Sunday, May 06, 2007

Preventive Measures

::Prelude to Rant::

So I've been busy for the last couple of weeks, only just now I've opened my Mac. Decided to redo my page a little ( debatable, more than a "little" perhaps ) New heading and profile photo to be exact. Anyway, here's a couple of nice blogthings that reveals something about your personality.

Visual DNA


Mine's a fox! How cool is that? Hehehe

::Welcome to the Suck::

I have been submerging myself in work for a couple of weeks now, just to make pain of missing someone a dull aching one, not the fresh-hot-poker-stabbing-the-tonkers kind. Melodramatic and cheesy yes, but that's what I feel these days. Anyways, that's just at work. At home, I finally get to watch those movies I've bought but haven't got the time to watch yet. And for obvious reasons, steering clear away from those movies with the slightest romantic inclination.

My best pal this moment is my Xbox360, and when the need to bash someone becomes too great to handle ( i.e. inconsiderate drivers, heavy handed customers, asshole politicos ), in goes Saint's Row or Fight Night and kiss those bad vibes away. For down moments, Viva Pinata takes care of the humdrum gloom. For the moment, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is the one thing that makes the time go faster. The world in Elder Scrolls is pretty big, huge even, and having played for more than 100+ hours, I barely scratched the surface.

I remember when I first got out of the dungeon and stared in the horizon and said "Good God, it's IMMENSE!" and immediately stole a horse from a wandering knight patrol and galloped away for adventure. And since I'm playing a Elf Archer/Assassin, there's a thrill of getting to a good spot and ambushing a company of trolls wandering the hills, maniacally laughing while shooting away the bewildered monsters.

The Saint's Row game on the other hand takes you into the mean streets of Stillwater and gets you into the thick of a gang war. Kinda like old school Grand Theft Auto, but with nicer graphics and customizable main character, which you can choose from presets of Caucasian, Mexican, African or Asian. Definately not for the kids, since missions see you drug running, assassinations, escort services and the like. But pretty fun game in itself.

And there's Rockstar Games' Table Tennis, which is pretty groundbreaking considering that the sport is pretty contained, but the company managed to produce a stellar sports game.The controls, once getting used to, is pretty straight forward. Simple touches makes the player do complex moves, and that is a big plus. Contrary to what you think about ping pong, this game will never bore you.

And looking back to what I have written I realized something: I NEED A LIFE.

::The Call for Adventures::

Aside from the new look, I decided to also update twice weekly, this time Sundays and Wednesdays. Ambitious? Perhaps, but I do need to stay away from gaming for at least a couple of hours. Besides, its time to hone that writing skill, since one of my local literary heroes Dean Alfar ( who wrote Salamanca and has been a part of the Siglo: Freedom and Passion, plus having a ton of Palanca awards in his belt ) has sent out the word to all Filipino writers, both amateur and professional, to submit their story and get a chance to be included in the Philippine Speculative Fiction 3.

So if you've got that story hidden at the back of your drawer, it's to take it out, polish it and submit! Or create a new one! It's time to get that noggin' working! w00t!

Frame of Mind: Dizzy Beautiful
Last Song Syndrome: The Barber of Seville by Rossini
Book of the Week: Eldest by Christopher Paolini, The Inheritance Trilogy
Want/Need: A new bed, mine's a little run down.


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Hehe... got me a butterfly and Valthera's cool... beat that! +P

Stay in touch dude.

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