Monday, September 10, 2007

The Walrus Goes Goo

:::They are the Eggman, I am the Walrus:::

So I've been pretty busy this past couple of weeks. First off, my room, while finished, still has a couple more things missing, like a chair and some floor pillows and maybe a piece of rug. Hopefully, I'll be able to get it done this week. Second, my parents left for a much needed vacation in Alaska, leaving me and my bro for a week handling the affairs in the office. And if that isn't hair-raising, wait till you hear about some of my conversations with various suppliers and "elite" customers ( read: customers who want everything done fast ... not now, but like yesterday) who deal directly with my parents.

So in a Zen moment, this gave me a glimpse when I'm running the whole operation now in the future. My bro, bless his soul, gets to run the internal part of the company i.e. finance, admin etc. worrying about money and how to save it, move it around, and keep it liquid. Meanwhile I get to face the daily rigors of sales and purchasing, which means I get the "veri veri vunderful" task of creating money. And dealing with the daily demonic personages, of course.

:::Chariots of Fire:::

Been jogging almost consistently lately, during the wee hours of five in the morning, three or four times a week. This time though, I've cut my time from one hour to just 40 minutes, but made a small adjustment to my pace. Run for two laps, walk briskly for 100m, then run for 300m, walk briskly for 200m, run again for one lap and so forth. I discovered that even though you jog everyday but never seem to lose weight ( or more likely, change its shape ) its because your body adapts quickly to your daily routine. That is why I see my father everyday briskwalking for an hour and still not lose a speck of his tummy.

So it's unconventional methods for now. Like the Spec-Op or Special Operations ( which was an interesting book by Tom Clancy, non-fiction ) they do not do the same exercise twice in a week, except perhaps running. And in a documentary about the film 300, they did the same thing also, never doing the same thing twice, hence their body changed rapidly in the course of 12 weeks.

So I did my running thing on that. And from the first time I ran it's like half a lap, now it's two and a quarter. So it's all good. It's not important that you went 6 laps straight jogging. What I want to achieve is 6 laps running. Or, in the process right now, run till you feel you can't do it, take a quick brick walking breather, then run again. Don't stop. Keep walking, then run aain. The important thing is to punch the limit. Suck in that air. In the end, maybe I'll be able to run that six laps, or maybe more.

:::Ohayo, Philippines!:::

These days, been listening to a lot of J-Rock and Pop, usually based on the anime soundtracks. It gets me going in the morning. Fuel for the fire they say. So I'm there in my desk, doing sums and reading reports while in the background AFKG's Haruka Kanata or L'arc En Ciel's Ready Steady Go blast through the my Mac's speakers.

State of Mind: Blitz Krieg Fussiness
Song of the Day: Star Star by Shocking Lemon
Book of the Week: Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy
Want or Need: For some reason, ice cream.


Blogger redpl8 said...

i gave up jogging because, like what you said, it quickly became a routine.

i'm currently wanting to have a unique exercise regimen.

pilates maybe or belly dancing (again!).

12:09 PM, September 11, 2007  

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