Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Landmark Day, January Plans and Geeky Things

:::Two Years:::

Another landmark has passed, another year of wondering what did I deserve to have someone like Ronstadt. I feel like I've won the lottery or something, and I didn't even get to buy a ticket. And it goes to show being a good guy, even a geeky and a little nerdy one at that, will still get that woman of his dreams. Happy Anniversary honey! 'Nuff said.

:::Busy Year Ahead:::

I've been doing a lot of things, mostly work related, where I expect our company to go up in a boom this year. But the stakes are higher, the competition tougher, and this time round, its at our turf (bastards, hehehe). But we got the home court advantage, so we'll soon see about that. I can't talk about my company yet, maybe soon. This time though, the gloves are off.

::: Ten Geeky Things:::

1. Books found in Booksale: Warhammer Eldar Codex 2nd Ed (P107.00!), Starwars RPG 2nd Ed Hardbound (P80.00!) and Stephen King's Eyes of the Dragon (P97.00!). Am I a lucky bastard or what?

2. Been Game Mastering Legend of the Five Rings RPG for some time now, and it has been a rewarding experience for me, being able relieve those stress from the office.

3. As with playing L5R CCG. While I think the Magic The Gathering is the evil empire, I really like the storyline and the uniqueness of the world of Rokugan.

4. I've heard that the Warhammer Fantasy Grand Tournament is in April. There's a good chance I can join in the fun, though I think I remember that I'm going to China that month also! Arrrrgh! We'll see about this one.

5. While not a geeky thing, I would just like to say Happy 22nd Birthday to Maria Ozawa. If you know her, then you know what I'm talking about.

6. Taking a break from playing World of Warcraft. Right now, I got a L42 Troll Hunter, a L10 Blood Elf Mage and a L20 Undead Rogue. Anyone on the Aman'thul server, message me and maybe we can do an instance.

7. Saw this trailer, and made me go back when I was 8 years old and still watching the morning shows, particularly Superbook, Flying House, Voltron etc. And my God, it's directed by the Wachowski Brothers!

Go Speed Racer Go!

8. More books. This one from arrived from outside. The Gaunt's Ghost Omnibus: One and Two, featuring the first 8 volumes. Good reading over the first quarter of the year. Also: Knights of the Dinner Table, Little Wars, World of Darkness Sourcebook, Changeling: The Lost, Hero and Scion

9. I just realized I have some of the coolest shiny stuff in the house. Check out the geek bling.

Xbox 360, Nintendo WII, PSP Lite, iMac, Nintendo DS Lite. And yes, I don't have the time to play them all. I did although finish Guitar Hero III in a week over the holidays, on easy setting. And because of that, I got gamer's athritis. What a wimp.

10. Busy weekend next week. Friday I'll watch Urbandub with my girl, then Lea Salonga on Saturday with the family (see the musical variance? Hehehe ), and then lunch on Sunday with both sides of the family.

January is always the the busiest month of the year. Sigh.

State of Mind: Frantic Movements
Song of the Day: Move Forward by Urbandub
Book of the Week: Xenocide by Orson Scott Card
Want or Need: Where's my L5R Booster Box?!


Blogger aCey said...

me like your white gadgets, big h! hehe...

and i'm excited for you and your bride!!! :)

have a wonderful year!!!

8:18 PM, January 13, 2008  
Blogger redpl8 said...

look at that flashy iMac. it has attitude, man! the spunkiest and most 'papansin' of em all!

i like that you have a color motif for your gadgets. looks squeaky clean

12:31 AM, February 01, 2008  
Blogger shink1m said...

Miyabi FTW!

12:27 PM, February 04, 2008  
Blogger shink1m said...

Guitar Hero III FTW! NDSL FTW! So far awaaaayyy!!!

12:28 PM, February 04, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! W40k Fan? pm me sometime at We can talk lots..all for the glory of the Emperor!

3:22 AM, March 22, 2008  

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