Sunday, April 01, 2007

Karma and Hormones

::Saturday is Karma Day::

I went home Saturday, er how do I say this, a little moody. Or maybe under the sun. No, perhaps the feeling can only be described as "prickly hairs standing in one end whilst at the back of your mind a little voice is telling you something's gone FUBAR and there's nothing you can do about it." Yeah, that kind of feeling.

Well, it's not like there are no signs. One, after not attending of best friend's girlfriend ( Who'll I henceforth call BGF ) nursing grad because of time constraints ( grad ends the TEN in the evening! WTF?! I have work tommorow! ), BGF is a little "miffed". Hey I'm happy for you and all, and I tried calling you as soon as I got the invite, but I don't do late night dinners, especially if I have work tommorow. There's always next time, but it's a little weird being pissed at me. Really weird.

I then ate dinner at a local pizza chain. I ordered some grub. A plate of pizza and a side dish. Cashier rings up the bill and tells me it will arrive in 5 mins. Cool. Pizza arrived on time, and them potato wedges took approximately the same time to finish a Hardy Boys book. I mean come on! What happed to fast service?! Sheesh...

And then when I finish buying some DVD's I find my car having a DENT in side, most possibly caused the car who parked next to it and has already left the lot. Barely contained rage ensues. Went closer to get a good look at the damage and I find it's had SCRATCHES. Rage turns up a notch. And the worst part, I can't do anything about it. Not a single thing.

And these are not it. These are only the signs! I should have gone to bed directly and sleep it off but Karma always has a soft spot for me. I find my dad waiting for me in the living roomglances up to speak to me and business talk ensues. Normal stuff really. Then he springs it on me. After Holy Week he will be going to Dumaguete, Kabankalan, Cebu and Manila ... with ME along for the ride! So all my plans, gaming with boys, going out with my girlfriend, resting a little bit ( because we still have work in Holy Week ) and getting my energies recharged ... all that gone in a puff of smoke.

While I'm not a whiner, this is just a little too much. I keep going on and on in my head ... no WoW, no WFB, no W40K, no WM ... this sucks.

::Hormonal Overload::

These past week I had a case of Last Song Syndrome ever since I heard of the Maximum the Hormones songs. This japanese band is mainly pop-rap-metal, but fuses the genres seamlessly that it turns out a unique sound. It's not for everybody, but if your having a week a as bad as mine, their songs fit the bill.

The first song is Koi the Megalover, one that I have been hearing over my head evey minute. Making monthly report? Koi the Megalover. Sales Meeting? Koi the Megalover. Drive home with radio turned on? Koi the Megalover. It's only just now that the song is slowly fading from my subconciousness. Another one I like about this song is the video, which features an all too familiar friend when I was still studying in Beijing. No names, but the attitude and personality of said friend and main character of the video is uncanny. Even the face is almost the same.

Another is is entitled Zetsubou Billy, and is the first song I heard since it's the 2nd closing theme from the anime Death Note ( must watch! ). I like the transition of the scenes, and gets its essence from the series itself.

Maximum the Hormone is just what I need after this "eventful" Saturday. And yes, Ryo Kawakita, the guitarist rocks! No, let me reprhase that ... Fat Rockers Rule. And the drummer is cute too, hehehe.

Frame of Mind: Numbing Anger
Last Song Syndrome: Koi The Megalover by Maximum the Hormones
Book of the Week: Neverwhere ( the comic book ) by Neil Gaiman
Wnat or Need: Respite


Anonymous aCey said...

nevertheless, big h, i hope you enjoyed your holy week. hehe. i'm also catching up with your language; it's cool, by the way... and interesting band... i became interested with how your describe their muzak. i likey. (too bad, i can't play stuff with this pc.)

11:19 PM, April 09, 2007  
Blogger shink1m said...

no WoW, no WFB, no W40K, no WM... boo! LOL ^_^

8:27 AM, April 15, 2007  

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