Sunday, January 07, 2007

One Interesting Year Later...

I never thought that time would just go by so fast. Last year I remember a girl that was so stuck up I wouldn't even deign speak to her at a party, much less be seen with someone who wants to go bars where the gays are, just for the heck of it. I didn't even wonder what came over me that made me invite her as a friend in Friendster ( actually the reason was just to add more friends in my list, a shallow reason at that time ). I thought she would just add me up with no second thought, but no! I just had to get a blistering question of who the hell I was ( well, not actually blistering, just a smidgen of heat perhaps ). And that's where it all started.

After various messages, I finally got her number through cunning and guile: I asked her just to text me if she ever wants to talk anytime, pretending she has mine. Right on the money, she came with a scorching reply: she didn't have my number, she didn't want to ask her friends my number, and finally, she's the girl, why should she give her number to a total stranger?

This time, my Hamster-sense is tingling.

So I gave her my number. And it goes on back and forth, debating the difference eternal life and reincarnation, comparing notes on Tolstoy and Asimov, querying on whether Winnie the Pooh or the Smurfs are really gay, and if so, which is more gayer than the other one. Every battlefield was fought, no ground uncovered. From Japanese Anime to Japanese Indie Films, from classical greek to modern american authors, from weird teachers in high school to even weirder barkadas and friends.

My Hamster-sense is tingling madly, its been telling me that the past few weeks are a sign of the end-times.

But I succumbed. I fell down willingly. I gave myself up. I betrayed the whole nation ... of singlehood.

Now I have been single for quite some time now...ok, fine, I have been single for seven years. I have been on dates, and while they were ok, they were either: a.) wouldn't want to do anything with me b.) accept me just as a Kuya c.) can't take the pressure that I'm their boyfriend and can't live up to the expectations of the people. Ok, so I made up letter C. But the thing is, perhaps fate or destiny has someone else in store for me, even if I have wait for seven years ( I hear my girlfriend cracking her knuckles on the chance to do battle in debating Fate and Destiny, but that's another story ).

So there I was, like a little boy lost in the woods, blurting out if I could ever court her. Now that was the hardest thing I ever did. How hard? If there was a choice of between asking her and being pinpricked by needles, I'd go with the needles...and I really really loathe needles. "I hates them" as Gollum might say; it's my ivy arrow in Balder's story, my heel in Achilles' legend.

She said yes.

Ok, so what now?

Never have I been so lost at that moment. Do I want to be aggressive and go directly to her house and woo her? Do I need to be with her every moment of the day just to show her how much she means to me, effectively be a stalker? Will I ask her parents her permission, going the conservative route? What should I do?

I pondered and procastinated. I thought hard till beads of sweat fell down my face. I meditated everyday and focused my chi in the finding answer to one of man's greatest questions. I went up the mountains and asked the holy men for the meaning of life and the essence of courtship. I searce the depths of the ocean to look at the glyphs of the sunken continents, vainly looking for even a half-an-answer.

In the end, I did nothing. NOTHING! Ok, maybe not, but it was just being myself all of the time. Never would I thought that being my goofy, geeky self would get a girl to fall in love with me, I was thinking more in the lines of being sauve, sophisticated and withdrawn. Like James Bond, or maybe like one of those english gentlemen with their "Fancy a cup of tea dear? Oh, yes I do love you actually. Would that be one lump of sugar or two?

In the end, me and my geeky, goofy self fell in love with the woman of my dreams, someone who actually has a brain and knows how to use it. And I can't still believe that it came true. So to this woman I say...

"Ronstadt, I love you. This past year has been a blur, but happy blur nonetheless. I never met any other women who can match my brainwave and talk in the same wavelength. This is just one year, but a special year no doubt. I guess what I'm trying to say is that, even how cheesy it sounds, no words can describe what I feel right now. Thanks for being my Arwen, Leia, Ce'nedra, Katala, Haimya, Diana, Thessaly and all other strong women out there. But most of all, thanks for being my Ronstadt."

Oh, here's our video of our first year anniversary at Hotel Del Rio.

Frame of Mind: Blissfull
Song of the Day: Volare by Gypsy Kings
Book of the Week: The Dreamers: The Treasured One by David Eddings
Want or Need: A new hamster cage ( ongoing project )


Blogger radiculous said...

Congratulations fucker! :D galeng mo magsulat bwiset ka! :D pati ako naiyak :D hihiih!! good job pare. I'm happy for you kita kits soon bizzatch. Also. Belated Happy birthday :D

11:41 PM, January 20, 2007  
Blogger Big Hamster said...

Rad!!! Thank you pare, muchos gracias! Don't worry, sisetup ko nagmakakitakita tayo with david atienza and lolo ben, and perhaps some other peeps din hehehe. Thanks ulit dude!

11:59 PM, January 23, 2007  

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