Friday, August 29, 2003

The Darkness Within, Accompanied by Sounds of Classical Music, Particularly Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture

Yesterday was dark and stormy, and there I was content beyond words, just lounging in front of my PC. The day was freezing by Philippine standards, and I don't give a crap to the poor sobs who actually went out and got themselves trapped by the sudden deluge. In fact, I was grinning smugly at the thought of people standing in top of benches yet still getting their feet wet. Take that you elitist bastards!

Then the lights went out.

The sudden darkness was accompanied by loud noises as I spewed vile profanities to the night, cursing the electric company, the city of Makati, the city mayor and the people I loathe (not that they had anything to do with the blackout, but hey, it felt good at that particular time). After an hour or so of questioning people's heritage and various parts of their anatomy, I sat down in the gloom, relaxed. Now, blackouts are my worst enemy, particularly at night. I can' read shit in the dark, which is usually harrowing experience to me. People who know me see me always with a book in one hand, ready to read in case things get boring. Now I'm bored as hell and can't friggin' read. And I'm alone at home, so I got no one to talk to. Life gets darker and darker by the minute. Here I am all alone, there is no electricity,a thunderstorm is raging outside and I can't read. It took enormous effort not to scream again. Having no choice, I tramped back to my room and waited for sleep's cold embrace. And sleep I did, yet it was interrupted by periodic visits to the bathroom and sudden bites of mosquitos. By the time I woke up, the sun was shining. Yet there was still no friggin' electricity. At least Starbucks is open. And on the coffee shop I went, and stayed there 5 hours, sipping coffee, soaking up the cool air and, of course, reading a book. Ah, the things I do just to recuperate.

Yesterday was also Ice Lady's birthday, and it was kinda fun talking to her again. And there it was, again with the subtle hints. Hmm, should I make my move? There are some things that's stopping me though. One, she comes from a wealthy family. Two, she has the built of a goddess, as she frequently goes swimming and does yoga. Three, there are literally hordes of suitors after her, yet she didn't choose anyone from them. Now, these are some things a guy might think twice before courting a girl, and I'm scared shitless when courting a girl who already has good looking and wealthy suitors. Also, her father is strict, her mother a bit of straight forward feminist and her sisters...well kinda ok I guess. Hmm, maybe I'll tell her before I leave...

Today is Glorietta Mall's Midnight sale, which means Warhammer till midnight. I played two games today, literally pounding the Demons of Slaneesh back to their hell hole with the big guns of the Imperium, massacre victory to the Imperial Guard. Meanwhile, at Fantasy, my Orcs looked towards the fleeing Men of the Empire, yet garnered only a minor victory. Tsk tsk...

My mind was not actually on both games as thoughts of the campaign championship wafted eeringly to my brain. It's gonna be on next saturday, and although I'm not part of the top 4, there is a certain kind of excitement to it. My only chance now is to win best Sportsmanship, which I have a good chance since all my opponents had a good time playing with the Reckless Orc, hehe.

You'll probably wonder why I choose the title above. Well, if you've watch the anime Boys Be, you'd know that on the last episode, the 1812 overture was playing in the background while a young boy pondered on the problem of telling the girl he loves his true feelings or not. Not that I feel exactly the same way, but going home today and looking at the happy couples going here and there tends to give a man something to think about.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Mars and the Two Towers

Tonight is the night that the planet Mars can be seen clearly, like the size of your pinky's nail. This phenomenon occurs only once in two thousand years, so this is a rare treat indeed. People are now gawking outside, and I did see some few camera flashes as others tried to capture the moment. Me? I took one look at the sky and promptly returned back to the house. It's not that I'm disinterested, in fact I was kinda looking forward to it before. It's just that after staring at Mars for a few moments gets to be kinda boring. I mean it doesn't look that impressive after a while, and if you persist looking at it more would make you look like a short sighted loon.

aving watched the official home video release of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, I can say I am still stunned by the depth of cinematography and translation from the book. I have read the novel (note: it is not a trilogy, it is a book with three parts) when I just still in high school and it was that story that started me going for the fantasy genre. In college, I watched Ralph Bakshi's cartoony adaptation and sadly it just plain sucks...and I despaired of finding a movie that would translate what I would see in my mind. Then along came Peter Jackson, whose vision and accurateness gave me and several fervent fans a chance to see the world of Frodo and Gandalf in the silver screen, and boy we were not disapointed. This is the way it should be, the movie seemed to point out, and there was little cause to criticize the smooth translation. I bow to the man, Peter jackson, who others might think as a madman for embarking on such a perilous undertaking. Why perilous, you might ask? Well, among the bookworms out there, none are the most rabid, the most perfectionistas, the most critical then Tolkien fans. Purist to the core, they demand that each scene be made to match what they see in their mind's eye, and thankfully they weren't disapointed. They would have crucified Peter Jackson if they were, hehe.

People are comparing the movies Harry Potter to the LOTR since they both came out at almost the same time. And people prefer HP to LOTR because of it's way Harry came out the victor at every movie, whereas in the LOTR the first part is tragedy, the second just a huge gigantic battle. In the Fellowship of the Ring, Gandalf is assumed to have died, Boromir betrayed the group and also died, and in the end the Fellowship is forced to disband. In The Two Towers, we see Frodo's increasing relationship to the One Ring and is still suffering greatly from resisting the dark whispers. The human nation is also fighting a rearguard action against the orcs, and were finally pinned down in Helm's Deep, suffering great casualties. While this happened in the movie, people should read the books also, since there was some parts that were cut out because of the lenghty dialogue etc. (like the Ent's discussion, which took a very long time in the book). Oh and that too, the difference of HP and LOTR, the books. HP is written in today's style, whereas LOTR was written during the 50's. Of course the writing style is different, yet some people will complain that HP is better then LOTR because it is easy to read. *Sigh*, some people are just too lazy to read the epic novel, and yes while I accept that it is more then just simple reading, it is a rite of passage those fans who wish to experience the fantasy first hand, not just enjoy the movie.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Starship Troopers, the Filipino Version

Today is dark and gloomy, with thunderstorms raging the whole nation. I can't go out for the streets look like Venice on the a bad day, where the all the garbage collectors suddenly took a vacation and left for warmer climates. With nothing to do, I reconciled myself to an afternoon of movie marathon and reached for my collection of VCDs, randomly took out a movie and played it on my PC. Ok, Starship Troopers. Hmmm, watched this a bazillion of times, but hey, better then nothing. As the movie progressed, my mind wandered into the book with the same title. Now, the book and the movie don't actually coincide, as most book based movies do. The book was written by Robert Heinlan and most the story is about the society of the future, with the war of the bugs is just a sidelight. The wierd part is, aside from the different storylines, is that the main character is Filipino. You won't actaully find out till the very end of the book, where he comments about Ramon Magsaysay and his native language, Tagalog. Then on the movie, the protagonist is from Buenos Aires. Hmmm...I could call it being racist, but hey, its just a freakin movie, although a somewhat so-so one. Looking at it on a different light, if the main character is a Filipino, the movie would be cut in half, not 2 hours and 30 minutes long. I mean, who better to kill big ass roaches then a Filipino? Judging by the size we get here in Philippines, we would be more then capable of cleansing a planet full of bugs with just a dozen of guys armed with extra large tsinelas. How's that for a thought? Hehe, seriously though, the book is better then the movie, and expounds the merits of discipline and honor. Having that thought, I turned off the movie and took out the book. As they say, reading books is better then watching a movie, particularly if the movie somewhat offends your sense of rightness.

Monday, August 25, 2003

Three Hearts and Being a Teddy Bear for Life

As the days go nearer and nearer to the time I'm leaving Manila, people, places and things suddenly come rushing to fore as to who or what I'm going to miss the most...especially certain people,people who I want to spend my life with most. Three of them live here in Manila, and it kinda sucks I can't do anything since I don't know what to do...I mean I'm confused as to whom I gonna choose. Surprised? People will rant that you should choose the one you love most, the one who you feel closest too. Well, I liked them all equally, not yet to the point of loving, but going in that general direction. Hmm.....

The one I feel closest to is Miss Alto. I can see myself with her when I grow up, and the decision to choose her is weighed heavily as I'm very close to the family. She's funny, has the same likes as me, is intellectual and I'm totally connected to her. But...i don't know. I can't seem to make the move, some kind of barrier is right in front of me, forcing me to stop. Hmmm...oh well, maybe I can overcome it before I leave, whatever that is.

Next is the Ice Lady. She's very outspoken and a feminist to boot(not the raving one, I assure you, but the one that recognizes equality to both sexes and is very firm about it). What attracted me to her is that...honestly , I don't really know. We rarely see each other, yet when we meet, there's this certain spark in her eyes and a tinkle of laughter that's makes my knees shiver (She doesn't laugh at anything else, period. She's also very abrupt and even sometimes abrasive. That's why I named her Ice Lady) She knows about Miss Alto, and I know some of her suitors. We're best friends, quite frankly told me that I'm one of the few guys she can open up to. If you know her personally, that's quite a big compliment. Also, I'm kinda close to her family, though that's not a big factor.

Last one I'll call her Princess, because she so sweet and charming. Frankly, I know she likes me a lot and is dropping hints already. She's really caring and cute and beuatiful, but ... again I don't know. There's something about her that makes me pause, and the fact I've already invested much to Miss Alto.

Well, that's it, the women in my lives, hehe. Actually, those who know me in my know I go out with lots of beautiful girls and yet never courted one of them, having conditioned myself that I am their one true male friend. And that sucks sometimes, if you asked me. A female best friend once remarked to me that I'm everybody's friend, yet since I'm friends to everyone, I can't find the right girl for me who'll take me seriously. I do remember the time I did once go over the line of friendship and tried to court a friend. The results where disastrous, I spent the last three years mending the relationship.

But it does have some perks, like there was this time I was at the gaming store and was talking with my buddies, when a Mossimo model friend of mine needed me for an emergency. Now the gaming store is composed totally by males, and the time she came in was liked a shockwave. People were gawking at her, and you could almost hear the dripping sound of saliva. Ah, the perks of being a big brother. After she left (she needed to borrow my phone since her battery's dead), I went back to my friends smugly grinning. I did explain to them that I'm her big bro, and would not tolerate any foolishness if ever she come looking for me again. Looking back, I don't know why girls open up to me and don't feel concious when I'm around. Another female friend said I'm like a big teddy bear, someone to hug, tell stories to, cry tears at it and, in some cases throw around if in a pique of anger. Now, I don't know whether to feel insulted or complimented, but hey, I guess I should take it optimistically.

Friday, August 22, 2003

...and They Favored Bloody Battles...and Sang Songs of Old

The day came up muggy and promised hard rain,perfect for a good day of butchery. I travelled way up to the Galleria Mall to face off Bobby's Brets, the only undefeated army in the campaign. Introducing the generals...

On this corner, ranking no. 2 player in Glorietta and weighing in at 200 pounds, the loudest player in warhammer philippine history is none other then yours truly, me. On the other corner, ranking no. 1 player in Galleria, 35ish years old and a family man, the undisputed champion of the Holy Grail, Bobby Pedregoso. Now, let the blood flow freely...

Game 1: The Orchish horde wailed and battered their choppas to no avail as their twin Gods' Gork and Mork did not hear their pleas, and were crushed to a pulp by the Grail Knights. Massacre Victory to Bretonnians.

Game 2: This time, Gork heard their pleas and trumped around the battlefield, crushing the pitiful knights into recycled goods. The Bretonnians fled the field after the giant picked up their struggling Paladin and ate his head off. Massacre Victory to the Orcs.

Game 3: THE GRUDGE MATCH of the CAMPAIGN. By this time, me and Bobby knew what to do and promptly changed our army list. Both armies came out with heavy magic for support, and sadly got the wrong spells. Still, it was enough to cause one of the most bloodiest battles in the store's history. The Grail Knights tore at the orchish front, killing the general and generally wreaking havoc. The giant meanwhile dealt pounding death to two Bretonnian Lance formations, stubbornly holding his ground. By the end of the game, all that was left was two lance formations, two orc regiments, a heavily wounded giant and two ballistas. Tallying up the scores resulted in a....draw!What a game!!!

By the time the smoke was cleared and blood wiped off the face, the generals both shook hands and promised more bloody battles in the near future.

I loved today's match up!!Bobby is a great player and we both gave each other a 20 for sportsmanship. There still might be a chance I could enter the semis, after the scores are tallied this sunday...we will see I guess.

You know, there is something about listening to new wave while rains pours outside. It calms the soul by reminiscing about past lives, especially the good times. Maybe it's just me, or that my generation has embraced new wave during my younger days. Now, it is officially a dead music, although you sometimes encounter hard core fanatics of this particular music genre who persist in reliving the times. I guess every generation has it's own music culture to call it's own, something to remind them of wanton happiness and irresponsibility. My generation grew up on The Smiths, The Cure, Flesh for Lulu, OMD etc. Listening to these old tunes reminds of the days when the barkada was still together and with no cares in our lives. So no matter how baduy or old the song is, sometimes it holds a special time that marks a period of remembrance.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

...and the Dice Gods Dealt Me a One...

Well, the night is over and the movie was great. We had fun together, me and Miss Alto...and her brother. Oh, why does she had to bring her bro?Not that I hate her brother, in truth, I'm very close to her bro, in fact to her whole family. But how was I suppose to tell her when he's around?Yea gads, why?!! *Sigh*, maybe next time around...

My Orcs have finally challenged the Bobby's goody-goody Bretonnian Knights, and what will be ultimately be the game to watch as Sir Bobby's Brets have never ever been lost in the campaign before. People are saying I'm the only guy to stop him, and I'm ready to take up the responsibility. Three games, winner takes all loser gets to eat his models (figuratively speaking, of course, hehe). I'm probably not gonna be in the top 4, but the prestige of beating Sir Bob is enough for me. If I can do that for three straight games, wow, imagine the effect on the Warhammer community here? I can see it now..."Hey!Bobby was defeated!!By Raf's Orcs!!He's not invincible!!!". Hehe, now I'm counting my squig eggs before the battle. Hmm...must really focus tomorrow.

Saturday, August 16, 2003

Let the dice roll...

This is the day!!!Hopefully, I have the guts to tell her. Oh, today is the day im going out with Miss Alto(of course, not her real name), and what marks this day as different from the other dates we had is im really going to her how i really feel. Damn, I pray everything will work out fine... reading again the Belgariad and Mallorean series, i just cant get enough of the story..must have read it a couple hundred times. It's a really good fantasy book, with the its forte on it's witty dialogue and nice plot.

Damn, did i write those paragraphs last journal entry?!!Must have been very tired, look at all those errors!!Ye gads, must really focus next time before writing...and less playing of ragnarok.I tell you, that game is evil, evil I say!!!The way it sucks your brain into thinking nothing except playing ragnarok.

Friday, August 15, 2003

Ragnarok, Floods, the Girl and Bittersweet Reunion

There is this thing about Ragnarok that is so addicting. The graphics are only par, 2D avatars on 3D a background, sound is only restricted to midis, the dialogue 1st grade english and has no strategy. It's nothing more then a hack and slash game, with no running story or subplots. Yet, it is soooooo addicting I keep playing for more, even as i write this journal while my avatar regains HP.

Ragnarok, for those who don't know the game and for those who don't play, is Korean leased game here in the Phil. It's kinda like Online, only its graphics are Anime persuasion. I think what made the game popular here, and any online game for that matter, is that it's ability to connect people over large distances and bond them in a way that they have to cooperate to survive. Considering trust is a rare commodity these days, its a wonder that people watch each others back in the game even if they dnt know the person. It's kinda cool when you put it in that perspective, seeing all the stuff that's been happening in the world. It's not the question that people trust each other less these days, but rather how much trust are we willing to sacrfice. Same goes with all the areas in life, like love, friendship, work etc. But once trust is established, even more reason is needed to keep that trust sacred. Thus the cycle of a broken trust goes on and on. If we learn to trust completely, maybe, just maybe people would react in the same manner. But hey, Im just being optimistic here.

Manila is famous for getting flooded, as I went home barefoot in the murky water with shoes in one hand and my bag on another. Constant construction, although makes the road better (for a few months at least), causes these sudden floods. We're probably the only city in the world where it is considered a METROPOLIS yet, gets flooded frquently enough to turn it into Venice. I applaud the government for useless efforts they made to curb the situation, since they are just to busy counting their money.

I recieve quite a few messages on who was the girl who was with me during the thunderstorm. Ok, she's a close friend, practically more then a crush so to speak, but we decided to be just friends (this not is not showbiz, honestly!). She lives here in Makati. That's all you're gonna get, ok?

Saturday is the wake of my uncle who died, and it's funny that all my uncles and aunts gather again to be together for the first time in 5 years. I supposed some kind of reunion is on hand, probably with mixed feelings. IN case you're asking, my next post would be on monday, since i'll be damned tired when I get back.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Lounge Music and the Theory of Being What You Are

You know, there is something about Lounge music that makes you want to take off your shoes, have a bottle of beer, or wine if you're the classy type, and just basically relax. Probably that's why they called it "Lounge". Before, I didn't have a single copy of this type of tunes, which at that time I misunderstood as some kind of slow techno shit. Then, after I heard some of the good stuff, the stuff that makes you do the things I describe above, and I was hooked. I mean, what better way to relax an evening with a book in one hand and maybe a beer on the other while listening to sounds of Miguel Migs, Cafe del Mar and Telepopmusik? What's best is that its true function is to act as background sound, a silent filter of sorts. I mean that most genres like pop or rock go directly to the front of your brain, and are meant to be really listened to and maybe makes you hum a few bars or sing a few choruses and such. Lounge lazily saunters to the back of your brain, relaxing the gray matter and makes no attempt to grandstand itself.

I realize I'm attempting to describe a type of music that is meant to be experienced, not just explained and dissected. Well, I recommend you try some of these tunes, particularly the 3 albums/artists I mentioned and see for yourself. If you like it, great...if not, well, some of us have different tastes.

A friend and I were stranded during an unexpected late afternoon storm and got into discussing our past high school lives. She admittedly lamented that during her HS days, she was the baby of her group or barkada and focused herself on inane and inconsequential things. After HS grad, she went to different school where there were people who don't know her and suddenly life became clearer. She luckily adjusted her outlook and priorities and portrayed the strong and intellectual type. Even still, whenever there is a gathering of her HS barkada, her friends still regarded her as the baby she used to be, although a lot has changed in her during those years. She remarked that while you might have changed over the years and became wiser and smarter, your childhood friends would still remember you what you were. Looking back to my own HS experiences, I found this particular theory true. People don't usually find their true potential until an event happens that would change their perspective in life. In retrospect, even if these life-changing events occur, we are slaves to the convention that staying the same is better and more convenient. I mean why changed it if it ain't broken? Why waste the effort if you don't have to, and besides why change your image if this persona of yours is what's expected of you? And there it was, I finally understood why, for example, some bullies stay as bullies their whole lives and while some other bullies become saints and maybe even rocket scientists. The environmental factor, being the immediate people who know us, is a great or even the ultimate factor for change. People expect us to act the same way we've been acting before so we comply unwittingly or even unconsciously to their demands. Failure to do so would make the general population confused and maybe even get you ostracized (ok, that was extreme, but I’m making a point). Take me for example. I was sometimes the brunt of the joke in HS, someone who was pitied and always regarded as weak willed (ok, that was melodramatic...I wasn't all that bad, right?). The very very very sad part is I was content. GASP! Contented being like that? Am I daft? Well, perhaps, although I did try sometimes to rise to the occasion and assert myself, yet doing so just rewarded me weird looks and shaking of heads behind my back. Just the lack of support made me lose my nerve. Oh well, maybe next time.

2nd Round. College. Tried again. Succeeded beyond my wildest expectations. I sometimes think of it as coming out of my shell. On reflection, it was the lack of public image that allowed me to build up my own true self, hence today people generally find me now as what I really am (Honestly, I don't what I am, though they usually say 'passionate', 'witty, 'great sense of humor', 'gregarious' and some other things that make my ears flap to the heavens. Don't know if they're just pulling my leg, hehe). Still, even meeting with old friends makes me revert to the old me, the quiet and meek type. Kinda like of an inbuilt system, a program of sorts that makes pushes the necessary buttons in our brain to make us more appealing to the people's liking. It's true then that we wear different masks to certain kinds of people. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones to change without fear of derision and be able to live my kind of life. They say that to know true happiness you must first experience pain and suffering. Just for this reason, I don't have any regrets.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Orchish Revenge and the Art of Being a Bridge

I feel good! The orcs utterly crushed Glen's Empire, which satified my need for revenge. It was a fun game, even if Glen's Empire performed extremely well, we pounded the humans to the stone age. Kudos to a great guy and player, who accepted his defeat good naturedly. The campaign is going well for me, and I feel that there's a chance for me to enter the semis. Hope to God I get to play, as the prize is an Army Deal worth 10k pesos! Waaaghhhh!!!

I hate/love being a bridge between two people. There are certain kinds of perks and downsides when you become a bridge, especially if you're a building a romantic bridge between two people. It's fun cuz you get to be privy to their secrets and plus, when it's just the three of you alone, you don't feel being a third wheel (well, most of the time AND the fact they must be your closest friends). You also get to be the spokesman of the couple, the outside representative to the inner world they share. It's very fun in some ways.

The only and worst downside to this is when things get crappy and goes straight to hell. Meaning if the couple gets into a fight, quarrel, misunderstanding etc. Then you'll find yourself running to and fro, explaining to one side, lending a shoulder, suffering patiently the cries and shrieks(yes, especially the shrieks). While all this is going on, you're trying to patch things up. Man, this is the most annoying, degrading and exhausting thing you have to do and it takes days, even weeks!

You might think that hey, it's their relationship, let them fix it. Sad truth is that sometimes, however we want ourselves to be the one to fix things with our other half, we usually employ a trusted messenger(the bridge, if one is available). Practicality demands that we use a representative to ensure that no more misunderstandings occur until both parties are ready to talk. I mean would you attempt to talk to your other half in the heat of the moment? Chances are, you might say some things that are not meant and generally, making up becomes a little more impossible.

But overall, being a bridge is worthwhile and self fullfilling. Imagine yourself at 50 years old and saying, "Why back in my younger days, Erin and Josh wouldn't have married if not for me!And as for Bianca, she didn't have the guts to tell the man she loved what she really feels!! I had to...." . Looks nice right? Besides, the number of weddings you'll be attending will numerous(it's all about the food, baby!). Ok, maybe not, but just be sure to buy 50inch waist pants(Tip: garter waist pants rocks!).

I do hope I've explained enough to you guys out there, and I also hope that it would explain some things why I've been in the middle of these supposed to be private thingies. But hey, you could always say that this is none of my fucking business and I would gladly leave. It's your life right?

Oh yeah, this goes out to the people who I have the pleasure of sharing their lives briefly or otherwise(to the people here who have broken up, it was fun while it lasted, eh?): May and Wee, Ryan and Carms, Marian and Eric, Richard and Camille, Jr and Karen, Anne and Doods, Therese and Mike, Francis and April, Chat and Sheena, Mercedes and Patch, Jim and Kai...and whole other couples I probably forgot through shock theraphy. Some relationships are not meant to be remembered...

Especially, especially, especially to Earl and Gigi..., who even after the initial breakup, keeps me running back and forth like a ping pong ball. This goes out to you both with fondest reminisces and deepest regrets(although not always, hehe)

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Cadia, Artemis Fowl and Losing Family...

Ever had the dream of being a master criminal who outwits the whole world in pursuit of power and money at the age of 13? Enter Artemis Fowl, crimimal mastermind and boy genius. Not Sakuragi genius but like Einstien level kind of genius The stakes: a ton of gold. The twist: fairy people. What the?! Fairies?! Im not gonna read some childish crap, you might say. But I kid you not, this book is a treasure, especially if you're a fan of Harry Potter. Author Eoin Colfin weaves a masterful story, and for a children's book, it can hook people at all ages. The plot is one hell of a roller coaster ride, the witty dialogue easy to read and visualize. Truly, this book goes up as one of my favorites.

Having treated myself to a gift, I bought a Warhammer Cadian Box. With next month's diorama contest drawing nearer, I plan on entering the contest and maybe do a Aliens setup or even a Saving Private Ryan. Who knows?

I played against Glen Empire today, and I profoundly lost to extent that I underestimated the man. Damn my overconfidence. Next time, even if the opponent is a newbie, don't ever lose focus. The only highlight was my mage accepting a challenge and KILLING A FIRST CIRCLE KNIGHT!!!How bout that for a moral victory, eh? That was my cushion for feeling bad on losing miserably.Oh well, I'll have my revenge tommorow. A sad day for me, as the phone rang at around 11pm while I was at a netcafe and my mother told me that my uncle died while he was in the progressed of being robbed. I went home shaken and out of sorts, wondering what would happen to my young cousins, both at a young age. Life deals you a card, and you finally find yourself without a father. That sucks bad, I mean as catastrophic bad. The wake is probably this Sunday, and my mother is coming here, possibly with my lola. Damn, a sad time for all of us. As I think upon it, my uncle is the first to pass away and I wonder how in God's name can my lola bear it? She's 75 years old, and losing a son...I shiver at the emotional impact it's going to overcome her. I resolved to stay by her side during the wake, to help her at the least. Damn the fates.

Monday, August 11, 2003

Caffeine, Harry Potter and Ragnarok

The clocks ticks at exactly 3:27am and I can't sleep. Friends, I am now a confirmed insomniac, one of nature's nocturnal denizens. My eyelids are in fact getting lighter by the moment as i write this journal.Hmmm...should I lay off the caffeine?Oh well, everyone must have their own poison...I guess.

Having read Harry Potter 5, the Order of the Phoenix, several questions arose. Like who the hell is Luna Lovegood?Yes, we all know her as the story progresses, being a friend of Ginny Weasly and such, but why is she there? She wasn't on the other four books, even on those infamous internet based 'Rough draft of Book 5'. The way i see it, Ms Rowling needed a character to counteract Rita Skeeter and be a another friend to Harry. Hell, Luna's story gets evolved faster then, oh let's say, Neville. Yes, you might argue that Neville's story also got cleared in this book but Neville appeared in all the previous books and interacted in more ways then one on them. But hey, not that to say i didn't like the book. In fact i think it was a great story, I've finished it in one sitting. I just like to point out mild some eye raisers.

Well, enough about books. Today was another typical day. I went to Glorietta and had quality time with the guys over the Nuetral Grounds. After that, played Ragnarok with Leo over at Netopia, GB1. Ragnarok is a Korean Internet game where it was leased (?) to the Philippines. You get to interact with people all over the nation and basically just have a very good time bashing monsters on the net, all while leveling up your persona or avatar to get more stronger to bash more hardy creatures. A testorone driven, male addicting(also a surprising number of females), stress relieving kind of game/chatroom. Very fun and very addicting. Anyways, Gerum called us up in the middle of the game and offered to treat us to a session in SA, but we declined...the lure of Raganrok was too much i guess.