Monday, August 20, 2007

Some Minor Difficulties, Tag and Jacked Up

:::Pioneering Delays:::

So I wasn't able to finish moving in this last week, because I got sick for a couple of days. The only thing left outside are a couple more of boxes full of bags, what-nots and what-have-yous. Probably will finish it this week. At the same time, it allowed me to take a good look at my bed and decided to change it into a new one, so it will be finished within this week, sorta like a japanese inspired one. Working in a construction company has its perks. Once I've settled in, I can say that my room was handbuilt and handcraft, hehehe.

I was sick, actually I'm still am, this being the season for colds and coughs. I seem to remember blogging that whenever I get sick it has an added effect (read: I am Invincible entry 9/17/03). This time was the worst. I went to the doctor to check up my cough and ... let's say at the end of it all I got diagnosed with borderline high blood pressure. My doctor advised, no ... pleaded with me to lay off the carbs. So now, no more carbs for me. Eat less. Excercise more. No more carbs. It's gonna be one hell of year.

Like the early pioneers, they had some delays in finishing their forts, got infected with the plague, and faced famine with only cabbages to eat. Nuff' said.

:::Circle of Eight:::

Acey tagged me with 8 things people don't know about me, so this is a small continuation to my 100 things.

1. If people will ask me what kind of girl I go for I'd say immediately "Those with brains and wit, slightly ticklish, understands every weird thing I do and can launch a public campaign on how great and wonderful I am." Ok, maybe not the last part.

2. I say things to friends like "My butt itches", "Dude, guess where I am? The bathroom!" and "God made me fat because if I'm thin I'd be Brad Pitt" in mock serious voice to get them to laugh. No charge necessary.

3. I've started getting into the interior decorating vibe. Designs, designs and more designs. Osmosis at work in the construction business.

4. I once saved a friend's life when we were kayaking in Davao. She screams like a little girl (ok, she is a girl) whenever she falls down the water when, once during a very turbulent rapids point, she fell down hard and almost got her head smashed up the rocks except when I dove down, grabbed her, and used my body as shield. And man, it hurts like hell.

5. Even though I love the beach, the rivers and all activities therein, I'm scared stiff of deep water. I have this irrational fear of "something" grabbing my leg ... or worse, a shark passes by. Plus, my favorite and best swimming skill: Floundering Madly In Water.

6. I REALLY wanted to publish something, but work and laziness keep me out of focus.

7. Three people I want to interview: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Muhammad Ali and Imelda Marcos.

8.If there's one thing I miss, it's jamming on stage live and loud. Get me a bass guitar or even just a piano, I'm there. Nothings beats that pure adrenaline rush of playing music in front of a crowd.

Ok, that's it. I'm tagging Ronstadt, Kim, Romy, Obi, Ben, Odessa, Mela and Dids. Eight people for eight things. Enjoy!

:::Back to the Matrix:::

I'm jacked up again to the Web, this time on the online game Lineage II. The game is pretty good, compared to the cutesy style of Ragnarok. I have been playing quite a bit, around 3-4 a hours a day, starting last Wednesday. So now, my Dwarf character is level 20, just changed job to a Scavenger class. I'm also starting a Dark Elf one, this time going in the lines of a summoner type. In any case, this game makes my day.

My level 20 Scavenger, RuneHunter.

My Level 10 Mystic, Nyarlathothep.

So, if you folks are playing also, drop me a line and maybe we could party together at the Blackbird Server. See you there!

State of Mind: Free Flowing
Song of the Day: My Stupid Mouth by john mayer
Book of the Week: The Light Fantastic by Terry Prachett
Want/Need: Game Time

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Moving Back In

:::Pioneer of the Sala:::

Things are on hold right now. I'm in the process of moving from the sala to the newly remade room. I just found out that I have the natural qualities of a pack rat. Items that should be discarded long ago are still with me, so I've been trying to segregate them to a. Must Need, b. Still/Might Need and c. Off to the Warehouse. And out of the 15 boxes that comprimises my worldly possessions, I've already filled up 4 boxes of C. (old magazines, notebooks, travelogs, old bus/airport/boat tickets, crap that should have thrown away etc.) And yep, I've also found out that I already have 5 boxes of books ( novels, novelletes, comicbooks, sourcebooks, etc. )

I love my room concept. Due to the shoebox size and shape, I have been thinking very carefully on what to do. In the end, there will just be a table, a bed and a chair. Everything else in on the shelves. Library/bedroom/entertainment center, all in just 10 sqm. space! If you know your architecture (or even just math), my room is pretty small, and especially moreso since I'm pretty big. I'll show some pics when I get to finish it on the weekend.

:::Four years:::

Last August 11, this blog turned fours years. Four years of writing down thoughts and musings and meanderings, but mostly just about thoughts. This blog had seen me through some pretty tough times, and I guess writing down stuff, even stuff that just makes no sense, and does some pretty powerful stuff to your brain ( see what I mean about making no sense? ). In any case, although a little late, Happy 4th Blogyear to me! May there be more writing to come, and more sense to go with it.

:::The Morning Interludes:::

I wish I could write something meaningful about my four years in blogging but now my legs are on fire. Not literally of course but having cramps from jogging this early morning. Yep, I'm back on track to (hopefully) a healthy condition, not that I'm looking to a heavily muscled mofo direction, but just a plain healthy one , meaning exercise the lungs and the heart and get rid of the belly. So now, I wake up at 5am, jog for an hour, and then go back to home to rest a while and, after that, go to work. Ay yay yay caramba.

State of Mind: Numbing Pain
Song of the Day: Winter Season by Vivaldi
Book of the Week: Grass for His Pillow by Lian Hearn
Want/Need: Sleep. Period.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sala Survivor and Other Stories

::Everybody is Watching::

Day 16. I'm still living in vast area of the sala, and I think it's starting to get to me. First off, there's absolutely no fricken' privacy. You can't satisfyingly pick your nose at your own leisure, you have to do it like an assassin: quick and subtle, accompanied sometimes with sharp stab of pain. Second, everybody is in control of your life. I want to sleep; I can't sleep because someone is watching "Shall We Dance" at full volume. Trying to sleep with "A rico mambo, a rico mambo yeah!" pounding in your brain is probably the 8th circle of Hell Dante never talked about. Most likely, even he knew the terrors of disco music.

Two more days. Well, at least that's what the carpenters tell me. Looking at my room and imagining how it will turn out gives me the boost to maintain sanity. For now, I'll try to sleep while "Videoke Challenge" is playing and someone is trying to sing "Only you" unsuccesfully. Imagine a cat on a blackboard. Yep, that's all I gotta say.

::Another Piece of Soul::

As people know, I am handling Sales and Purchasing. Well, the big boss decided to give me another one. Logistics. Now, Logistics is fun, I knew that during the days working at HCG at Cavite, but man alive, the problem is that our Logistics Dept is non-existent. Yep, you got it, I got to structure it from the ground up. And guess how many people are under me? NONE! Whoopeedo! Time to break out the barrel and think this one over. And of all the responsibilities that I carry, I'm still not getting thinner. Sucks.

::This and That::

Did a little sidebar configuring, so now it looks spiffy (at least to me, haven't yet check out all the kinks). I also added the Ongoing Projects, for my photo blog and story shorts. One Day, One Photo is all about pictures, which I'll try to update everyday. Again, I'm not aiming for the professional look, just practicing the theory of what I learned from books and advices from the web. The other one, 500 Word Project, is also another theory in practice. It won't be perfect, profound stories, more like trying to convey a scene using only 500 words or less. Both of these blogs forces me to use my skills on hand, and as they say that practice makes perfect, I'm aiming to perfect these skills. Will probably update and redefine both blogs once I finish the main one, since this coming Saturday is a special occasion. What occasion? You'll see.

::Time Flies Quickly::

Ronstadt left this afternoon for Manila to continue her Bar Review, and then taking up the Bar Exams this September. I'll be in Manila for the last week of that month, for support and a little vacation, so I'll finally get to play some games. A little WFB and a little W40k, perhaps some WM, and definitely some WoW.

God, I miss gaming.

State of Mind: The Obliteration of TVs (or at least, shoddy programs)
Song of the Day: Inner Light by Shocking Lemons
Book of the WeeK: Hacker Cracker by Ejovi Nuwere
Want/Need: A nice good sleep