Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And All the Book Lovers Rejoiced!

:: And It Comes to an End::

After weeks of speculation, The Great Book Blockade comes to an end with President Gloria commanding the Department of Finance and the Bureau of Customs to stop the customs duty on imported books. HUZZAH! Score one for the common man. 

For those who are interested to the timeline and excellent summary of the events that happened, visit this link : The Great Book Blockade.

Much love to all the people who all the people who valiantly declared that books should be free (figuratively speaking of course) and to all the bibliophiles that made the movement possible. 

Free words, free speech, free nation.

::On the TV Couch::

Right now, watching Lie to Me, which is probably one of this year's intriguing TV series. Tim Roth delivers an excellent performance as the scientist slash detective able to read faces through miniscule gestures and facial expresssions, which gives the women the power tell whether the guys is lying when asked the question "Do I look fat?" (Answer: don't say anything  and flee the 

So far, the first 12 episodes are very well done, and with personal character scenes in-between, the series looks solid. Think of it as CSI without evidence but with just faces. Fascinating.

Also on the other end of the spectrum is The Unit. Testosterone laden action, this is definitely a guy TV serial. Features Special Ops team tackling several dangerous missions (duh) and trying to live a normal family life. While it might not sound much, but looking at the other selections, this is probably better than the usual comedic, action, slapstick etc. fare, and ranks up next to 24 in quality. Nicely done.

Will also plan to watch True Blood, a TV serial about a community of vampires, but I have mixed feelings about this. Will do a review once I finish Season 3&4 of the The Unit.

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Book of the WeeK: Contact Harvest by Joseph Staten (Halo Novel)
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