kill them stunties!

- remember that you need the level you're in times one thousand in experience to get to the next level?

And that is why we go hunt scum orcs with rocket launchers in them yonder hills.

- know in you're heart that Gifted plus Skilled isn't worth it?

Nah, not worth role playing when you're both.

- mind your facing? Getting flanked sucks.

Getting flanked sucks and gets you killed quick. Unless you're one of them damn dwarves.

- count your hexes?

Usually, we use the 1 inch = 5 meter rule, for a little "fun factor" in guessing.

- remember that you have your drama dice, hero points, blood-pool, pattern, void-point, notch, or gaeas to fall back on?

Yep. Unless you want to suffer really bad.

- guard your harvesters?

Yup. Sometimes you have to sacrifice one though, so the others can get matter how slow.

-move first, shoot and then assault?

As an Imperial Guard, I'll forego the movement and assault and concentrate on firing, thank you.

- bunny hop?

Bunny hop, skip and jump. Who doesn't in elementary?

- think you're an expert excrement expeditor?

Er, no.

- build as close to your resources first?

Dapat lang! Less travel time, more speed, easily defended.

- kill the pylons?

Of course, unless you play Protoss and why would you do that?

-try to find the best use of your focus and your fury?

Will find that out soon, as soon as I get to play. Hopefully yes.

- rest your tallest finger on W, your thumb on the space bar, your ring finger on A, your pinkie on ctrl or shift, and your index on D, even while typing?

Thank God I haven't reach that stage yet.

- resolve things Last in First Out?


- save on multiple slots?

Unless you want to restart the whole game again for missing that critical piece.

- avoid spiky poles?

Hell yeah! And once avoided, see if they can be taken. Also detachable blades from the floors, arrows from the arrow trap, a vial of slime from a trapped ooze etc. Just make sure you have strength of 20 :-)

Gamers Unite!

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