Sunday, November 30, 2003

A Day of Recreation and the Hamster's Thoughts on Crushes

"Quiet! I hear sounds, probably the captive slaves!", whispered Drasiir. The hulking half orc crouched near the cavern wall, listening to the echoes. The group has been following the trail of the orchish slavers. Now the trail has ended to the slaver's hideout, a cave dwelling of sorts. The assorted party members stood stock still, also trying to hear the sounds. Dwarven ears heard guttural voices, while Elvish ears caught the slight clicking of metal chains.

"Youse elves better get ready" replied Daryiin, hefting his component pouch. The dwarvish wizard silently casted a spell that allows him to move as fast as his friend Hodor. Hodor the Silent was a big man, bigger then Drasiir, and he acknowledged the dwarf's instincts for battle, readying his sword and taking point, moving silently ahead.

"We elves are always ready, friend dwarf", replied Duni as she nudged her elbow to her companion. Nathan was rubbing his elvish ears, trying get more information on sounds but to no avail. With a nod to Duni, they both casted spells of protection, and took rearguard positions.

The door was solid oak and, with a brief conversation, they determined that a rush attack would both surprise the slavers and perhaps take them off balance, an advantage in the first few minutes of battle. Drasiir took a few steps back and charged into the door, breaking it on impact. The battle began...

Well, the weather on last Saturday was cool and windy, perfect for gaming the garage. The DnD session went off without a hitch, and guys almost got creamed during the last battle. I especially like the part where they found out that most of their spells are useless because of an antimagic field, causing grief to the spellcasters. Sheer luck prevailed though, and they barely won, bloody and near death. Hence the little story I created, in regards to what happened last night. Hey, if I'm gonna do a book or something, might as well practice, eh? It was fun game though, hehe...

"Take out the gaddamn mage!" cried Daryiin as he struggled to get out of the magical vines that grappled him.

The battle had been going badly. The heroes emerged to reveal the orchish slavers already in position, a trap of steel and brute strength. What's worst, they were allied with a drow, one of the dark elves of the underworld. What was even more worst is that they were outnumbered and outclassed in magic.

"We're trying! But our spells are useless with the big bastard in front of us!" shrieked Duni, as she and Nathan also struggled against the vines. The bastard in question was a massive orc slaver, bigger then Drasiir and Hodor combined, and is effortlessly exchanging blows with the two barbarians. The head slaver was enchanted with an antimagic field, the reason of the spellcasters chagrin. Meanwhile, the one who casted the magic vine spell was mumbling another spell. The dark elf grinned evilly as he released a spell of haste, making him blur with lightning speed.

"Drasiir! Hodor! Keep that orc away from us! He's disrupting our spells!", shouted Nathan, as he chopped down an offending vine that was trying to strangle him. The two barbarians, knowing that killing the mage is the only chance they got, bellowed and raged, getting a second wind from anger and frustation, beating back the massive slaver step by step.

"Now!" the trio shouted as they launched all their powerful spells on the blurred outline. Nathan's lightning bolt never got close as it was dispelled and Duni's and Daryiin's fireball seemed to engulf the dark elf in a ball of flame, but disappated in a while, leaving the evil wizard unharmed.

"Damn! He has resistance to fire! There's just no stopping him!", despaired Duni.

"We've got one last chance. We've got to weave the biggest spell we have", said Daryiin.

"You mean...", Nathan faltered, afraid of the implications.

"Yup, you guessed it. We have to cast Phantasmal Killer, it's the only way", replied Daryiin.

"But, we'll be drained and comatose if we used that, and gods above know what will happen if we fail!", said Duni.

"Better we tried and dead then dead and never trying", Daryiin shrugged and began the incatations. The elves looked at each other, resigned themselves to oblivion and also began weaving the spell.

Meanwhile Drasiir and Hodor are having difficult time punching through the armor of the Orc Slaver. Both their magical weapons are useless because of the anti magic field, and Hodor is bleeding heavily on one side, with Drasiir holding on to his conciousness. They saw the next blow stopped, the orc being distracted by the shout from the mages. Their combined spell was released, writhing and slithering it's way to the dark elf, who watched in abject horror before being engulfed in the deadly fog. He died a moments later, toppling down at the same time with the mage trio, who spent their last energies on the spell. With the drow dead, both the barbarian's magic kicked in and, with renewed strength, battered the hulking orc to the wall and pummeled him down for good.

Then they both slumped down also, alive yet exhausted. Rest first, they thought, before we release the slaves. It's not that they're going anywhere...

Sunday weather is cool, and walking around at night turned out to be a very cold experience. I'm a fat dude, and being insulated with layers of fat didn't even help a smidgen at all, so I guess those with thin bodies must be freezing. No surprise there, hehe.

Had fun during the community's HLT session, what with more chances to immerse myself with "family" before I leave them in a couple of weeks. During the session, I again took the role on a Silent Teddybear as people took me in the side and ask for help. Hmmm, maybe it's time for me to charge for my services... Anyways, I found quite a lot of stuff, like Mossimo Girl's decision on who's her lucky guy ( four of them actually, she's gonna winnow down her prospects ), Cuddlybear's new suitor ( the guy and I had a "chat". One of those Kuya things...) and other weird things, things too sensitive even to talk here. Ah well...

The guys over the Hobby Store planned and proposed a despidida tourney for me and Sir Bobby, who's also leaving for Italy. I can honestly say that I'm quite touched. All in all, besides the girls, these guys I will miss the most, a fellow geek who took refuge and became one of their own. The only weird thing is the title of the tourney, which was named Warhamster's and White Knight's Commemorative Tourney. Kinda like we died or something, hehe. Warhamster was, or is still is, my pen handle in the Warhammer Philippine Forums, as with White Knight is Sir Bobby's. At least with the forums we can still get updated with what's happening, what's cool and what totally sucks.

Ok, weird part. I sometimes get hunches or intuitions based on the people's reaction or expressions. Now my Hamster Sense is tingling wildly, and it says that there's a couple of girls with a big crush on me. Now crushes I can handle, and I know three or perhaps four girls ( six now actually, adding the two newest ) whom had hopes but what can I say? I'm just not interested in any of them I guess. There's even a girl who proposed to me ( now that's unusual, a girl proposing ), but the thing is I just don't see any future if she and I get together.

Yes, I know. I've been ranting on and off about not having someone special. But for me, I'd rather not waste time if I know we won't be together long. Pessimistic of me perhaps, but probably due to experience, I can see if we're gonna both last long or not. I want relationships that reach 3 or 4 years goddammit, not inconsequential flings or crappy whatnots!

And I'm not saying that they're not good looking! Hell, all of them have Filipina beauty etched on their bodies and souls, and it somewhat pains me just a little to take no actions to their advances. I know me, and I'm not saying they're all stupid as stumps, but I like girls who are a good conversionalist and very intellectual to boot. While they may be beautiful, they just talk about stuff I just don't really care about, or have no opinions at all.

I remember something about what Kim told me after one of our games in the Hobby Store. The dude used to be a ladies man, but he kinda defected and gave me one of the best advice when choosing a girlfriend. He said "Doesn't matter if your girlfriend is current winner of the Miss Universe Pageant and other nonsense crap, they all grow old and ugly by the time you both reach 50. The important thing is to look ahead and knowing that she is the girl you'll be comfortable with for the rest of your life." The dude is actually getting married next year, and I might come back here in Manila and be a secondary sponsor or something, which is what I'll be at the wedding of one of my friends this January 3. Everybody is getting married all of the sudden, come to think of it...

Hmmm, perhaps it's time for me to come out and say it to the one girl I really like...although that will totally suck cause I'm leaving in like a couple of weeks...

Whatever the Dice Gods favor I guess...

State of Mind: Creative Blah
Song of the Day: Clarity by John Mayer
People counseled during HLT: 5
Site of the Week: ( Warhammer Philippines Forum )

Being the geek that I am, if you do check out the site, try to find my posts as Warhamster. Or the topic Despidida Tourney.

Unabashed braggart and a tad shameful of me perhaps to plug, but then again I'm a tireless windbag, so I guess I have no real excuses, hehe...

Friday, November 28, 2003

Hamster's Safe Mode

Well, I was pretty bored yesterday. I think it was due to the factors of the hot air, confining four walls and sheer boredom that fused my cerebellum and automatically activated the safe mode subprogram, where in my case, the Hamster mode. The Hamster Mode, in all sense, is a fail safe program that allows my brain to run while the grey cells run to and fro putting out imaginary fires, although the only problem is that I can only think of one or two things. Thus, yesterday's entry was the direct result of the said factors, wherein I think like intelligent rodent pawing away the futility of boredom...OH CRAP, I'm doing it again am I? I thinking like a goddamn rodent again, what with all the things I've been thinking and writing here. The thing is when I'm writing in this mode is that I get all snippy and intellectual, losing myself to the geek inside me and will talk incessantly about wierd stuff, stuff that sometimes would not guarantee to add to the amount of human knowledge whatsoever, even if I make myself....ARRRGGHHH!!! I'M DOIN' IT STILL!!!!

Relax...take deep breaths....

Hwoo....think clear skies and white cap mountains....Hweee....release the boredom inside....Hwooo.....

Alrighty then, looks like I'm a little better now. Just got my PC reformatted, and I think that's the direct reason why I'm acting all strange lately. My computer is directly connected to my life, giving me all I need like mother breastfeeding her baby. It knows everything that is me, getting my persona from my files. It also provides entertainment ( duh! ) in form of games and internet, and even has a radio and TV applications. I think I would go nuts if something happened to my PC. Besides, it's one way of being connected to the outside world, albeit not in physical form of course. And reformatting is also like shutting off one part of your brain, which is this case, might be true for me.

Friday Night as usual is jam packed, with no exceptions to the Hobby Store. Finally got a game against Arys, a Dark Elf player who plays not so regularly. I thought at the start of out game I would lose since he has the Mistress Morathi, the Queen Bitch of the Naggaroth Empire, on play against me. Arrrgh, I can't abide special characters, they are just so cheesy! Thank gods that Gork and Mork was feeling generous today, and by the turn five, trounced around the battle field with three massive spells of Gork's Warpath caused by a miscast. Sheer luck I guess, and rolling three consecutive 6's is enough to make me grin like a stoopid Orc, hehe. I just love my Orcs and Gobbos, and I'll never get tired of the dumb luck that they have.

Friday night is also gimmick night, and the amount of flesh I see at GB3 is enough to reduce to a walking puddle of drool. I'll say this, the Filipina woman is truly a beautiful creature, and none can compare her to other women from different countries. And I got to brush shoulders with Amanda Griffin! Arrrrgh...I really tortured myself that time. Ah well, better to experience it than not at all.

Aggravating as it may be.

Tommorow is Dungeons and Dragons session night ( finally! ) and I guess I won't be updating these couple of Saturdays. The Dungeon Master's work is never easy, and a two month hiatus from RPG gaming can be a hassle, what with the rules and all. *Sigh*, one thing I really wanna wish for is a group of serious players in the province...but then again pigs can fly I guess...

State of Mind: Reconstructive Thinking
Song of the Day: Your Body is a Wonderland by John Mayer ( yep, judging by amount of flesh I saw, this seems appropriate )
Days left till I leave kicking and screaming: 16
Type of victory against the Dark Elves: Massacre! w00t!! Huzzah!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2003

Your Daily Weather Report by The Hamster

Today the weather actually held up and proceeded to bless the day with scattered clouds and blue skies, and this has been going on for past three or four days. Which means that in a couple of days or so, a rainstorm will appear to ravage the country and again morph the city into a Psuedo-Venice where all the garbage collectors have migrated to other countries, judging by the amount of trash I see everytime the rain falls. Not that I'm clairvoyant and all but these things happen in certain cycles. My Storm Theory states that the length of rainy days is the result of a number of data, apropro, the number of sunny days, the rain measured by buckets, the strength of the Sun's UV rays in radiation. So if we did this in mathematical equation...

Let: RD: Rainy Days
RbB: Rain by Buckets
SD: Sunny Days
SR: Sun's Radiation

Equation: RD = SD x SR / RbB

Where we would find out that the number of rainy days would be the result of sunny days multiplied by the sun's radiation divided by the rain by buckets. In layman's terms, rainy days depends on the number of sunny days, how hot it was during those days and how strong the rain was. Thus if, let's say, today's rain was a result of a week of very hot days and the rain seemed to pour down like a waterfall, then we can conclude that, even if rains very very hard, it won't last very long. However, from the same scenario except we encounter just light rain, then we can expect that this could go on for days or even weeks.

This of course does not mean that it stays in one place, what with the winds and all. This is of course data gathered here in the Philippines, where we only have weather predictions: sunny and stormy.

This is me: Raf the Hamster, weatherman, scientist, writer and bored as hell, signing off and greeting everyone to have a happy rainy day...

State of Mind: Bored...
Song of the Day: Sunny Days by Sesame Street
From where did this hare-brained theory come from: Sheer Boredom
Hours spent contemplating on the Storm Theory because of boredom: 3 hours

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Bermuda Triangle of Events

Ramadan. A muslim religious event. In observance and respect to the Muslim community, work and classes shall be suspended for one day, thus ensuring happiness to all students and overstressed people alike. I looked upon the occasion as an brief interlude of respite, with me not caring a fig in the world.

So it was that I slept till late afternoon, got up and discovered that the time to clean my room is at hand, since it reeks like an overworked charnel house, and I think I saw a group of roaches having a family outing. Ah well, since there wasn't anything pressing to do, might as well brush up on my cleaning skills. God knows that I need the practice...

Minutes passed and after tidying up the place a little, I threw up my hands in defeat. *Sigh* It just goes to show that sometimes we can't ever do what we always planned, however how noblest our intentions and all. Besides, I believe I'm following one of the tenets/rules/commandments of a guy, which means the dude's room must always looked like an aftermath of a garbage repository disaster. Ah well, maybe I'll try again tommorow.

Went to the mall today very late in the afternoon, and it's kinda weird knowing that it's a weekday and the time depicting rush hour and then you see the streets deserted because of the aforementioned holiday. The malls were totally packed though, and here and there I see harrased security guards do their "routine checking" on every people.

I never liked going to malls on holidays or weekends, too many people. This was no exception as I left early after grabbing a bite and checking out the Hobby Store. The gang wasn't there, and it blew my mind that today was the HS barkada's anniversary! Ah crap, it's been four years since I went to one of these impromptu reunions, having been stuck here at Manila. Here I am alone while they're over there at the province probably drinking and having loads of fun. Ah well, at least next year I'm pretty sure I can finally join in.

Speaking of which, today is also Hobby Girl's birthday, and as I write in the wee hours in the morning I'm also chatting with her through the textline. Was it a coincidence or there's a lot events happening today? Let's see... Ramadan, gang's anniversary and Hobby Girl's birthday... and coupled with the fact that her favorite saying is "Events conspire...". I don't know what to make of it, but it's totally bizarre.

Perhaps I'll ask the oracles and consult the aurguries, which is by the way is oh-so-gross. History states that before they went into battle or desire a quest, warriors of old must first consult the auguries, which involves old and supposedly wise men reading the future by fondling the entrails of a sheep or goat, whichever is handy. Yep, that's what I wrote, FONDLING, with the capital F. Goes to show that when get old, your tastes sometimes get exotic to the point of imbecility.

True though, if you think about it...

State of Mind: Mindless Yearning
Song of the Day: Black Balloon by Goo Goo Dolls ( exactly right for the day )
Last time I cleaned up my room: uh...last two months ago?
No. of disinfectant cannisters to be used in purging the room of bugs: 3

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

The Hamster: Matchmaker, Bodyguard and Chaperon

Well, the weather wasn't so bad today, in fact the air was cool and the sun just bright enough as to not cause everybody severe gluocoma, wierd as it may be jugding by Philippine weather standards.

Anyways, today is the Paolo Santos gig at GB3 and the food court area was packed to brim with assorted yuppies, students, blue collar workers, models, radio jockeys and other different types of people. Not surprisingly, the audience consisted at least 65% female, 32% male and the last 3% percent your average gay, lesbian, non-human etc.

So there I was, the first of the gang to arrive, looking for a good spot to sit down. And wonders of wonders, who should I meet than the Choirmaster himself, also waiting for his own ka-berks to show up. We got into talking about non-consequential stuff, and he finally popped the question about Mossimo Girl. Ah so that's where the discussions were leading. I replied somewhat vaguely that she's coming and she's alone, which I knew would raise her hackles if she knew her object of horror was there. Ah well, at least I'm there to keep the peace, if something bad happens of course. And even though I can't stand the guy, nobody can accuse me of being unpolite and discourteous, eh? Right after I bash him on the head of course...

Sadly there wasn't any reason to do so. Oh well, I can't have everything...

The gang arrived somewhat late, but we did have fun watching Mr. Acoustic do his stuff, much to the delight of the female half of the audience. Me, I'm there to get chords and perhaps, if possible, get tabs by the studying the finger placement. Hey, that's why I'm there, to research stuff, hehe.

Meanwhile, Mossimo Girl kept her distance from Choirmaster, using me as a human shield ( now I know what a grunt feels when he knows there's a sniper sighting him ). The sick dude on the other hand kept trying to get her to sit beside him, where I think she coldly declined, much to his frustation. At least the bastard kept his hands to himself, or there would be hell to pay. So it was in the end they were playing some sort of patintero-habulan with special rules and me as the big fat line. Story of my life as a Kuya I guess...

And as part of my weird scheme to see everyone off in a sort of a happy bliss, I invited people who wouldn't readily talk to each other in the sense that they like each other. Yep, those persons who need a speaker of sorts just to ask their "hearts" about the weather. So I thought I get it all over in one time and got them together, being the psuedo-matchmaker that I am. And I think I did real good this time, probably one of my best schemes, seeing the emotional barriers finally breaking down and the notion of not needing a bridge finally seeped into their lovesick minds. And I can get my much needed sleep and rest after all of this, thank God.

All in all, it was a fun night, ending in me grumbly paying the cab fare since the gang were a little "indisposed". Ah well, at least I won't be doing this anymore in a couple of weeks. Weird as it my be though, I think I'm going to actually miss it. Then again I get to have a new field to play with and new people to scheme at. Something to look forward I guess...

State of Mind: Tired Euphoria
Song of the Day: You and I Both by Jason Mraz
Fave Paolo Santos Rendition: Clarity by John Mayer
Number of couples hooked up tonight and will owe me big time: 6

Monday, November 24, 2003

Theological Blah

Another blistering day in Manila. Honestly, I think of the days today as some sort of a summer period, until I hear the Christmas chimes of course, which goes back to the theory that Mother Nature is a cruel and perverted sort of mistress, as to inflict that sort of weirdness on us. Isn't it supposed to get colder as the year ends? Speaking of weirdness, it also rained during the hot bright day, which, by laws of physics, makes the day even hotter due to evaporation. Wow, I actually learned and remembered something from those boring Physics classes in High School! Weird as it may be...

The day started innocently enough, except of course for the erratic weather. I met up with my groupmates for the meeeting, and as usual I was the first one there even I myself was 15 minutes late. Having snobby, rich, lazy ,lard ass, Indian groupmates can be really frustating, and is an exercise in futility and patience. Not only do they lounge around doing nothing, they practically lord themselves over the only filipino groupmate, namely me. So you're probably asking why saddle myself with such incompetent arseholes? Well, for one thing, I get my supplies absolutely for free. Another thing, the teacher already knows who does the all the work ( I, me and myself alone ) and usually gives me extra mucho credits for taking off a real headache off her hands. Basically it's all for the money, which I'll make use for the very important stuff in my CCG's, Warhammer Minis and books. Give me those and I'll be content as a happy fat pig in a mud...metaphorically speaking of course, hehe.

Having finished up my meeting, namely me giving the idiots quotations for the projects and them handing over the "grant" money to buy the stuff needed. Then they left abruptly, leaving me alone to handle the purchases, while them lard asses continue what rich mama's boys do, spend money on extravagant stuff. I must confess though, that my quotation is a little way above the recommended price, but then again God rewards people like me for putting up with stupid people like them, pretentious elitist pricks that they are. Bad of me I suppose, but with God behind me, who am I too argue? This discussion will probably raise hackles among the clergy, what with the theological debate about God's rewards. Hey, I'm a devout person, I serve in His community, I'm not gay, I don't hold with the carnal knowledge of animals, go to church every Sunday, never thought of murdering someone and don't even smoke, drink and do drugs either. I'm sure he can put up with my little indiscretions from time to time. Kinda like swearing; you do it all the time but you know that God forgives you for such a small sin, that is if you're contrite and shit and all...

Crap, I did it again. Sorry Lord...

Anyways, I can say I'm addicted to Dungeon Keeper 2. Can't get enough of the snide and insulting comments the AI computer makes when something bad happens. I'm somewhere in the eight level, this time against a fellow Dungeon Keeper. Hmmm, all in all, this could be very interesting as both evil sides will clash...

Oh, Paolo Santos is up again tommorow at GB3, another free gig blah. Got the gang all rounded up and hype to watch Mr. Acoustic do his stuff. What is it about women and acoustic guitars which makes them all so mushy deep inside? Perhaps it's in their blood; the fact that someone is senerading them gives point to the dark ages when minstrels sang songs for queens and princesses. So does that mean all women feel like royalty when someone is singing songs to them? I guess I'll just to find out tommorow...

State of Mind: Sincerely Contrite
Song of the Day: Hands to Heaven by Breathe
Now Reading: The Shining Ones By David Eddings
Stuff I bought using the "extra money": Savage Orc Shaman with coiled serpent staff

Sunday, November 23, 2003

Another Regular and Prosaic Sunday

Hmmm, can't get enough of Dungeon Keeper 2. Torturing people to convert them to your cause is fun, what with the cool sound effects of screams and shrieks in the background. And they have this really hilarious mini movies after each level, kinda like a bonus of some sort. I especially like the one where an ogre uses a chicken as a nunchuck, hehe.

Sunday morning blessed the day with a glorious sunshine, which by Philippine weather standards ended up into a blistering afternoon of sweat and stench, as garbage piles are left outside the street for the Monday pickup. Filipinos are one of the world's most fastidious and cleanest persons when it concerns their homes. Sadly, these does not extend to the street where they live in, thus we see the trash scattered around the place as if a tornado just went through. Ah well, that's one thing I ain't gonna miss.

Had a really good time with the community I served in, in fact I took a lot of pics to remember the event...although it's more for the archives. I got into a talk with some of the kids I'm leaving behind, on the potentials of being a leader and the perks of being one. Hmmm, I think I satisfied their curiosity enough to steer clear of sudden promotions, hehe. Seriously though, I think I saw one potential kid to take over my place when I leave Manila, albeit I still have reservations on his age. Thinking back though, I also started being a leader at a young age, and I was even younger then! Ah well, there is still three weeks to think things over.

I think I'm going to shut up now, I just remembered I have to get up early for a meeting. Summing up, this day was ok and somewhat prosaic, although the pics I got really made my day. It's nice to look back and remember stuff, all that nostalgia and crap.


State of Mind: Sleep Mode On
Now Listening: Superworld by Mo' Horizonz
Medium used to take pictures: The all powerful P800!
Number of pics in megs: 5 mb worth of pic of me and moi sisters hugging...sometimes, it pays to be a kuya, hehe

Arrgh...I torture myself...

Saturday, November 22, 2003

Saturday Musings

Well I got sprained ankle, a crick in the arm and a slashed nose. How could things get worse? Well, it didn't actually, and I feel fine today, but the fact that these things happened made me feel jumpy all of the sudden. The only thing left to do as to not invite such disasters would just confine myself to my room and sit staring at space, in which in a couple of minutes boredom and the feeling of stupidity will arise to pester me. Ah well, time will tell as I trudged back down the stairs and view the outside world, trying to find something to do.

So I dressed up and went outside and finally returned a guitar to a friend who has been asking for it the longest time, much to his surprise. Then I got to meet up with guys to help plan out the community's HLT2, which would be this December 13-14, before I leave for Iloilo. Which is kinda both cool and sad, since I get to see all the gang one last time before I leave. Hopefully the venue would be at Tito Rene's place at Alabang, since there's a swimming pool and a very very extra large TV. Which would of course defeat the purpose of having a HLT2. Hmmm, I'll just wait and see and let the upper echelons sort it out themselves, hehe.

I'm now playing Dungeon Keeper 2 by Bullfrog Entertainment, an old game where evil reigns and for once you get to control the Legions of Darkness and take a crack bashing those goody-do-gooders. A fun game actually, more on the building sim with lots of funny and snide comments when something good( or bad in this case ) happens. Hilarious game, if you're into sim-building games. Another cool game would be Black and White, but that's another story, and perhaps I'll install later after DK2.

Hmmm, I might finally decide to put up my site this December, trying it out first on free hosting and moving on to the real thing is things go well. Lots of ideas, like a journal, a gallery, my Warhammer Section, my Dungeons and Dragons section, links to other good sites, perhaps comic strip and maybe even a online web cam...although the last one takes some serious thinking, hehe.

Why is it not the time?
What is there more to learn?
I've shed this skin that I've been chipping at
And I've never quite returned

*Sigh*, 23 days more to go before I leave. The things I needed to do are half complete, and I'll probably change my plan for a play to three or four short stories to be given to "ahem" certain people, since I can't finish it and direct it in one month. Too little time left...

State of Mind: Serious Reflections
Song of the Day: Bigger Than My Body by John Mayer
Now Reading: Domes of Fire by David Eddings
Level of dungeon in Dungeon Keeper 2: 5th Level

Friday, November 21, 2003

Someone Or Something Is Out To Get Me

That does it! This week has been an absolute disaster!!!I'm hobbling along the streets because of my sprained ankle, can't fricken raise my right arm because of the shock pain and, just now, to add insult to injury, banged my head on a sliding metal door, resulting in me seeing stars and having a huge headache. And there's this really really deep scar on the bridge of my nose, right between the eyes. SOMEONE is going to pay for all of this, I swear. Right now, with a band aid on my nose, I looked like a shmuck who had too many bar fights. Lucky I ain't...

Today is Friday, and that means Warhammer Night with a game against Alex, who is just itching to defeat me ( zero losses against the guy, hehe ). The game started out heavily on his favor even though I got the first turn. I was outclassed in shooting and was trumped in magic. Things looked grim for the Orchish Horde until the turn four when a surprise roll of dice obliterated two High Elf Mages in one turn. W00T!!! Then things went sliding down for the Elven Pride, and we ended the game with me getting a minor victory and a close call to losing my winning streak. I really love my unpredictable horde and it just goes to show that sometimes you just to take the bit in your mouth and take things in a stride.

Well, I didn't get to pick up Mossimo Girl since she had a sudden case of flu, which a good thing for me by the way ( What is with this week? Lots of people getting sick or hurt it looks like an epidemic of sorts...), since stalker confrontations can be a bad thing. Ah well, I'm just delaying the inevitable. Next week maybe I'll chat with the choirmaster and introduce him to my friend, Mr. Baseball Bat. Hehe, just kidding, most likely we're just gonna talk things over and check to see if he has that tendency to push things through. That's when things get rough I guess.

State of Mind: Painful Belligerance
Song of the Day: M by Ayumi Hamasaki
Type of star saw during the accident: White Dwarf Supernovas
Band-aid used to cover the scar: Mediplast Transparent

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Back On My Feet and Stumbling Blindly Forward

I paid the price for that three day game-emu-marathon. Right now, my right arm is stiff with pain from the position of mouse holding, not moving for more then 15 hours. Waking up late didn't improve matters either as I can't move my arm above shoulder level, and just reaching my right ear would induce red hot poker pain. As of now, I 'm typing in a weird angle, with my right arm doing a vertical triangle to me and the keyboard, with the elbow as the axis. Arrgh...

Well, my ankle's partially healed and I got my lazy fat ass off home and went to, where else, the Mall. And it's weird, like I've been on a time warp or something. The Mall was different, in terms there new shops opened ( like Powerbooks Skywalk! Yehey!! ) and other shops closed ( KFC G2...shucks... ). Oh well, business must be fluctuating, which usually happens during the Christmas season.

Had fun with the guys over at the Hobby store, and for the first time, the Card Gamers went over and chatted with us for while over topics of console gaming and MMORPGs. Not to say they're unfriendly and all, and we do greet each other when we meet, but it's just pretty unusual I guess. The Hobby Store is divided into two sections, the card arena area and the tabletop area. Small wonder we didn't get to chat up before.

Speaking of which, the store would be relocated just front of it's original venue to make way for a hardware store to open. More exposure to the outside world, but less space to play with. Ah well, at least I get to see the relocation event, what with a couple of tourneys to commemorate it.

When I went home, I had a premonition and went to GB3, and by good luck, got to catch Paolo Santos do a gig. The man, if truth be honestly told, has no face value whatsoever, having a face of a bulimic nannygoat. But, man oh man, that goat can sing ballads off your ears, and it takes awhile to get them back. As usual, I had fun calling off a few fanatic friends to make inggit that I was there listening to Mr. Acoustic while they were not. Hey, I'm a simple guy. It takes simple things just to get my jollies.

After home, had to call up Mossimo Girl as I promised to help her with a stalker problem...again. *Sigh, why is it always me?! She has this problem with a certain choir teacher who's been free with his hands, and I don't like it at all. I made a promise to pick her up at practice tommorow if things get worse...if they aren't already.

The work of the Champion is never done.

Hay...Sometimes I wish I was in a monastery or something...

State of mind: Partially Satisfied with the day's happenings
Song of the Day: A Promise I Make by Dakota Moon
Now Reading: Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind
Number of friends in prenster dat kom: 19

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Opinions Matter But I Don't Give A Crap

Well, day two of solitary confinement came and went like a blur, with boredom still a big issue in my place. Gaming marathon was a good distraction for a while, although your eyes and brain can only get so much data after a few hours of troll-bashing, city-building, shoot-'em-up-in-the-ass games. I even tried an obscure choose-your-own-adventure type of game called Legend of Dragonpass just for variety. Ah well, I guess it's better then staring at cockroaches doind their thing, gross as it is...

I've received quite a few messages regarding my diss on actor-politicians. Well, ok, let's say not all of those actor-politicians are bad, perhaps a small percentage of them are truly 10%...maybe less...

Which goes to show that I will always have a uncompramising view to persons who run elections after doing a diaper commercial. It's just me, of course, my opinions and my points of view. Many of you who wrote to me messages that not all of these "cretins" are bad, so I guess I should not use the word cretin. Oops,I already did it. Others say that it's not their fault indirectly, since it's actually the nation's fault of voting unhanged villians that the nation is at these state.

Which also reinforces my idea of earning your vote, as what I've written in "Political Junkie". Only those who are educated and serve their country faithfully deserved to vote, as perhaps they also have the chance of running the nation. Makes a good ideological debate over the years. On other news, my ankle is healing nicely, maybe tommorow I can go out and smell the reeking stench of air pollution. Might as well take a jeep or taxi to go to the mall, since I think my feet isn't up for a 1 mile of walk-limp-stumble.

State of Mind: Red-eyed Grogginess
Song of the Day: Buses and Trains by Bachelor Girl
Now Reading: Starship Troopers by Robert E. Heinlan
Days left before extreme extraction: 27 and counting...

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Sometimes, People Should Look at Things Differently...

Yep, a day of solitary confinement it was, and I didn't get to see the weather outside since my window is so small it actually discourages the air to get inside. My room is a veritable heatwave, an oven almost the one used in the Brothers Grimm story of Hansel and Gretel.

Which reminds me that I have to find the unedited and unadultered copy of Grimm's Fairy Tales. For those are not in the know, the Brothers Grimm actually intended the Fairy Tales to be stories of horror and decapitation. The millions of copies lying around are for children, and for them alone. The adult version, well, lets just say that after Hansel and Gretel baked the poor witch inside her oven, they fed her to other people in bite sized chunks of witch cookies. Yummy...

Taking a break from an all day of Emu-gaming, I switched to an old game of Monkey Island™ Series on my PC. Wanna have a game of dry wit, weird puzzles and underhanded puns, go for this game. The hero, or should I say the lucky bastard since he doesn't have any skills whatsoever, is Guybrush Threepwood, a mighty pirate (sounds of sniggers and smirks in the background). The dude is actually built like a beanpole, has arm muscles like a pea on a straw and runs screaming like a girl on every encounter. Fun though, and perfect for those days of sheer boredom, like today.

As with the case of confinement, boredom seeps through the crack of your mind and even game bashing gets tedious after a while. Ever wonder why people always complain why they don't have enough time in their hands? And would dream about doing this and doing that if they get the time off. And if they do, they end doing either one of these things:

1. Sleep
2. Stay at home and watch TV, read a book etc.
3. Lie around and complain about boredom

Pathetically sad yet insanely true, although there is a very small percentage that actually achieves what they want. And yet, when they come back, they will still gripe about the weather, insects, electricity, blah blah etc. Human beings at these age and time live in a constant state of perpetual griping, an emotion that became a driving need. Check out the people around you, listen to most to words they are saying. Most of it is Crab Mentality talking, as we filipinos degrade an absolutely perfect idea/place/food etc. so that we ourselves feel superior to something.

Ah, superiority, that is the key. I mean, who doesn't want to be superior over something? Even the priests of our country dabble in politics just so they can assert their authority. Look at how many politicians made kowtow to the Church, and the institution responded subconciously, even though religion and politics shouldn't be mixed. Everyone wants to have their own opinions aired just to show how good they are, even if the opinions totally blow.

Looking back to our own morbid and insane history, I'd say we should revolutionize the way we think. Support and open minded appreciativeness is the key, and stereotyping be banned and declared illegal and evil. Everything should be open to discussion and probably expermintation. That will clear up a lot of things and open the road to long awaited progress.

All except actor-politicians. These guys should be taken by their feet, chained upside down at a prow of a boat replacing the figurehead, if it has one, and dragged head first on mucky Pasig River. If they persist in running the elections still, have them chucked over a cage of crazed baboons naked with their butts painted red. Me and my overactive imagination.

Fun though.

State of Mind: Sleepy Delirium with Throbbing Ankle Pain
Song of the Day: Bullet in the Head by Rage Against the Machine
Hours wasted on gaming today: 15 hours
Game of the Day: Return to Monkey Island, LeChuck's Revenge

Monday, November 17, 2003

Blessed Reunion, Horrifying Lovecraft and The Infraggable Kirby

The day started fine until I was pressed to attend a impromptu reunion with guys I do my community work with. So with a sprained ankle, I limped to Shangrila to meet up with them at a place called The Watering Hole, which is actually a cool dive, albeit a little small for my taste. We didn't actually stay there for long, since the person who invited us didn't even come himself, to the chagrin of my companions. Thus, we we're left to our own devices and headed back to GB3 for some sort of relaxation.

There were only the four of us, the closest buddies I have here in Manila, and even if the we didn't have the said reunion, we had a fun little get together ourselves. You see, it's been ages that we been together, the four of us I mean. So it turned out to be a sort of reunion after all. The gang consisted of us four boys yet with totally different interests and points of view. There's Mike, who is our introverted leader and resident God's boy, yet probably knows more secrets then I do. Richard is our talkative and airhead frontman, whose jokes sometime fall off the mark ( sorry pare, ganun ka talaga eh, hehe ). Silent and brooding yet talented JR was also there, still glum as ever, probably from the result of a Goddess Complex ( pare, ligawan mo na kasi eh ). Me, well, I guess I'm just the loud mouthed guy whose hairbrained theories give a perverse reflection of sorts. Not that it's good and bad, I think of it as a natural gray color. Oh well, at least we had fun, and coming together reminds me that I'm gonna leave them behind soon, and it totally sucks. Arrrgh....

For those with a weird sense of humor, like me, the title above doesn't exactly mean horrifying lovecraft literally, rather a horror novelist. Weird name if you ask me, gives the wrong impression automatically, right? Well, let me rave for a while about H.P. Lovecraft, whose tales of perverted supernatural horror spawned cults from every generation. This is the guy who wrote the 1920's classic "Call of Cthulu", a book of the demonic and insane. Probably much more on the insane. Sometime past, I tried the RPG game based on the book, and it's totally different from all the other systems I played before. For once, the hero doesn't rush to the room filled with creatures from the netherworld swinging his greatsword; he instead runs away from the room screaming and wetting himself in the process. And making an insanity roll. Totally fun for the weekend, hehe.

Anyways, H.P. Lovecraft was to horror as J.R.R. Tolkien was to fantasy and Isaac Asimov was to science fiction. They are the grandfathers of their own genre, giants of literature so to speak. Today, the equivalent of H.P. Lovecraft would be Clive Barker. Stephen King, while the world's foremost storyteller,is more on the suspense factor; having most of his novels bring chills to your spine, like one of his rare fantasy books "Eyes of the Dragon ( that's a fan trivia for you folks, S. King did venture into fantasy at least once ). C. Barker, on the other hand, does the insane graphic route, same as H.P. Lovecraft. Recommended reading for those gloomy days of rain and storm. Really fun especially on days with no electricity and dark rooms and you want to be scared shitless. On other nonrelated stuff, I'm playing Kirby's Adventure on my Nes Emulator, and it's fun the way the pink ball of blob changes his characteristics everytime he sucks up an enemy. Yes, lords and ladies, this dude swallows his enemies to gain new powers, kinda like a politician taking money from the people to gain new projects. A fun game to pass time till I get back to the province and play my beloved PS2. I want my Final Fantasy XI and Metal Gear!!!

State of Mind: Unmitigated Euphoria...I don't why, it just is...
Song of the Day: I Wish I Was by Heather Headley
Now Reading: The Sapphire Rose by David Eddings
Site of the Week:

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Pain for the Masses

Somewhere, in this universe or in the next, has terrifying horrors unimagined even by the insane mind. In the netherworlds, demons and their ilk torture people for the sake of perverse pleasure. Others, in more darker pits, house excrutiating torments that even their designers break out in cold sweat in their sleep.

But nothing can be compared to this if you have a sprained ankle.

I am in pain right now. Not just any pain mind you. More like the stabbing, piercing, gut-wrenching, kicked-in-the-balls-followed-by-a-knee-to-the-sternum type of pain. It happened during a game of basketball just this afternoon, and landing hard on the ground with your feet splayed on a unnatural angle is enough to shock even the first-aid team that came to my rescue. And thus I went home with my a huge bump on my feet the size of a jawbreaker. Walking home didn't help matters either. Climbing up three floors to my room almost made me collapsed back down the flight of stairs, where assuredly would have caused the nation's first ever intensity 7 earthquake. Gritting my teeth and fighting back the pain, I reached salvation and collapsed in my bed, gasping and inventing new swearwords.

Then my pain took me to a new whole level as I remembered that today is laundry day and I have to take down my smelly clothes on the ground floor. Sighing in defeat and making peace with my God, I reached for the laundry basket and went back down to stairs, taking one painful step at the time. And so help me, it took me at least 45 minutes to go down, deposit my stuff and go back up to my room, all the while hugging the wall like a lizard on steroids. Putting wieght on my feet is like electrocuting yourself for fun, not to mention idiotic.

Looks like I'll be stranded in my room for a while, and by looks of things, it's gonna be a long long while. It's a good thing I finished all my essentials, it's gonna be a bitch of a time walking. Even hopping like one legged pirate round the room is painful enough, much more going outside. Hay, another week of solitary confinement. Feh...

Hobby Girl text me just this afternoon asking me to meet up with her at a certain ice cream shop. Bugger the fates as I had to turn her down, explaining my delicate predicament. Why does this always happen to me? Somebody has gotta own up for all of this crap I'm going through...

State of Mind: Capital P.A.I.N. like a barrel of crazed, suicidal baboons.
Song of the Day: Too Little, Too Late by Barenaked Ladies.
Miles walked on sprained ankle: 1.7 miles.
Recommed Painkiller: Omega Ointment and probably a barrel of scotch ( Sadly, I don't drink anymore; I'll just go with the pain I guess )

Saturday, November 15, 2003

Spirit Me Away

Today I'm gonna rave about this year's Oscar winner in Animation, which is Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away. The animated movie is so cool in terms of graphics, sounds, plot and the scenes. Studio Ghibli again produces another masterpiece in terms of japanese animation. Other notables in Studio Ghibli's roster include Laputa: Castle in the Sky, Nausicaa: Valley of the Winds, My Neighbor Totoro, Pocco Rosso, Kiki's Delivery Service and Princess Mononoke. This time and year, director H. Miyazaki outdoes himself in this classic tale of courage, honesty and all around goody goodyness. One thing about this Studio though is it's preferance of young children as the protagonists of each movie, which in turn lends a certain charm of sorts. It's also great in terms of nonviolence, which is little or none at all. Really great for the weekend of relaxation.

Hey, what else can I say? It's a great movie, period. Getting the Oscar Award is just a bonus and an extra incentive if you're gonna venture in the world of animation. Only left to wait is the animation of Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai, one of Japan's most famous movie ever released. Meanwhile, I get to watch the movies The Last Samurai and Kill Bill. Having seen the preview of The Last Samurai made me think it's actually a good movie, only the inclusion of Tom Cruise leaves kinda like a bad taste in my mouth. Oh well, we'll just see I guess. Kill Bill, on the other hand, is directed by Quentin Tarantino, so I'm pretty sure there will be good battle scenes, judging by his past movies. Separating the movie into two volumes though, makes wonder at the sense of it. Again, I'll just be open minded and just enjoy thw movie, hehe.

Painting session this afternoon, although painting with two newbies made me wanna scream and throw my hands in despair. Can you imagine a trooper armed with a 20-inch jungle knife and also a rail gun to boot as being the world's most dangerous man alive... if only he didn't have pink fatigues? Yes, my dear people, pink uniforms and Santa Claus outfits ( red boots, white jeans and green jacket all the while holding a very bloody axe). Oh well, time to buy more brake fluid. For those who are art impaired, brake fluid serves as a good paint remover from any figure/miniture. The only problem is the time ( leave it for one day ) and the awful smell. Other than that though, it's the next best thing compared to other costly art stuff.

State of Mind: Anime Overload
Song of the day: Don't Even Start by Dan Mackenzie
Site of the Week:
Best brake fluid as paint remover: Prestone

Friday, November 14, 2003

Political Junkie

Well, the day started with rain, rain and more rain. It's been raining for more then 24 hours, and, as with Manila Rain, there must be Manila Flood. These things go together like salt and balut, find one and assuredly you'll find the other. So it was that my street looks Venice again, this time, the tide must ne high. Hmm, it must be the huge hole they're constructing/repairing down at Pasong Tamo St. God already knows the traffic at that street actually worsened, if that's even possible.

I have question about the politicians who run this nation. Why is it that they always repair the streets during the wet season? Why not during the dry months? Don't they know that doing city projects in the moonsoon season would amount to lots of heavy traffic and flooding? Haven't they heard the word 'prevention', as in "Well, instead of making these Flood Response Teams, which by the way cost a ton of money, why not repair the drainage and sewage systems so to prevent floods BEFORE the rainy season starts?" It might be that common sense is not a required factor in the political arena, apparently it's too common for the elitist bastards to get one.

Makes me wonder about Starship Troopers ( the novel, not the movie ). Robert E. Heinlan, the author, is on to something: that is everyone that serves their country gets the right to vote, not just anyone. The book is a must read if you're into political stuff, it's practically a must have. I mean let's put it this way. Would you, a learned and perhaps wise human being would trust a unlettered oaf to vote right? While you might vote for the good of the nation, the unlettered oaf would vote to anyone that suits them. Case in point: Erap Estrada. Yes, the man might be charismatic when it comes to the poor and I think he still is because of all the support he still gets, but we all know that he's a lying, theiving, drunken bastard who ought to be dragged by wild horses through the whole of the ankles. But why he was voted our president? It's because of the unlettered oafs scattered across the country, and also maybe of the people who are just waiting to line up their pockets.

But I digress. Going back, Heinlan's novel 'suggests' that going into the military to serve and earn the right to vote is actually a good idea, provided of course that the military also handles good schooling and touches the aspect of history and political idealogies. Makes all those CAT's and ROTC's look worthwhile eh? Serve for just two years after college graduation, then after that it's your business. But you get the right to vote, and that is the thing that matters.

But of course this idealogy would get chucked out of the window once it's aired, probably by the people who already have their pockets lined up. Still, it is an idea to dream about, and perhaps to expound and discuss to the future generations. Ah well, it was a good theory while it lasted...

Went to the Mall even though it's raining because it's Friday night, meaning Warhammer Night. Sadly, maybe because of the weather, it's again just two of us, me and Kim, holding down the fort. They were lots of people today at the mall, I totally forgot it's Midnight Madness. At least when I buy a gift for my partner, whose birthday is today, I get a cool discount. Partner as in my counterpart in the community I served in, and as with all partners I have in my 8 year career in serving, she is, I think, the best of them. She's intellectual for a 16 year old and I treat her more like a sister then a partner actually. Sad though that I have to leave her, wish I could find more time with her. Ah well, I really have to stop agonizing every little thing that I'm gonna leave behind. Yeah right, as if that's possible.


Well, I finally finished Harvest Moon, since it took me just over five hours to get back to the point I was in before yesterday's catastrophe and playing it to the end. Harvest Moon, for those of the PC disabled, is an old game where it's part RPG and part simulation. Basically, you play a young boy whose out to make a living as a farmer, and you have only 2 1/2 years before your parents check you out. It's one of the classic non-violent games, and at the end after I finished, I had 8 cows, 12 chickens, a horse, a dog, corn fields, tomato fields and grass fields for hay. Natsume, the japanese company who produced the game, releases out very good titles every year, more on the RPG, Sim and puzzle bent games. One of the best game producers/company I think.

Now that's finished, might as well go back to beating Battletoads and, perhaps, Double Dragon III...

State of Mind: Mashed Idealogies
Song of the Day: Yes Yes Show by Parokya ni Edgar
Now Reading: The Ruby Knight by David Eddings
Total time it took to finish Harvest Moon: 25 hours and somewhat over 10 minutes

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Invasion Of The Underdark

The days look gloomier and gloomier as days get nearer and nearer to Christmas. Kinda weird, isn't it? The weather gets terrible as the year ends, like a man on his last breath dying of severe involuted dystrophia coupled with a racking cough. Anyways, the day started predictably with a thunderstorm so strong I think I saw a pig fly past my bedroom. Well, not actually but you get the picture. At least I'm here in my cozy room, playing the old SNES version of Harvest Moon on my PC. I had no worries at that moment, and I was contented with my life at that point.

Afternoon heralded one of the worst disasters of Mankind... the electricity was cut off. Biting off screams, I trounced around the room looking for something to punch to. What happened was that before the lights went out was that I was on the last days of Harvest Moon, finishing up the game so to speak...and I didn't friggin' save!!! Arrrrghhh, the humanity!!! Which means going back a year in game terms, which also means all those hours wasted!!!

Hanging my head in defeat and with nothing to do except mutter curses and inane blabberings, I had no choice but to attempt the impossible, which was go out in the storm to the mall. Hey, I had this destructive urge, and going out in the rain looked like a nice idea at that time. So out I went, with only my lucky jacket, a book and temper so hot the rain above my head evaporated.

Entering the mall somewhat cooled my anger, and it was replaced by incredulity. The mall was packed with every denizen of the underdark! Not the Dark Elves or the Druchii, but I meant prostitutes, mofos, gays, lesbians and every low life scum on the earth. You name it, I saw it, they're there! And some other 'its' that I wouldn't deign mention. Not that I have anything against these kind of people, it just the dregs of their kind that I particurly loathe, the lowest of the low so to speak. And it's true then that roaches appear when the water level rises. What I see before me is an infestation of the roaches of mankind. More like an invasion of the underdark.

One good thing was the Hobby Store was clear, evidently it was a 'vermin-free' area. Thank God for the hobby, for which I am protected from the outside world.

It was really absurd to see all those 'dregs' packed in the really high class places like Starbucks and not ordering anything, or ordering the cheapest one on the menu and sharing it between the ten of them (for me, four sharing is ok ) Pretentious pricks, the lot of them. I even saw the manager of one store arguing with a bunch of mofos over not ordering a thing. And one old hag actually had the gall to call security to complain something about 'free country', 'rights', 'knowing the mayor' and other crocks of bullshit.

Apparently, stupidity still reigns as one of earth's most prevalent trait.

So it was that I went home, in the rain, and pondered on the insane race known as humans. It's hard to imagine our achievements and triumphs when you encounter everyday events such as these.

This is me, Raf the Hamster, still angry for not saving Harvest Moon. Yes, it's over the top and 'mababaw' but hey, this is what journals are for, good for venting steam if nothing else.

Now, I have to got to stop writing else I do more damage. Time to the Zen thing...hwooo...clear blue trees...hweee....white cap mountains...

Crap, still doesn't work at all.

State of Mind: Low Temp Anger
Song of the Day: Save Me by Remy Zero ( Yes, it is a pun of sorts. )
Now Reading: The Diamond Throne by David Eddings
Number of minutes used inventing curses: 14 minutes

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Animarathon: Escape from Boredom

Where to begin? Well, the day started innocently enough, what with Mother Nature showering the city with rain. I, having finished my proposal and passed it yesterday in triple disc, have no class and find myself with nothing to do and no money on my hands. The next paycheck is still on Friday, just in time for the Midnight Madness Sale, so I'm guessing my new money would slip away like a greased pig. Unless, of course ,I'll just stay home and watch movies, like now.

Today's activity consist of watching Anime and reading books for the whole day. Right now, Noir is perfect for my mood, since the series is about two female assasins out to find the bleak truth. Heavy drama and excellent action, by the way, if you dig mysteries and serious plots. One thing about Noir is that you can't stop watching; you have to continue on lest you miss some important detail or such. Each episode has it's flashbacks, and at the end where you piece together one answer, ten more arise and bug the hell out of you. Noir still goes out as one of my top ten list though. Hmm, compiling my current top ten list, it goes something like this...

For the Series:
1. Chobits
2. Noir
3. Cowboy Bebop
4. Trigun
5. Love Hina
6. Golden Boy
7. Neon Evangelion
8. Fushigi Yuugi ( Ghostfighter )
9. Full Metal Panic!
10. Record of Lodoss War

For the Movies:
1. Akira
2. Princess Mononoke
3. Spirited Away
4. Ghost in the Shell
5. Nausicaa, Valley of the Winds
6. Laputa, Castle in the Sky
7. My Neighbor Totoro
8. Street Fighter II
9. Ninja Scroll
10. Kiki's Delivery Service

While some may prefer others, this is my current fave. Special mention also to Rourouni Kenshin, Tales of Eternia, Fist of the North Star, Dragonball and lots of others.

State of Mind: Mindless Yearning
Song of the Day: Let Me Be With You by Chobits
Kick-Ass Hero/Heroine of the Day: Yuumura Kirika of Noir
Bad-Ass Villain of the Day: Vicious D. of Cowboy Bebop

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Maintain Cruising Speed...

"Raptor One, I have a bogey at my six."

"Raptor Two, disengage your target and make evasive manuevers"

"Raptor One, can't shake him, he's too fast and.....ARRRRGHHH!!!"


Stayed home and watch the rain pour down like sacks of pudding on Christmas Eve. Nothing to do and nothing to watch eversince the two day hiatus of All Hollows Eve. Glumly thinking that this would be a good time to clean the room, I stumbled upon a old cd I bought a long while back but couldn't play because my pc didn't reached it's requirements. That was 4 months ago, and with a new motherboard installed I can actually play the game now. Hmmm, I remembered I bought this game just to get that 3 for 1 deal, and had no real interest in it really. Freelancer, it was titled. Well, better then cleaning I guess, and installed the game into the computer.

17 hours later...

Damn, I can't break away from the game! It's just way too cool. The graphics are great, almost like the Homeworld Series. But Homeworld is a RTS/Building game, while Freelancer shines as a FPS/RPG type where you gain cash by doing certain jobs and upgrading your ship. And what gameplay it has! As part of the 80's generation, everyone has dreams of donning the helmet and taking on the Death Star and Tie Wing fighters from the Star Wars Series. Or even grow a mustache and wear a captain's hat like in the Robotech Series. With Freelancer, you find yourself going against fighters, cruisers and even armadas!

But I'm going ahead of myself. Freelancer takes place in the far future where half of mankind drifted off in 5 sleeper ships and started over in some unknown galaxy. Fast forward 500 years, the colonies became five major places, so to speak. Liberty, kinda like the US I guess; Rheinland, russian folks; Kusari, asian dudes; Bretonia, europian chaps and the Sirius Sector, which I haven't reached in the game yet. You play Edward Trent, a freelancer who got involved in a messy incident concerning an alien artifact. Before he was just a low level business dude just looking for some good deals and easy money on the side. Now, he has been falsely accused of murder, terrorism and grand theft (hey, kinda reminds me of the Philippines, hehe). Not only that, Liberty and Rheinland are both after him, or specifically the artifact he carries and has been on the run since.

The gameplay is totally awesome, and the galaxy explorable. The ships are nice, the guns look cool. The only thing that raises my eyebrows in disgust is the dialogue. Man, even philippine cinema has better style! There are also some rip-offs, but the plot is intriguing with enough, with twist and turns to keep my head up.

Now, off to Rheinland, the heart of the enemy!

Freelancer Company: Microsoft Games Rating*
Gameplay: 5
Sounds: 4
Graphics: 4
Replayabilty: 5
Addictability: 5

*based on 5 being the highest

"Gunships ahead, sir!"

"Load up the torpedoes and set course dead ahead!"

"Sir, enemy fighters on our flank and rear!"

"Maintain top speed and man the turrets. Brace for impact!"

Sacrifices Anyone?

Greenbelt 3 was packed as lots of people went to see Paolo Santos perform, and the man didn't disappoint. Cover songs were his forte, with a couple of cool renditions to boot. Overall, it was a great evening. Makes me wish I can stay here. Oh well, life sometimes need sacrifices, and it isn't contented with sheep and cows, it prefers luscious young females. Especially innocent virgins.

Before the mini concert, the Warhammer gang met up to discuss the ranking system. It was hard, because we had to make sure there would be only a few grumbles from the people, especially the rules lawyers. So we decided that rank would be based on participation, painting and the place you get in the tourney i.e. 1st place, 2nd place etc. This would accumulate for a 3 months or a quarter year, one suggestion I was proud of, and then reseted to give chance to the newbies joining. For me, participation is a bitch, since I can't join every tourney next year, hopefully I can get to the major ones. Again with the sacrifices, this time the innocent virgins get to be smeared with chocolate and toffee before the rituals commences.

Also, during the mini concert, I was with her, the Muse, and it totally sucks I can't do anything. All I can do is be a good Kuya and help her through her problems. But we had a great time, me and her and the rest of the gang. Looking into those cool eyes though made me think twice of leaving, just to be with her. Ah well, I'm getting a little absurd and melencholial, like a lovesick bastard. This time, life does not only want innocent virgins smeared with confections to appease him, it also gives you a kick to the balls while taking away the sacrifices.

Me and my weird imagination. Too much ice cream I guess.

State of Mind: Hyperactive Imagination
Song of the Day: Knocks Me Off My Feet by Paolo Santos
Book of the Week: The Dark Side of the Moon by Terry Pratchett
Brainfreeze seconds on ice cream: 42 or so seconds

Monday, November 10, 2003

The Muse, Stalkers and Night Outs

Today, I am again totally falling for someone I can't have. She's brilliant, beautiful and with a touch of class, kinda like a Muse in the Greek Histories. She likes the classics as much as I do, and she into books as well. Gods above, why do I always fall for the intellectual types?! We talk at least once a week on the phone, meet sometimes in the mall, usually in the bookstore, and we enjoy good music together. So why can't I have her? Well, for one thing, it's totally inappropraite because of the 'Kuya Factor' again, and plus I'm bloody leaving in a month ( the days are getting shorter and shorter ). Also I'd rather shoot myself in the head I'm thinking. And those people who keep on saying "Better to have love and lost than to never not love at all" can go to hell. What is it about that saying that makes every male into masochistic arseholes? Just because you know already have no chance in hell but will still have a go just for the off chance that she will like you.

And thus the real reason for stalker tendencies is revealed. Stalkers are persistent and can be scary. I know because for 5 times in my life, I have been at the recieving end of it, by various friends who cry out to their Kuya to save them. Which is me ending up almost getting beaten up by a bloody pulp by one guy's barkada. Good thing we were near a policeman at that time. One other guy was so persistant and bloody stupid as well ( stalkers have one track minds, other thoughts are discouraged and considered sacrilegeous to the stalker religion ) that he actually committed breaking and entering on one of my friend's house. Good thing there were iron bars in the windows, else he would have entered the house silently. So it was he was caught jingling the lock and subsequently thrown into jail...for only a couple of hours I think. The guy's parents made it all hush up, which goes to show that where Law is good and equal, it will still take the first chance to line up it's pockets. I think they migrated to Austrailia, to the relief of my friend.

Tommorow is Acoustic Nights at Greenbelt 3 with Paolo Santos, one of the country's premier songwriter/guitarist. Got the gang together to commit in a surprising short time, so I guess I'm gonna be watching with 5 or 6 buddies of mine. I usually don't bother with inviting other people because it's such a hassle, but I'm thinking that the time I'm spending here is getting shorter by the minute, so I guess this is one thing of getting together to make more good memories.

State of Mind: Dreaded Contemplation
Song of the Day: Till Take My Heart Away by Paolo Santos and Kyla
Days Left Before I Leave: 41 days or so
Number of Books to Freight Back in the Province: 170+

Sunday, November 09, 2003

The Call of Battle

Well, the I didn't get to be No. 1 General, though am still holding on to somewhere in the top five spot. It was a fun mini campaign, with special rules like Flier's can only glide 10" and that Cavalry cannot march due to sandy beaches. Tough luck on Bretonnians and Empire, more fun for infantry based armies. My goblins did a incredible job of holding off the elves in the first game, but ran off like a whipped dog in the second game, this time against Patrick Uy's Empire Army. What did me in was low leadership. Try rolling a 5-below using 2 dices and you'll see what I mean.

Next week, I might officiate the next Tourney. Now, being a Tourney Official is hard work. First, you have to make sure you have enough players in the tourney. Then, if you wanna make it funky, create scnarios for three games, making sure there are no loopholes for rules lawyers' to abuse. Lastly, and the very hard part, is you're alone as the Officer in the game; while others think it is a God position, it's tiring to run back and forth between the tables, and regulating the level of competition and keeping the peace between the players.

During the tourney, I find that I'm gonna really miss the guys, the game and the hobby. The game/hobby has been with me since I came here in Manila, and leaving it off for a while is like losing one of your appendages. While it basically a competitive game to most players, it also kinda a like venting off steam from work, school, familt etc. Whereas for example a bank manager player of ours is meekest at office hours, he can still scream, curse and laugh his guts off like the best of us. The game really changes all of us, and to date, aside from the assorted teachers, web page designers, and company clerks, we also have bank managers, financiers, accountants, ex military dudes and even a brain surgeon! And from the looks of it, those jobs exude the smell of certain smell of geekishness, since as guy who does numbers everyday tend to make people make the popular mistake of stereotyping.

Ah well, at least we're having good clean fun then the pretentious elitist bastards of this city.

And it feels good that I got to diss them again.

State of Mind: Elated Peevishness
Song of the Day: All in My Head by Kosheen Kokopelli
Standing in the Tourney: 4th Best General, 8th Best Overall
Weakness of Using a Goblin Army: Low Leadership

Saturday, November 08, 2003

The Classics Revisited and Reinvented

Getting out of bed is hard everyday, especially if you want to sleep more. Getting out of bed on a weekend is even harder, as the mind is sending vibes to the subconcious that sleep is the reward to a week well done. So sleep I did, and woke up in late afternoon, around 5 I think. By the time I got dressed the sun is already out for the day, leaving the moon alone for the night shift.

Sauntering over to GB3, I find a throng of people in the center park, waiting for the arrival of the Piano Player, Maksim Mrvica, or just Maksim to the music world. Curious, and probably with nothing else to do, I went and found a seat near the stage, next to the big screen. What's really good is I get to see everything at the stage, what's even better is that it's a free concert.

I am a avid fan of the classical music, ranging from Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and Chopin. When I was kid, I got these classical CD's from my auntie in the States, and thus by High School I was already 'attuned' to the classical mind...or more specifically, taking up a pencil as baton and conducting my own 'orchestra' in the bathroom.

So this Maksim guy, from what I heard, is supposed to have reinvented the classics, turning into them into modern pieces. A purist myself, I wasn't really looking forward to see and hear him play; any person who dusts out the classics and adding in strobelights and techno sounds is an affront to my sensibility, and should be hanged, quartered and and chucked to deepest parts of the Himalayas.

Surprisingly though, Maksim turned out to be really good. No, make that really great! The dude came out wearing something like from the punk rock era, i.e. studded leather jeans, studded sleeveless shirt and mopped up hair. The 28 year old Croatian prodigy just sat there and just took the audience like a shockwave. Since I was near the screen, I could see his hands, moving through the keys like a man possessed, or more specifically, a man in a fit of seizure ( What is it about pianists that when they play, they look like insane epileptics pounding down the keys? Tchaikovsky used to do it, Chopin also used to do it, now Maksim is doing it. Is it like a wierd inborn flaw if you're a friggin' genius at the piano? ).

So the mini concert ended with the original version of "Flight of the Bumblebee" as an encore. I left the stage dazed yet perky, already my fingers twitched to reach for a pen, run to the nearest bathroom and do the conductor thingy again. Sadly though, the bathroom was full. Oh well, at least in my bathroom I can have all the privacy I need.

Tommorow is Tourney Day, and this time, I will win the Best General with my army of Goblins. I can't aspire for the Best Overall since not all my figs are painted, so I'm revving up to the second best thing. Hmmm, better sacrifice a chicken to give me better odds, hehe.

Song of the day: Flight of the Bumblebee by Maksim ( duh! )
State of mind: Appreciative Open Mindness
Chances of winning tommorow's tourney: 75%
Cheese level of current army: 80%

Friday, November 07, 2003

Chariot Racing, Alice Peacock and Early Morning Sessions

A bunch of cool yet prosaic things happened so I'll start with afternoon session of Warhammer. Things were always little hectic at the store, especially on Fridays and sometimes we get to close up the shop (perks of being a regular there, we get to make tambay behind the counter, make crude jokes with the owner and generally lord ourselves over the place, shouting asinine things to the non-regulars). This Friday though was kinda special as we had our first ever game of Warhammer Racing, using what else of course but chariots. Kinda like the games in the Coliseum of Rome, although you don't get to see elves or orcs riding elven steeds and boars respectively. It was fun, a variant of the little war we've been brewing up and it also sets the tone for this week's tourney at the Hobby Store. We already had three tourneys to date, and two times I came out 4th best in the Best General Category. Couldn't get a ranking in the Overall though, not all of my figs are painted. Anyways, things are really heating up for the December Tourneys.

Came to Music One GB3, and I just found out that Alice Peacock is a really good songwriter/singer. Meeting her was nice, got my CD signed, hehe. Seeing her perform live was another cool thing too, and made me a stronger convert to the acoustic boom here. Ah well, another inspiration to the senses.

Woke up at 4am, and immediately texted Hobby Girl. We've been going on like this for days, and mostly we talk about certain weird stuff, like the effects of World War 3, finding out what's the easiest job in the world ( by the way, it's a sleep test subject )and discussing the Fag that is Winnie the Pooh. Nice topics to keep my mind off fatigue, while meanwhile she gets to stay awake during her job ( she works at a call center, the graveyard shift). Maybe I'll ask her out for a cup of coffee. Nothing too intimate though, knowing she already has a boyfriend. She is interesting...and intriguing as well.

State of Mind: Hyperactive as the Energizer Bunny
Now Reading: Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett
Now Listening To: It's Over by Vertical Horizon
Comteplating on doing another Geekdom Episode?: Yes !

Thursday, November 06, 2003

The Curse of the Teddy Bear

I can't write clearly today.

I don't know why, but my mind is totally unfocused right now. Maybe it's because of the mediocre movie I watched, which was Matrix Revolutions. Shock you say? When Matrix Rev was the most awaited movie this month?! Hah! Well, I'm using mediocre cuz it didn't actually blew me off my feet, and where the hype was big, it just didn't rose up to my expectations. Sure, the battle scenes were a total killer, the graphics superb, but the plot leaves something to be desired. Can't think straight, probably because the Wachowski Brothers made it that way that most audiences would feel bewildered at the end. I know I did. Just thinking about it makes my head spin again.

Well folks, I just popped the question to Miss Alto, and it's really peachy that my curse is acting up again. Well, I didn't actually crash and burn but more of gliding softly back to earth. Talking about it maturely really helps, and since we're close friends anyways, it really didn't hurt that much, although I could say it was just smothered with great relief that I felt after doing what had to be done. So now, the air is cleared, there's nothing hanging over our heads, and it's really weird talking to her in a different light, i.e. a close friend, rather then a 'someone'. Also weird as it may be, I find I like the feeling. Ah well, better a friend then an enemy. Which chalks up to another close female friend.

I tell you, if miracles happen and I would get a girlfriend, that girl has to be so understanding. I mean, gosh, most of the people I know are females, and and at 75% of them call me affectionately as either Kuya, Labs, Dearest etc. And great gods above, they cuddle! To me! I don't know why, it just is. Memo to me, don't make ligaw to a selosa. Again, it totally sucks being a Teddy Bear for life.

Another thing that is so weird yet so true that a lot of people can testify is I know a lot of stuff. Yes, the chismis factor. To make it clear, I am not a rumormonger. People, especially the female half, tell me secrets, and again I don't know why, it just is. Case in point, Miss Alto told me something she hasn't told anyone yet, and I'm probably the only guy who knows what it is. I'm not asking for anything, I didn't even wanna know, but it's ... it's ... the Curse of the Teddy Bear that haunts me. Yeah, that's sounds like a nice name. Anyways, I mean, how am I supposed deal with those? Especially the female stuff?! I tell you, during all my years, I know more about women then any man of my same age, and that's not just the physical side, but the emotional as well. To paraphrase someone from Shakespeare, "it's a mystery, so don't ask me why."

But all in all, this day ended up nicely I guess. I have another secret locked up in the vaults of my mind. If I were to be dissected and my brain being scanned, someone would probably find great fortune hidden in the recesses of my gray matter. Blackmail anyone?

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

The Improbable Nation of Geekdom Part 2: The Smaller Houses

Ah, I see you are back.

Very well, let me continue our discussion, provided of course you have the necessary documents pertaining to the question of accessing our files. Ah, I see you have them. This way please, I'm hoping our discussions would be much better in the veranda. Where was I? Oh yes...

As I said, there are five Grand Houses in power today, and we have already discussed the differences of each house. Aside from these great Houses, we also have other smaller Houses, each trying to find their niche in the politics of Geekdom. While there are probably dozens of other houses, we shall attempt to concentrate on the other, more venerated or successful ones. Thus now I will present to you the small elite Houses.

House Scrapbook came into the ages of the 80's and surprisingly comprimises 75% of the female population of geekdom. Scrapbookers has it's humble beginnings and stong power base but sadly not enough to contend with the any of the Grand Houses. Also, they are more of the diplomatic sort of geeks, although at times it can get into extremes as they tend to salvage EVERYTHING with memory value, even if its just a candy wrapper from a beach outing. Called somewhat snidely as Trash Collectors, but never in their faces. Basically a bubbly and outgoing sort of geek, they have strong contacts with House Photos and House Videos.

House Photos, or the photogeeks, have this intense obsession about viewing the world behind a camera, thus sometimes rendering them as somewhat shortsighted geeks. Their Geekspeak dialect consists mostly on color, daylight and equipment pertaining to the type of camera used. While they might be as outgoing as Scrapbookers or Videogeeks, they tend to sometimes annoy geeks and people alike by the "capturing a stolen shot moment". These type of geeks are usually living alarm clocks, sometimes racing over to a suitable site to capture a flower blooming, a sunrise/sunset, a boat entering to a fog etc. They also tend to get into spirited discussions with House Videos as to what medium is more powerful, i.e. the Camera or the Videocamera.

House Videos is also a small house, smaller compared to House Photos as their equipment is most costly. It is true that they continue to have a feud with the photogeeks, but in reality have the same aspect, vision and personality as them, except for the preferred equipment of course. The Twin Houses of Picture, the other houses called them laughingly, which they tend to ingore blithely.

House Animation is one of the new houses to rise from obscurity, as it gathers more and more geek support. It just might be the 6th Grand House in a few years, it just only lacks material as the videos pertaining to their vision is hard to come by. Fully two-thirds of the geeks in this House are of the japaneseque inclined, the Anime factor. It is to be debated that Anime videos have better plot and action scenes, but other purists of this house cling stubbornly to the western side of the animation, namely G.I. Joe, Silverhawks, Transformers and other cartoons mostly from the Hanna Barbera Studios. The struggle within is waning though, as new movies are released every year from Japan, whereas the "old-timers" tend to hang on to their dusty videotapes. What with Akira, Cowboy Bebop, Dragonball, Fushigi Yugi etc. taking the House by storm, I fear that the western animation would just be available to the hidden archives of the House.

House Vampirism is one of the weirdest Houses of Geekdom. Small yet has strong supporters, this house weathered everything the world shot at them, yet they survived and garner a few converts every year. This is the only House which has a different costume, mostly on the Goth persuasion, lots of black leather, black lace and black makeup. Surprising though is that they get real well with Grand House RPG Specialists, probably because the Grand House can offer the Goths, as they are aptly called, a temporary refuge by creating worlds of pleasure and blood. Mostly blood though. Oh, and the females of this House are a rare beauty, ranging from white skin tone to very red lips. Which is probably one the reasons why they still get supporters. Rumours even say that House Vampirism is a female dominated society, although one can only speculate. I must say though that they really have cool posh parties. As one of the oldest and respected Houses, people and geek alike tend to respect the geek's courage in living in the Goth era, i.e. the clothes, the mannerism and attitudes. That's one thing to be said about them though, courage even in the direst circumstances, like living in the dark all the while watching a horror marathon. And laughing. But mostly cackling for the females or deep insidous laughter for the males.

House Toy Collectors is also one of the oldest houses to date, and they have good contacts with House Miniture Gamers. But as their stuff is also expensive, have garnered only a few people support over the years. But they are also on par with riches as with House Card Gamers and Comic Collectors. You will find their place covered floor to ceiling with every concivable toy ever made up to date, plus in their lock vaults you can also find the rare ones, like Homer Simpson's Golf Attire with Extra Swing or the Bumblebee discarded series. As geeks, they tend to be a stuffy lot, almost like the world librarians, fussing over this and that, and where cleaning every five minutes is practically a virtue.

We also have an obscure but very old house: the House Coin Collectors. Coiners, as they are called, keep mostly to themselves and are branch off as not actually true geeks, since they interbreed with the normal population. Coiners now have jobs like bankers, businessmen, stock experts etc. and are probably more richer then any House, grand or small. But as they live secretly, with their vaults more protected then any House combined. We know little of them, but though sometimes support the Geekdom Policy.

It is getting dark now, and I fear I shall have to bid you to leave. I do hope that this little interview has entlightened your understanding of our culture, as we are always misunderstood most of the times.

This is still me, Raf the Hamster, flooded with inane messages about this hobby or that and compelled to write more about Geekdom, saying goodnight, adieu and too doo loo.

The Truth is out there.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

The Improbable Nation of Geekdom

Let me tell you of a country unheard of, yet has growing population of a rabbit on Viagra. It is a small nation, yet has the intellectual speed of a frightened deer and the brute force of a hyperactive monkey.

That nation is called Geekdom, wherein it is the last bastion of mankind against the tyranny of capitalism.

I am a geek myself, therefore I will enlighten you of our country. Let me be your guide to realms fantastic and surreal.

Thus our journey begins with the people itself. Sadly Geekdom is nation of divided loyalties, wherein the Card Gamers keep to mostly themselves and DnD Masters would rather create worlds, but when the people are called, they would rally and stand united against any oppression. After the usual bickering and infighting of course.

The people itself are called Geeks, although this have been subject to debate as well as to what to call the people officially. Would we rather be called Geekers? Geekishmen? Geekereese? The dabate goes on and long but most of the population tend to use the short term 'Geeks' although that tends to be less formal. Kinda like using Chinks for Chinese and Niggers for the Afro-Americans. Needless to say, if your not a geek, don't use the word on us. We prefer our real names when dealing with the outside world. Unless of course you want Serra Angel card stuck up your nose.

The dress mode is also a tad informal, mostly jeans and t-shirts depicting favorite logos, designs etc. Other more hardcore patriotic ones declare geek phrases, i.e. "The Truth Is Out There" or the classic "Trust No One". On really formal occasion, although rare, Geeks tend to dress up anything in their dad's closet, or in an emergency, will also ransack their grandfather's box too. Which is the reason most geeks feel uncomfortable when dressed. The jeans and t-shirt attire is a shield of sorts, protecting the wearer from unwanted people, declaring loud and clear that "I'm a Geek, don't come near me unless you know Geekspeak". If formally dressed, the Geek in question tend suck in the ambience like a scientist in a radiation field without a radsuit. As a result, people will tend make small talk, thus rendering the Geek into insensibility with nonsense issues like current affairs, world hunger and the coming world war. Which is why most Geeks tend to avoid going to social gatherings, as if attending will give them the Black Plague, or worst. A small minority has been schooled vigorously to become ambassadors, because like it or not, we need the outside world to interact with... to curse and gripe if nothing else. As a gradute of that school, I can say I still have nightmares to last me a lifetime. But I digress. Let's move on, shall we?

As I said there are different types of Geeks, just as the world has Asians, Europeans, Africans etc. Here in our humble nation we have Five Grand Houses. House Card Gamers, which comprimises about one third of the current population; House RPG Specialists, which is the first and oldest house in recorded history; House Comic Collectors, also an old house with still a lot of class; House Computer Nerds, the only house that is in great demand in the outside world; and lastly House Miniture Gamers, relatively a new house just over a decade old. With these houses comprimise the nation, with a smattering of small houses scattered around. There were Lost Houses too, like House Star Trek which is slowly disappearing over the years and House Star Wars, where, ever since the prequels came out, the house members got up and left in disgust. What is really astonishing is the reemergance of House Tolkien, which has garnered new members and fresh blood, ultimately making a grand U-turn from blinking out of existance.

You asked what house do I belong? Well, as an ambassador, I learned my craft from all of them, except of course the Lost Houses. From childhood I started learning from House Comic Collectors, then on my younger years went on to learn the craft of Card Gamers, where interspaced between those years, also garnered knowledge from Houses Tolkien, RPG Specialists and Computer Nerds. Currently, I'm studying the learnings of House Miniture Gamers, all the while finishing my statecraft in the ambassadorial school. But again I digress. I tend to ramble so please forgive me. Shall we continue?

The national tounge or language used in my nation is Geekspeak. It is comprimised from the different dialects from the Great Houses, i.e. "Hmmm, if Frodo Baggins were to be given the Sword of Might, which gives him +1 strength, and let's say he has the willpower of Charles Xavier and the agility of the Beast, what would be his Attack Roll and Difficulty Class? Perhaps, let's say he's battling on top of the Millenium Falcon, against a band Uruk-Hai led by Jar Jar Binks with stun phasers. That would make his Challenge Rating a 10 I'm guessing..."

Of course, each house has it's own private dialect, sometimes so obscure that you would need the whole Webster's Dictionary redesigned. Especially the Computer Nerds, which people need a whole library just to understand them.

Now, I'm afraid the tour will end here, as national secrecy is to be maintained at all times. If you wish to gain in depth knowledge of our country, please do not hesitate to ask as we will provide you with a more suitable and detailed tour.

This is me, Raf the Hamster, bored to kingdom come, saying goodnight and may the force be with you.