Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Words! My Kingdom For Words!

:::Words Fail Me:::

I finally have plotline for the Philippine Speculative Fiction V, which the October 15 deadline looms nearer and nearer. My only problem now is the numerous writer's block that assails me everyday, causing me to sometimes delete whole paragraphs and pages. Once I even started over, as I reread the damned thing and discovered that my characters are flat as an ironing board.

Dealing with "Da Block" is an arduous task. Some people recommend spending an off day not writing is actually a good idea, or doing something totally different that it takes your mind off the story. Me, I play SNES.
So right now, I'm in the middle of Soul Blazer, a RPG game that sets you off as the earth's defender, and God (technically the disembodied voice from above) sends you to various areas, clearing it of monsters and making it habitable for the people. After this, I'll probably go play (again!) Chronotrigger, Harvest Moon and Ogre Tactics.

Anyway, going back to my story, I hope to finish a rough draft by next week. Then will do a second rough draft as August ends. God willing, I'll have a final draft by September.

:::Words Beyond Borders:::

So my wife and I are planning our 1st anniversary this October, when Mike texted me this very surprising development: Manila International Book Fair. It starts September 16-20, and given the chance to buy books at very low prices (80% discount!) or going to Cebu, Bohol or even Hong Kong, there's no question we'd rather spend our 1st wedding anniversary thumbing through hundreds of paperbacks and hard covers. Hopefully, we can be there on a Friday and go back here in Iloilo on Sunday, three days of mind numbing leisure searching of our favorite titles and stories. Can't wait!

:::Words for a Living:::

I've been writing reviews for Mezzo Magazine for four months now, even doing a couple of articles. Usually, because of my work schedule, I usually do my writing on a Sunday, and reviewing books and music that, in my opinion, are slightly beyond mainstream. I found out that it reached appreciated ears when I did Up Dharma Down's Bipolar, and also when I reviewed Just for Fun, the biography of the creator of Linux. It makes me think that there's hope for Iloilo yet, even in just that small demographic that appreciates books and music.

But for now, I'd rather concentrate on my short story entry.

And I really need a new thesaurus.

State of Mind: Buzzed
Song of the Day: Stricken by Disturbed
Book of the Week: Necronomicon by H.P. Lovecraft (Collected Works)
Want/Need: Time Stop ... and a new thesaurus.