Sunday, June 24, 2007

She Sells Seashells ... or Some Other Nonsense

:::T-Minus 8 days:::

My brother's getting married next week Tuesday, and as best man, I need to think of some words for the toast. Actually, I'm also thinking of making a video of us being kids and all. Or maybe do a montage of sorts. Perhaps all the places we travelled together. Given the time frame, I'll probably just do the slideshow and concentrate and getting thin for the wedding, damn suit is a little ( literally ) tight.

:::Death and Rebirth:::

Well, it's confirmed. Rico Blanco has left Rivermaya. While I'm not actually a die-hard fan, but there's a certain feeling you get when you see one of most enduring bands in the music business finally come to an end. Rivermaya is the only band that sees its members get picked off one by one after one or two album launches, from Perf de Castro to Bamboo Manalac to Nathan Azarcon and Kakoi Legaspi, and to finally Rico Blanco. I guess that feeling is decribed as knowing they were part of your growing up from high school to college, and finally just remain in the memories, and especially the hearts of their fans. Here's my most memorable songs, not necessarily their top hits, but because I used to jam them with my band. Ah well...

1. Bring Me Down
2. Awit ng Kabataan
3. Elesi
4. Shattered Like
5. Liwanag sa Dilim

Meanwhile, Wolfgang annouced that they are back, this time with the original members ( Basti, Wolf, Manuel and Mon ). They actually had a single out ( dammit, I forgot to download ) entitled Deathsquad, and they annouced that they are on track for a new album. Nice. I'll eagerly wait for this one this year.

:::Something To Think About::

Something is totally wrong when your name is ... Mischa Amidala. Yes, that's right, Mischa Amidala. Who would name their kid that and expect her to live a normal life? Not only an easy target for bullies, but the sheer psychological scarring the kid would endure. Ok, maybe its given that she won't live a normal life since she is the daughter of Mark Lapid and Tanya Garcia. And if they are your parents, I won't wonder what they were thinking.

Hmmm, perhaps their second child would be named Leia Arwen or Anakin Strider or ... or ... God forbid, Legolas Skywalker.

:::Book Hunter Log: 8 Books, Sunday:::

Out of Sunday boredom I again wandered into Booksale, and I went out with bags of books I will read and finish when I'm 80 ( possibly due to the reason I won't have the energy anymore to go out and scan for books ). I got me some oldies but goodies and again wonder at people who would let go these books.

Thomas the Rhymer by Ellen Kushner
Shadowrun: Crossroads by Stephen Kenson
Dragonlance: The Kinslayer Wars by Douglas Niles
Shadowsteed by Richard A. Knaak
Darksword: Forging the Darksword by Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis
Greyhawk: City of Hawks by Gary Gygax ( Gord books! Sweet! )
Magic Casement by Dave Duncan
Dragon Tales by Various Authors, edited by Isaac Asimov

Again, I still haven't done my shelving, but I keep buying books. Addiction? Perhaps. Happiness? Exactamundo!

:::Mac Loves Me:::

These videos have been going on for a while, but here is the compiled Mac vs. Pc commercials. And yes, whatever they say, I'm saving up for an iPhone. Who cares if it doesn't have 3G? The apps alone more then make up for it

State of Mind: Blurred Blah
Song of the Day: Better Together by Jack Johnson
Book of the Week: Farnham's Freehold by Robert Heinlein
Want or Need: Er ... spending money for a new camera, preferably a Nikon d80, hehehe


Blogger shink1m said...

Wolfgang! Wolfgang! Wolfgang! Bwahahaha!!!

Mischa Amidala? Buti nga hindi Incredible Hulk eh LOL

10:19 AM, June 25, 2007  
Anonymous aCey said...

legolas skywalker? please! hehehe. i like how your mind works!

10:27 AM, July 04, 2007  

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