Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Looking Forward With Anticipation

:::George is the Man!:::

Now that 2009 in half over, the other half promises to be one of the best halves in entertainment as several things that I wish to experience is most likely to happen this '09. First up, news that HBO has finally decided to start production on George R. R. Martin's acclaimed novels The Song of Ice and Fire. As fans of the series will know, this is an epic story spanning dozens of major characters over a land strifed by a vacant throne, each at a different viewpoint of each contender. From what I gathered, each volume would be enough for one season. If that's so, I'm looking at five seasons. Can't wait for this one, and with author at the helm (and with HBO's previous undertaking of Mist of Avalon), this TV show will promises to please both the fans and the mainstream audience.

:::There Will Be Blood:::

Also, coming this summer, the anime Blood the Last Vampire comes to a live action movie near you. And it stars the Korean movie My Sassy Girl actress Jeon Ji-hyun, and for that alone I gonna watch it on the big screen. Practically, I'm afraid it might suffer the Dragonball syndrome being a Japanese original but having Chinese and American actors with an American production (as opposed to Blood's having a Korean actress) but seeing the trailer, I hope it more than surpasses Dragonball Evolution, and moreso the debacle known as Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li.
And while most people would violently disagree (the female half most likely), at least the vampires here don't make sheep eyes. And attempt to cuddle you. And look vunerable. And sparkle. Especially the sparkling part.

:::Me and the Monkey:::

Another movie to look forward to is the comic book story "Y: The Last Man" by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra. Imagine a world ravage by a unknown virus that wipes out every Y chromosome in the planet. The planet falls apart as society re-evolves, and reconstruct as women began running everything, from corporate businesses, religion and even the underworld. What was great about the series is that it shows how humanity reinvents itself to survive. Enter Yorick Brown and his monkey Ampersand, the last male beings in the entire planet. Actually, while Yorick and his simian companion are the fulcrum of the story, what happens around the world is what really shines in this series.

After dodging gigantic robots that transform into cars, Shia Lebeouf is slated to take the role of Yorick as he tries to make sense of the world gone mad and obviously female. If the production company doesn't muck this up, this could turn out as one of the best underestimated films this year. Much awaiting continues.

:::Book Hunter Log 051109: Regaining the Collection:::

It was a joyous event on that day, an important day known collectively as Booksale Stock Arrival. I've been to the store so many times these past year that the store clerks not only know our names, but also my book preferences: "Ser, meron naman tayo sci-fi dyan sa bandang kanto. Yung mga children's book ilalabas palang namin." Their definition of Sci-fi means both Sci-Fi and Fantasy, while childrens book means used comicbooks and the like. Anyway, I got a ton of books (what else is new?) and all while silently griping why people would want to throw these books away.

Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King - if you see this book, grab it. The only fantasy book the King wrote, and such a wonderful tale it was.
A Darkness of Sethanon by Raymond E. Feist - ever since Typhoon Frank, I'm trying to restore my collection. This series is one of the best I've ever read.
Earthborn by Orson Scott Card - Homecoming series number five, of which I only lacked number two.
Dragonwing by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman - Number one in the Death Gate Cycle, of which I'm also trying to complete.
Rise of the Ogre: Gorrilaz Biography - I've always been interested in Gorrilaz, and this hardbound coffeebook is perfect to browse through whilst listening to their tunes; not to mention its only P450.
Icarus Hunt by Timothy Zahn - an excellent sci-fi mystery slash action novel. Another replacement to T. Frank.
Green Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson - having heard excellent reviews I'm looking for Red Mars (1st) and Blue Mars (3rd) to complete the series .
Second Foundation and Foundation's Edge by Isaac Asimov - a definitive collection from the godfather of science fiction. Again recollecting.

::: The Celestial Era :::

After the Kotei tournament this weekend (three more days!!!) we'll looking on a new arc on Legend of the Five Rings. As any CCG old timer would know, L5R has been on the hobby spectrum for 15 years, and the second longest running CCG next to Magic: The Gathering. The previous story arc shows that the throne is empty, and all the Clans scrambling for a contender to command over the Empire. Last year, Dragon Clan won (through various worldwide torunaments and events) and now Empress Iweko I sits upon the celestial throne. Within months of her rule a new evil arises to threaten the whole of the empire, and this new story arc heralds the new edition: meaning new cards, new characters and new tournaments.

A story arc in L5R typically last for two years, so here's looking forward to another couple of years of great card design and gameplay, only from the best interactive CCG to date.

State of Mind: Kotei-static!
Song of the Day: Lala Song by Bob Sinclair ft. Sugar Hill Gang
Book of the Week: Imperial Guardman Omnibus by Various Authors
Want/Need: L5R Card: Wandering Budoka (edit: I just got one! w00t!)


Blogger Skron said...

I knew that, someday, one the big TV leagues will pick up Song of Ice and Fire. A lot of people want this into the big screen but it's just impossible.

Y: The Last Man is also one of my most anticipated comics-to-films this year, or in the upcoming years. See here:

3:30 AM, May 14, 2009  
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