Monday, June 29, 2009

One Year After Frank the Destroyer

::Accepting Your Losses::

Its been almost a year since Typhoon Frank hit, and I took a special Sunday day off to catalogue and finishing up on the last of my stuff on whether they survived, can be salvaged or utterly destroyed.  On the final tally, 2/3 of my books were lost and all but a handful of my miniatures were gone. The only thing that made my day only a little better was that my files burned in DVD format got just a little dirty, so all my pictures, documents, PDF files and videos from before are ok.

I still mourn the loss of my books, especially all my Forgotten Realms and Greyhawk series, my Riftwar Saga, Sword of Truth etc. Hell, even my Drizzt novels were gone, as my Elminster books. Its a very bad month for me when I started shovelling boxes aside as I try to find my lost literature. 

As for my figs, its not as much that I for mourn them as my books, but the fact they were expensive to begin with makes my teeth ache in utter despair. Warhammer Ogres and Orcs and Goblins, Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard, Warmachine Cygnar, some Gundam HG series, assorted Spawn and Hellboy figs,  all worth at least 100k, money spent over four years of collecting.  Right now though, I'm thinking of collecting again, and the fact that I can get them easily is the reason I don't mourn them as much as my books.

I guess I finally accepted I can't do anything about them. Life goes on. 

::Taking THE Test::

If you're like me, you would also appreciate indie films, particularly well made filipino productions. I always appreciated Cinemalaya and Indiesine, churning out good flicks like Endo (contractual workers struggling to make ends meet), Pisay (student life in the school of Philippine Science) and Tribu (gangsta life in the slums of Tondo). Now another movie has come out and likely to be very near to my heart. When I was graduating high school in West V, there was only one option for college for me: UP in the Visayas. I didn't apply to any school, I just knew I was made for that school. So I took my UPCAT, and several months later, I got in. Yes, mayabang ako I know, but UP is always the choice for me. 

This is a indie flick about UP, specifically the UPCAT exam, I think the most dreaded entrance test in the Philippines. 

So even if you're a student of UP or not, this is a good film about taking the UPCAT exam and stories within. Support Filipino Indie!

State of Mind: Gray with Mourning
Song of the Day: Notion by Kings of Leon
Book of the Week : The Lonely Planet Story by Tony and Maureen Wheeler
Want or Need: To save my books


Blogger Skron said...

Losing your miniatures kind sucks. I lost my favorite deck of Magic cards once. It was so sad I just stopped playing.

As for the books, I had a lot of Forgotten Realms and Fantasy books. But I donated them last year. I gave up on fantasy for sometime now. Although, I'm still into George R.R. Martin.

8:59 AM, June 29, 2009  

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