Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sleep Divining, Book Overpopulation and the Pink Issue

:::Dude, where's my sleep?:::

New suppliers, new products, new branches. While it has been a very busy and productive couple of weeks, I can't seem to get my wish of just one day of non stop dreamless sleep. No bathroom breaks, no midnight snacks. Automatic shutdown. But what about the weekends, you say? Well, I was actually looking forward to this Sunday's oneiromantic activity ( oneiromancy: reading the future through dreams ) when an annoucement came in that electricity will be cut off later tonight. From 11 to 9 in the morning.

A scream would help and it was in the tip of my lungs but seeing it would freak the neighbors I choose option B: mumbing inanities while walking around throwing hands in the air. Blackouts are my bane. It's hot and humid, and worst of all, I can't read. People who know me know that I always carry a book, not in the sense that I get bored easily but as my second air. Think of it as reading defines me and essentially a part of my soul. Not reading for a day ( be it a book, mag, newsies etc. ) would make me nervous. Two days I'd be a wreck. Why? I dunno, it just is.

So I spent a wet and uncomfortable night trying unsuccessfully to sleep. I don't want to talk about it.

:::"Ook", says the Librarian:::

The Scenario: A room full of books. The Problem: No more space. The Solution: Buy more bo ... er ... shelves to place books. So I get more space in the floor for new books.

Seriously, I'm facing a bit of bind here ( no pun intended ). So my project for these couple of weeks is to remove some of the stuff that I don't need, like old clothes and and some shoes, clean out one closet, tear the insides down and put in some shelves. Then take out the big table, buy a collapsible one, and install some more shelves in the wall. Then move the bed next to the window, leaving the wall free for some more shelves. Why so many shelves? Because I have that many books ... probably even more. From novels to autobiops to literature to graphic novels to shorties ... the list goes on. And I'm running out of floor space. I'll post some pictures next time, maybe in the view of before and after pics, but for now I'm drawing the plan of reconverting my room to have shelves on every available wall. *WIP*

:::The Week in Review:::

I did get to rest easy last couple of weeks ago, a work tour on the south side of Luzon and then spending a couple of days in clutches of my girlfriend. While I didn't play in Romy's Weekend Warrior Gig ( curses, long travel time ) I did get to talk with him constantly ( more in the case of "yeah dude, I'm coming, I'm in Mindoro, so it wouldn't take that long right?" ) and also see Kim at, wierdest of all places, Greenhills. Nice. While I haven't been playing for quite a while, just hearing and seeing from these guys is good jolt to my system.

While also in Manila I did get to buy some very neat books ( books again! ) from Powerbooks and Fully Booked, in particular Civil War graphic novels, Eddings' last installment of the Dreamers series ( his weakest series, I'll give a review soon ), some sci fi and fantasy etc. The usual fare. I also did buy some books in Photography, seeing that I can't play here ( no gamers in the province! Waaaaargh! ) and since I usually have time only for myself, I'm thinking of using the medium as my outlet. we'll see where this goes.

After Manila, I headed straight to Cebu again ( deja vu from last time ... huh ... ) albeit this time to talk with the top wood companies. I won't bore you with it, but it was a very good meeting, and we are one of the two companies ( other one is Cebu Home Builders ) who convinced them to have a consignment to us! ( not Wilcon or Citi Hardware! Hah! ) Score one for the company.

:::Abandon Hope:::

When your girlfriend decides to buy something FOR THE BOTH OF YOU, something that two of you should wear, run away. I repeat RUN AWAY. These happened to me when we were strolling in GB3 when she coyly asked if I remember that our monthsary was coming up. Yeah sure, I remember. The 5th of the month. Monthsary, halfyearsary, kissary ... only the female mind could invent something insidious and evil. Evil you say? Well, have you asked around why couples usually fight? Because someone ( always the male ) forgot a special significant event. Like the first time you held hands. Or had your first ice cream. Or the first time you farted and she sneezed ( question: would that be fartsary?).

Anyway, I did remember ( if not, hell would have been a vacation ) and asked her what would she wanted to do ( wrong move! always let her say things first! Do not offer yourself in a silver platter! ). She said it would be nice if we had he same style shirt, to let people know that we are couple, with cuteness to boot since we were wearing the same design and color of clothing. Ok, I could with some cuteness. What did she have in mind?

And she let me have it.

To cut the long story short, we went to LaCoste and bought a couple of shirts, a size 6 for me and size 38 for her. And it is colored PINK. Nothing against the color but PINK?! Why not orange, and perhaps we could make a quick buck of being natural early warning devices and hiring ourselves out in EDSA? Sheeesh...

So it was that we spent the whole day in GLORIFIED PINKNESS. Sure, people saw it was cute, and I did hear a whispered comment of "Uy, ang cute nila!" but Pink?!

But it was fun day. And with my batteries recharged, I could do with some more pink goodness.

State of Mind: Work Blurry
Song of the Week: Turning My Safety Off by SinoSikat
Book of the Week: Civil War: Peter Parker/Spiderman, Marvel Graphic Novel
Want or Need: Reformatted PC

Author's Note: Abandon Hope entry is meant as a ribbing joke. My girl is usually reserved and dignified, and I'm usually the one reminding her that today's this day and that. I did post it in the sense that most of the girls are like that of what I've written, and I'm happy she's not of those. And to clarify the Pink shirt, it was the only one available in the male and female category. Its either Pink or Orange and I didn't want to be mistaken like a early warning device so I chose the former. She chose Black but it was too dark for me. Goes to show what a badass she is.

Ok honey, you can stop beating me ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

aww, how cute... my hammie is now a hamster!

hey, maybe you can give me a few of them old book of yours...

8:41 AM, June 14, 2007  
Anonymous aCey said...

1. demand for sleep. hehehe. hope you get good sleep. you work so hard, you deserve sleeeeep.

2. whoa! the takeover of the books.

3. and just look at that. i'm feeling the pink terno top! hehe. so kawaii.

8:38 AM, June 22, 2007  

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