Friday, August 11, 2006

Hamster's Blogger-sary!

Today marks something I started doing over some three years ago. Yup, August 11 is the date when I first started blogging. I would like to say that something inspired me to blog or it was an idea floating in my head for a while, but the reality why I started writing online was because of the SHEER UTTER BOREDOM. Well, that was the initial reason of course, since at that time I was an insomniac with too many hours invested in, being jacked up in Ragnarok. Try being a Blacksmith with crates of carrots to sell and waiting for everybody to buy stuff ( Ragna BS addicts, you know what I'm talking about! ). So while waiting for people to buy, I decided to blog, just for the sheer hell of it. I didn't know that in the future it would become an outlet of sorts.

My first blogsite was Easyjournal, and in the first year wrote everything from books, movies, music, my Warhammer games, random musings etc. I was religously writing everyday, if you can believe it. The last six months of my life in Manila were inscribed in that site. And whenever I feel nostalgic, I'd go back and read some of the entries I made. Some of those entries, or memories as I think of them, are the ones I cherish the most. And being able to go back and read them ... well, it does good for the soul.

The second year I wrote a lot less, the reason was that I was relocated at the province and after six months, got shipped to China. It was hard to keep up writing religiously, so I strayed a bit, then lagging behind, and in the end decided to take a small break.

I think it took a couple of months before I got the urge to start writing again. One morning I got up, switched on the computer and then proceeded to type my last entry for Easyjournal, opened up a new one at Blogger, and typed in my very first entry after a long while. I had decided to transfer blogsites, and Blogger seemed like a good one from what I've been hearing. Also, I have been transferring bit by bit my old entries from Easyjournal, so I can look at them in just one site. What surprised me is that quite a few of my buddies, some who I feel I'll never see again in the flesh, were blogging also. Well, kinda shocked actually. But it was really cool to be connected to them again, and I'll be honest for once; they are the reason that keeps me writing, at least once a week. So to everybody whose linked to me or me to them, thanks. And I mean a lot.

Oh, here's an old picture I found while cleaning out my closet. It's kinda blurry, but I think you'll get the idea.

Not that I was a heavy drinker before, but I think I know where I got my Ogre belly. Now where did I put my gut plate...

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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Seven Months

Big Hamster and the Silver Tounged Lady, today at seven months
::Blue Jay Coffee House::Smallville::

We look together
toward a future unknown
staring unblinking

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Office Madness and Ninja Action

I've been having some time having fun during one of the lull moments in office overtime, since I'm the one alone in the showroom area while the accountants gripe with the mathematics and try balance sums in gymnast-like precision. I think this describes what I think of office life.

Trapped. Endless Scream. Insanity.

..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... .....

I finally scrounged myself the DVD continuation of Naruto, and I've been looking forward to the nights when I get home and watch some fine Ninja action. I first started watching the series when Dad was being hospitalized in Manila and I had to look for something to occupy me in the wee hours in the morning while I'm alone in the house. Then I think I stopped at around episode 150-ish, watching on and off. Now I'm ready to start watching again, with the anticipation of a fat boy waiting for the manong and his ice cream to pass by.

For now, here's Go!!! by Flow, one of the soundtracks. Features a Terminator-esque like video, but who cares, I like the music.

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