Tuesday, July 31, 2007

WoW-Ness, Other Blogs and Sleep Issues


I'm not actually referring to the TV show, but when my girlfriend got back from Manila for a week long hiatus from Bar Review, she got me a box of WoW: Dark Portal boosters.

Let me repeat that: ONE BOX OF W0W BOOSTERS!

This boy is happy. So far, one of the good finds that I got are Lightning Reflexes, Inner Focus, Anger Management, Slaughter from the Shadows, Stone Guard Rashun, Marshal Reginald Windsor, Kick and Rexxar, to name a few. Anyone for up for trading? Hehehe...

:::The Other Blogs:::

I've opened a couple more blogs, focusing on certain topics. One is called One Day, One Photo, which is exactly what it sounds like, which I'll try to upload a single photo everyday. It won't be professional, like some others in the web, but more like theory in practice. Hopefully, my skill in photography gets better as I post each shot.

The other one is the Five Hundred Words, a collection of shorts numbering 500 words or below. Not yet ready, I'll have to look at my archives for some of the stories I've done and post them here. This one I hope to update every week, Sunday.

:::Room for Destruction:::

It's been 9 days and I have been sleeping in the sala. Due to the number of books, the level of dust and the fear of combustion, my room has been reconstructed to allow for MORE books to be shelved. That's right, more shelvings for more books. My parents finally realized I needed more space when they went inside the room and discovered that they had to navigate through book infested waters ... er ... floor. So I got pencil out, stuck a tongue in the side, and proceeded to make plans to destroy one cabinet (who needs more clothes?), redesign the wall (who needs windows?) and take out most of the furniture (no more tables and chairs). In the end, I will only have one PC/table combo , one TV/table combo and just a bed. And I'm contemplating in getting a folding bed for more space. Haaaay....

So living in the sala has its ups and downs. One, its bigger than my room so its much more airy. Downside is that when I sleep very early, lets say 7pm because of work tiredness, I have to contend with my mother watching telenolavas at FULL VOLUME. Ever try to sleep with Jewel in the Palace playing? Remember those shows with people sleeping and scientists talking certain stuff and the people wake up and know what the scientists were talking about? In the end I finally believe in those sleep induced studies because I dreamed I was in a Korean Telenovela. And the next day, I keep trying to talk to people in Korean. Or asking them if they've seen a jewel somewhere. Sheeesh...

Nine days. Perhaps this Saturday things will work out fine and I finally have my new room/library. Fingers are crossed.

State of Mind: Sleep Deprived
Song of the Day: Asian Kung-Fu Generation by Haruka Kanata
Book of the Week: Hellboy: The Bones of Giants by Mike Mignola and Chris Golden
Want/Need: More WoW boosters


Blogger Kyuzo said...

am interested in potential trading. lemme know when you come over dude. also, got some interesting finds you might be interested in. ;)

cool new blog dude. linking that up too. :D

ah... expansion of big h's lair, eh? good for you. :)

10:21 PM, August 01, 2007  
Blogger red_pl8 said...

asian kung fu generation kicks major ass!

i love haruka kanata!

2:09 PM, August 03, 2007  
Blogger aCey said...

hey big h! that's awesome news that your room's getting a makeover. hmm, i wanna see your other blogs. :)

4:26 PM, August 05, 2007  

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