Monday, July 20, 2009

Buried Alive

I am so busy these couple of weeks that I can't find the time to do other important stuff, like replacing my fried hard drive (I say fried because that was the technician told me. It wasn't barbecued nor steamed, just fried). Add that my Mac also has experienced a slight problem (it doesn't turn on), I find myself cut off from the rest of the humanity, on the internet anyways. It doens't matter though, because my desk looked like this:

After two weeks, intense problem solving and several meetings, my desk looked exactly the same as it was before. So now I follow the Clean Desk Policy. There will be no paper in my desk, to unclutter the mind of things to do. There is a slight drawback to this. After enforcing the Clean Desk Policy, its the Clean Floor Policy right now that plagues me.

Hopefully I get my act together this week. The signs and portents in front of me (my whiteboard) declare that :

1. I have to do the Incentive program
2. I have to do the Marketing program
3. I have follow up on several modules for the store
4-15. Meetings galore!
16. Breath Oxygen.

Yep, that's my life. Whoopeedo.

State of Mind: Bright Neon Lights.
Song of the Day: Don't Give Up by The Whitest Boy Alive
Book of the Week: Dave Talks Back by Dave Barry
Want/Need: Imperial Gift II