Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Sign Says: Don't Stop To Rest


Ok, been very very busy this month, I'll update this blog once I get breathing space, perhaps next week. Lotsa things happened, and I'm still in the middle of work to get things written down. But to recap a bit, I've been to Cebu (Holy Week), I've been to Manila (WorldBex Convention) and now preparing to leave for China (Canton Fair) in a couple of weeks. Whew. And there was the baptism of my niece, the regular brownouts, the lucrative deal with ________ is now almost a reality, choosing the right church and venue for our wedding, deciding Paris for our honeymoon (nauna pa yung honeymoon plans kesa sa wedding plans, hehehe) , started writing again with the Palanca, trying to work out by boxing etc. etc. etc.

And of course, got a lot of new books, hehehe.

Oh, anybody notice the heat these days? Toasty.

Maybe I'll redo the look of this site soon. Hmmm.

'Nuff said.

State of Mind: Whirlwind With Dorothy (and this time, I'll kick the dog)
Song of the Day: It's The End Of The World As We Know It by REM
Book of the Week: Dragons of Spring Dawning by T. Hickman and M. Weis
Need/Want: Ice Cold Beer, a Book and a Reclining Beach Chair ... in the Alps


Blogger redpl8 said...

your honeymoon should be more flawless than the wedding. hehehehe.

and wow! paris!

how uber-romantic.

2:09 PM, April 01, 2008  
Anonymous maria ozawa said...

ooohhhlalala... pari... le land of lalalalove... hehe!

thanks for letting us know you're alive and well (but busy), big h. god bless with everything!!! =D

5:24 PM, April 01, 2008  
Anonymous maria ozawa said...

hapy april fools, btw. =D

5:25 PM, April 01, 2008  
Anonymous Junelle said...

enjoy the honeymoon

5:03 PM, April 02, 2008  

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