Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Sala Survivor Chronicles: Conquering Darkness

:::The Unbound Darkness:::

Two weeks and counting. Two weeks living and trying to make a home here in the sala. And just now, I finally have internet connection. I am alive, if barely.

So you ask at the back of your mind, how long will I get to sleep, eat, fart and harness my chi in the most public place in the house? TWO MONTHS. Yep, that's right, two friggin' months. Two months of no privacy whatsoever. Now, two days is no slouch, two weeks I can handle, but two months?! Now that's some serious bad mojo. Can I last that long I wonder...

It's pretty weird, sleeping in the sala. First off, the area in huge is comparison to the average bedroom. The silence is ... depressing. And at the same time horrifying. Imagine, waking up in the middle of the night, you can't see your hand in front in you, and you can't feel the walls. You wish to scream but you feel you cannot because you're more afraid that no sound will come out of your tongue and month. Instead, you reach blindly for the blanket, groping and feeling frantically, despair eating at you and you're ready to up till you finally touch it. You grab it hurriedly and cover your body in an attempt to cover yourself from the darkness, to provide a false sense of borders, that for you there's an end to the darkness. The blanket hangs limply in your body, stretching from head to toe. The only thing uncovered is your face, as your try vainly to out stare the darkness and trying not to listen at the silence. How many hours you stare at the void you don't know, until darkness itself consumes you. Before the last second the darkness' jaws close into you, you expect to feel pain or terror, but what you realize in your last concious thought is that it's tender, even loving. And when you open you eyes, it's morning.

Now that's some strong Stephen King shit right there. And for those who haven't read any books by the "The King", I would encourage you to read at least one in your lifetime. I've read The Shining, and good God, I slept poorly the whole week. I even slept with the lights on! Now that's powerful writing.

::: Eat Fuego De Bola, Senor Smaug!!!:::

The news is out, J.R.R Tolkien's The Hobbit will be out late next year, 2009, or at the most, 2010. It will be directed by Guillermo del Toro, with Peter Jackson at the producer's helm. What it means that the Rings Trilogy won't be tainted much, and with Senor del Toro directing, I expect it to be more darker and more sinister (Watch Pan's Labyrinth, or El Fauno Laberinto for the original spanish form). So it is a movie to excited about.

But what makes me get mixed feelings is that they're making a movie after the The Hobbit! I mean, there's no story that Tolkien wrote in between The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring! From what I gather, they're going to make a story out of nothing and meld it into Tolkien's masterpiece!

Ok, two things. The purist in me says that it's a sacrilege and it's an abonimation, but the fanboy in me says: Coolness! Zing! Kapow! Zoom zoom! One thing that holds my hand from chucking at the screen after reading it: Peter Jackson. I believe in the man, and if he pulls this one off and melds it seamlessly into the storyline then my hats off to him. Please dude, don't fail us in this one.

One funny thing though, if Guillermo del Toro will direct The Hobbit I can just imagine his spanish influences...

A dwarf hefting a large axe: "Wanna make something out of this ese? Watcha' gonna do about it puto?

Yeah, a-in-the-hood LOTR. And instead of Barleyweed the hobbits will just be smoking weed. And Gandalf would say "Oh, look at the pretty red sky!" as he takes a pull at his pipe. "I wish I could fly", he mused.

And now I getting weird and delirious. I really need my privacy back. Arrrgh...

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