Sunday, April 08, 2007

Goodfellas, Pilgrimage and Questioning


After months of preparation, me and my closest buds ( and their girls ) finally got together and have a rip-roaring dinner at Maki, a Japanese Resto. Earl and Ryan, we go way way back ( hmmm, think elementary and kindergarten ) and always got together whenever they're in town ( Ryan lives in the States, Earl studies in Manila ). So this night was one of the rare nights that we were all in the same place, with our girlfriends to boot. There's so much history between the three of us, so suffice to say we spent half the night joking and reminiscing.

The Gang!

Ryan and Natasha

Earl and Eloisa

Me and Ronstadt


So I got myself a day of rest last Friday ( the only day that the store is closed ) and treated myself with, well not with sleep, but a trip to Guimaras to hike up a 2km mountain and pray at the Nazarene Cross. Whew. Okay, backing up a little. Guimaras is situated across Iloilo City, just a fifteen minute bangka ride. And before you say oil spill, the disaster happaned on the other side of Guimaras, the one near Bacolod, so no worries.

So, after docking, it takes you a another ten minute tricycle ride to reach the foot of the mountain, then the aforementioned 2.5km hike up. For us Ilonggos, it's a special pilgrimage, going up the steep and rocky steps, passing through the wildlife fauna and then praying at the Cross.

I won't say it wasn't tiring, but at the same time, it was kinda fulfilling. Invigorating even. Have a Happy Easter everybody!

::Punks Not Dead::

Rivermaya revives the punk scene with "Inosente Lang Nagtataka", which features Raymond Marasigan of Sandwich. This song reminds me of the time when punks ruled the music scene and everybody wore mohawks. And it's kinda cool how they ( the band ) fitted the old sound into today's groove. Very nice. Now where's my studded vest and crowbar...?

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Last Song Syndrome: Inosente Lang Nagtataka by Rivermaya feat. Raymond Marasigan
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