Tuesday, September 30, 2003

I Am A Happy Man...Now What?

Ok, the girl I met last week left her number at the store for me...now I've been staring at friggin piece of paper as if it contained the secret of the Dead Sea Scrolls and I don't know how exactly to proceed. This the part where the male half of this particular scenario get their brains overheated and can't function or think straight for a couple of days...

What if she just wanted me as a friend?

Or maybe she needed my help in some stuff or something?

What if...she's an alien looking to eat my brain.?!!


Ok, having taken deep breaths and constantly imagining two pigs doing it in the mud unfrozed my brain ( Need something to unshock ur brain and keep it from being derailed? Try the latter method. Or maybe imagining a dead dog with entrails hanging. Gross I know, but nothing beats shock recovery then a image as powerful as that ). Hmmm...how shall I proceed? Of course, Id call her up in a jiffy, but then what sould I say? Damn, maybe the solution will present itself once I get my caffeine fix.

More to come I guess...

Sunday, September 28, 2003

Solitary Confinement

Ok, I'm still stuck in my room since the weather is bad outside and I don't want to go back to being sick. At the very least, my only consolation is the books I bought when my parents were here, having nothing left to do to escape boredom. And read I go...

On this coming Friday we're going to reenact the battle of Helm's Deep in promotion of LOTR minis. Handling the Human and Elven Alliance would be Sir Alex, number 3 player and generally the 'rules lawyer' in our area. The Orchish Horde would be handled by yours truly, and I plan to totally win and reversing what happened in the books. The playing area is set in the actual Helm's Deep table. The diorama is gorgeous to behold, the exact replica of place as in context with the movie. I can't wait till I do battle and bloody some elven noses.

Having read George R. R. Martins's masterpiece Song of Ice and Fire series, I was drawn to the Game of Thrones CCG , which was based on. The game itself is simple, kinda like a medieval L5R, although with easier rules and faster gameplay. There 5 Houses to choose from: House Stark, those who wish to win by brute force; House Greyjoy, the only house which dominates the key location cards; House Lannister, for the those who want to win by treachery and intrigue; House Baratheon, whose knights gain glory and honor faster then any house; and finally House Targaryen, the house which specializes in killing characters. Although being a great fan of House Stark, I chose Targaryen just for the sole reason of dragons, which they can access exclusively. After a few games, I find that it's different from other CCG's in terms of winning and playing the game. Killing a character does not exactly mean you're on the road to victory; indeed I find my monster rare card Great Khalasar destroyed yet I was able to snatch victory by a mere dint of 5 power points. Oh yes, there is no life points in The Game of Thrones, you win by getting 15 power points total on both your house and characters. Very familiar if you play L5R or maybe even Dune.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

A Week of Hellish Torture

Ok, last week I was sicked as drunk duck, and been subject to almost all common diseases known to man. High fever, racking cough, extreme dizziness, huge throbbing migraine etc. You name it, I got it multiplied by ten. The pain is so intense, I didn't passed out. I didn't get much sleep at all because of it. Nothing could be more agonizing then this sick state I was in.

Then I went to the hospital.

Man, if I only had the energy to kick, scream and bite my way out of that place I've would done so. But as of that day, I was put in a wheelchair and was reduced to mouthing profanities. I have nothing against hospitals, only just the prodding and examinations and stuff that usually goes with it. And the needles, man I hate needles. I have this really big phobia about them and sticking one into me would result in me bawling worthy of an infant who hasn't been fed for three days. As it was, I actually sat there in my cold wheelchair like an oversized limpet, making no noise except for an occasional whimper when they stuck things at me. Having been confined to a super sanitized room ( the smell of disfectant was so strong that my toenails almost curled up ), I was not really looking forward for a week of boredom. Yes, there's a TV, but as my country is what it is, the channels are tuned in at tele-nolevas, which I would rather choke myslef to death then watched another cheesy, crappy nonsense series. Believe me, I watched one series at the behest of my ex and I'll tell you to get prepared by the wierd plot, counterplot, intrigue and exchanging of babies in the hospital. Oh yes, almost all Filipino Series follow this plot, with variations ranging from evil twins, estranged fathers, bitchy mothers etc. And that's just the main character's maid!!! The plot of the main character/ main characters are more involuted, skeptical and bordering on the fantastic. Then again in retrospect, it's almost describes everybody's life here in Manila. It's so surreal that you believe it with all your heart and it actually comes true. Most of the time though, it's mainly tragic disasters and that is actually the theme of all tele-novelas. Makes me think if there was a Greek expedition that made it to the Philippine Islands long ago and inflicted this curse on us. Ah well...

Anyway, I was there lying in my bad and contemplating a plan to escape from the hospital. Should I fake my death? Nah, too common. Hmm, how about I seduce the nurse? Wouldn't work, all the nurses at this floor are male. Jump off the window? I could do that I guess, but the air pollution would kill me first. Ah well, I guess I'll just bide my time, and at least my aunt got me some books to read. Let me tell you, it was the most excrutiating three days in my life, and nothing could top this one. Then the phone rang...

It was my dad.

They're coming back from Europe the next day.

And he told me that my brothers are also coming here to visit.

What the fuck?!!

Did I do something really bad as too have deserve this? My parents are a trial to me alone, add the fact my brothers are coming lends a certain horror to my existance. Oh, and I'm sick as hell too. At this point, my brain went to freeze mode and the sub program kicked in to answer dad's questions in grunts and half answers. Pleading weakness, I got him off the phone in a minute and contemplated on the insanity that was about to happen. Suicide looks nice at this point, or maybe getting signed up in the army to be destined in Basilan to face the guerilla fanatics over there was actually looking to be a logical answer to all of life's mysteries.

But I am a man. I must face life unbowed and unbroken, able to take on anything. Yeah right, like anything good happened to them. Don't believe me? Look at all the heroes. They're venerated and worshiped and admired. Yet they're dead. In the most horrible possible way imagined.

So it was, I faced Fate in the face, cursing and spitting. Having no choice yet strangely relaxed ( you know, this phenomena usually occurs when something bad is about to happen. All your senses become heightened, and the mind clears of all things except the task at hand. This also happens when you're about to die ), I checked out of the hospital, fetched them at the airport the next day and did my duty and role as the first son by carrying all their luggages and shopping bags. Altogther it wasn't a bad weekend and I did get to buy a few books for me. The only thing annoying is the fact that they're asking for my opinion as a guide AND totally ignoring an advice I gave them. Arrrghhh....

They went home last Sunday and I spent the last two days recuperating in my room and catching up on lost sleep. I woke up somewhat noonish this day and went straight away to the hobby store. And it so happened I met this chick late this afternoon and I can say I'm impressed by the way she talked about certain intellectual stuff. I'll probably ask her out if we meet again. Hey, brains impressed me, and I would rather date a good conversionalist then a some bimbo who'd stare at something and make inane comments like " Do you think this dress will make me look fat?"


Wednesday, September 17, 2003

I AM INVINCIBLE!!!....Except On Certain Days...

Ok, now that my sickness has reached its peak, I'm beginning to notice that my powers of recuperation seemed to go down like a tiger on prozac. I'm still susceptible to dizziness and headaches, plus there's this cluster of boils on left arm, which is just oh-so-gross. I get sick only once a year, but when I get sick extra bad things happen to me, even if the primary sickness is just a flu. Last year, when I had a fever, Fate decided to me give me also a LBM and a wierd case of sneezes ( Ever sneezed the National Anthem? I did that, and it sucks big time...hmmm, maybe the word here is blow instead of suck ). Now, I have this fever with boils PLUS sore throat. I guess that's the price I pay for near immunity in the other days. I have a theory that my body is only susceptible to diseases during the monhs of September or January. If I don't get sick on Jan, then its gonna be on Sept 100% sure. But during other days or months I tend to shrug off weather, floods or epidemics like nothing. Once, I went home in a stormy day with a waist high flood to boot( which is so dirty even by roaches' standard ). Nothing happened of course, although I did hear on the news that there was a Dengue epidemic going on. Or even walking home for a week in the rain ( mind you, this is tropical weather, meaning sunny on the morning then tornados in the afternoon ). Anyways, I digress. People tend to ramble on when they're sick.

Right now, I'm watching Chobits, a funny anime series where in a farmboy goes to the big city to study and suddenly falls in love with a Persocon or robot friend/servant( there's a classic Isaac Asimov taint here ). It's superb series actually, with a deeper meaning hiding in the series. Plus, it's hilarious when the protagonist had to buy a pantie for the Persocon. I would really recommend it to people who are useless in the game of love, to guys who blush at the word "underwear" and to folks who just like a good series to watch.

Monday, September 15, 2003

Run Away! It's a Bibliophile!!!

Ok, I'm really sick. Sick as in I'm physically and emotionally not well. The kind where you get a runny nose that flows like a waterfall and a fever so hot like a steamed fishball. While that sucks for some people, it's a mixed blessing for me as I get to spend whole day at my room, reading the latest book I bought.

I really love books. There's not a thing in this world that would make me lose my love for books. I'm probably the most noisest person in a bookstore or library for that matter cuz when I see a fave book or a new release by a good author I just go bananas. Hehe, there was a time I did a jig on a store just cuz David Edding's The Rivan Codex was available and there was just one copy left. And it was embarrasing, yet hey, I still it was still worth it...I think. Besides, I've been waiting for it in ages. And once I get started, there's not a thing in this world that would me sit up and notice the world is still alive. My ex left me in the park once cuz she was so disgusted that I wasn't paying any attetion to her when I was so engrossed in a novel, and it was a full ten minutes till I realized I was alone. It's entirely possible that I will forget a love one's birthday just cuz I'm deep into pages of Terry Goodkind's Faith of the Fallen.

I just don't read books like a bookworm does, I devour them. I gorged on the pages and chew at the words. J.K. Rowling's Order of the Phoenix took me only 9 hours of non stop reading and occasional visits to the bathroom.

And yes, did I mention I'm sick? It's probably the reason for today's entry, might be I'm just too sick to go out and find something to talk about. Or especially something to rant...yes definitely something to curse at, judging by my disposition. So this goes to elitist people I know, bastards who think they're high ang mighty yet don't know even the proper way of speaking even if you hit it over their heads. To those people: GET A DICTIONARY and BUGGER OFF!!!

It's entirely possible they won't understand since they're limited to only up to two or three syllables; any more and their brains tend to crash. Ah well...

Highly Recommended...

Fantasy Author:Terry Goodkind
Sci-Fi Author: Isaac Asimov
Historical Fantasy Series: Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin
Fave Light Fantasy Series: David Eddings
High Fantasy Series: Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien
Parallel World Series: Riftwar Saga by Raymond E. Feist
Humor Fantasy Series: Discworld Series by Terry Pratchett
Graphic Novel Series: Lone Wolf and Cub by Goseki Kojima

You'll notice that most books recommended are fantasy. It's my choice of genre and while it comprimises a large part of my library I do read other books by authors like John Grisham, Kazou Koike, Stephen King and others. Its just my preference, I guess.

Now reading: Lords and Ladies by Terry Pratchett

Saturday, September 13, 2003

The Best Day Ever!

The event started around 10am, yet every RO addict was already there at the Glorietta Activity Center to sign up at the registration booth. It was totally AWESOME, with Kafra's walking around in their short skirts talking to the gamers about the games for the day to the people walking around in costumes, already showing the crowd their own homemade creations for the CosPlay Event. Everybody had a good time, with Moonstar 88 capping off the event at the end. It was one of the best days I had, and I got a lot of pictures that I wish I could post here. I aslo get to meet the people behind the avatar, and I can say it fits their personality inside the game. Hmmm...maybe when I got my site up and ready, I'll get the pics and post them there. Oh well, let's just see...

Tonight is our Dungeons and Dragons weekly sessions, and since I didn't post anything yesterday since I had to sleep early to wake up for the event, I decided that to write at least something...like Ragnarok. Man, I can't stop thinking about the game; you could probably say I'm a certified addict and it's probabaly true. I play the Merchant class in the game, and I can truly say it's a rewarding experience for me...not to mention the different types of people you get to meet while doing your job...most especially the newbies who don't know which is which and does something that makes you want to weep or throw your hands in disgust. Ah, it's better then chatting over the net or sending emails to one another. I even see a group of students doing their homework in one of the non-aggresive maps, doing all sorts of calculations. It beats calling just one person, and the appeal of having a conference session where you get to discuss your answers with not just one but a group of people. It also beats chatting like Mirc etc. because for the picturesque value where you see your avatar actually speak " No, the answer is 10/34 over 5% time the multiple of 3's..."

All in all, I had fun and I'm going to have fun still; actually, my players are screaming now to shut the damn PC off and start the game; I'm the DM kasi eh and I'm going to oblige them now by finishing this short entry.

Blood for the Blood God!!!*

*Khorne Berserker's Warcry



Thursday, September 11, 2003

Meteor Crap: Episode 176 - The Phone Call

I thought it was gonna be another typical day the moment I woke up when suddenly my phone rang. It was the Dao Ming Shoes, and he told me that the Ice Lady has been rushed to the hospital with a serious case of dengue fever. Naturally I called her up as soon as Dao finished talking with me. It goes something like this...

*Ring Ring

Me: Hello? Hey! What happened?! Are you okay?

Ice Lady: (Surprised) Um, yeah, I'm kinda ok...although a little tired I guess...

*Sounds of people moving back and forth on the background

*Busy people by the noise of things (I can mentally see the nurses doing their work)

Me: So when are you getting out? Ice Lady:(Again very surprised) Um, around 5 or 6pm I guess...

Me: What?! Already?!! So was it just a fluke or something?

Ice lady:(This time very confused) Huh? Whatever do mean?

Me: Di' ba you were diagnosed with dengue right? That you were rushed to the hospital nga daw eh.

Ice Lady: What!! But I'm here right now at PICC, we're having a company event!

At this point, Ice Lady is laughing so hard at me, trying to explain that it her kid bro, not her who had dengue. By this time I'm red as a tomato, at least I wasn't doing this face to face. Ah, well... although one good thing I got was that she told me it was sweetest thing that happened to her, I mean calling her up and be concerned and all, even though it was just a mistake. Hmm...extra pogi points I guess. I'm seriously thinking that courting her is not such a hard time after all...then again we'll just see.

Wah Lang Shoelace, Dao Ming Shoes' partner in crime also sent me a message later in the afternoon to come at a birthday party of a mutual friend, which is tommorow. I can see another loud reunion again...hehe... You see I'm part of a group of four friends here in Manila. We are leaders in one particular communinty and obviously got together very well. There was me, Dao Ming Shoes, Wah Lang Shoelace and Vah Ness Mu ( if you get the joke then good, if not...then sucks to be you!!! Hehe, joke! Hint: Meteor Crappy Garden ). Brief personalities: Dao is an emotional extrovert yet very passionate when it comes to ideals, Wah is an emotional airhead yet the joker of the group and Vah is weird introvert yet our leader of sorts. Me, I'm just the loud mouthpiece, yet full of wisdom ( At this point my pet hamster violently disagrees and does retching sounds...how's that for loyalty? ). Well, anyways, Dao and Wah got different assignments and got shipped to different positions. Me and Vah got together to train our replacements when our time comes...like me leaving this December. Now, tommorow we're gonna see each other again and I imagine that stored memories will be dredged up again to be waved around, add more stuff to it and finally slapped to our faces. Me, I'm rehearsing a couple of instances to spring upon them, thereby hoping to embarress them for another time...before they embarress me first. Hehe... we'll just see what happens tommorow I guess.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Army Men and Guitar History

Corporal: "Sir, the skies are clear and the hill secured; there won't be anymore enemy patrols going through us, sir."

Captain: "Very good corporal. Deploy our own patrols to scout ahead, just in case we encounter enemy snipers. Assume standard recon procedure and sweep the area clean. Meanwhile, ask the sergeant to do a guard roster on this hill, using the reserve units."

Corporal: "Sir, which active unit would be chosen for the recon?"

Captain: "Platoon 314, The Jungle Devils. They would be perfect, since they know this territory. Ask their lieutenant to proceed with caution and mark down the sites for sniper cover. We need those nuetralized."

Corporal: "Yes sir, I'll get right on it."

This is what happens when I'm bored as hell and can't for one minute think of anything interesting to do, much less write about. Hence the intro above. I was thinking of doing a diorama scene of a futuristic King of the Hill/Battle of the Bulge type where the advance platoon, actually took the hill while the area is still alive with enemy troops. Ah well, this just might be my entry to the diorama contest in the Nuetral Grounds Anniversary Tournament.

I had a talk with Guitar Dude, and he say's it a great idea to form a band again when I get back in the province. Although we're gonna be an acoustic band, it's fun to get into the spotlight again and perform in front of a crowd. As by January next year, if we can get our act together, we'll be performing in bars and clubs. Since me and Guitar Dude go way way back, we don't have no qualms about each other. We did really well when we were still a full band years back, I doubt there's gonna be problems jiving together. Ah, the thrill of handling a guitar with a bevy of cute ladies in front of you...what male could resist that right?

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Tired to the Bones 2: No Marrows to be Found Inside Them

There's something very weird about my PC. For the past month I have lost my motherboard driver and hence can't have any sound on my computer. Then, just now, after downloading the necessary files from the net, I find my CD-ROM drive is non-existant; it actually disappeared from my computer's hardware profile and registry. Hmmm, there's a conspiracy here. Pausing a moment to relax, I looked back the past years and discovered that my PC will only run when it is only 90% operational, meaning I have to sacrifice a hardware in order for the system to work. There were times that my modem was shot yet the PC was fine or when my video card running amok yet nevertheless continued to surf the net despite the black, white and somewhat greenish tinge on the screen. Hmmm, I'll hopefully correct the problem soon...as soon as I get my lazy ass on it.

As predicted, I stayed home all day, yet did not sleep all through out. Just spent the day doing quality time with my babies ( my figures of course ), painting them up and polishing their steel parts to shine. The game has been moved tomm, so I have some extra time to finish doing up my army.

All in all, another typical rainy day, yet so tiring because I had to repair my PC ( had to open them up, fix something inside, then hook them up again...for 25 times at least! ) and then painting using what's left of my energy. Hmmm, hopefully tommorow I might have more stories to tell. Just not now. Cuz I'm too frickin' tired.

Euro-Tour? I'm Am Not Interested...Honestly...Yes, I'm Sure....Very Sure...Promise....

Today my parents are leaving for Europe, poor little me can't join them. Not that I care. I'm not the one who wants to see old castles, how boring is that, di' ba ? I'm not the type who would trudge down museums and making little sounds of pleasure and awe as I gazed upon the works of Leonardo da Vinci, peer into the works of famous painters and sit down somewhere in Paris soaking up the the culture. No, that's not definitely me. Nope. Not ever.


I WANNA GO TO EUROPE!!!!!!!!!!!!



Ok, now I'm composed and in control of myself. What, me go to Europe? Are you kidding? What the hell am I going to do there? Aside from looking at the relics and artifacts and statues and medieval architecture and .... ok, that's enough. You get the picture.

Well, I didn't get to be top four in the campaign, but nevertheless, I really enjoyed it immensely. And because this the first week of the month, I got my allowance PLUS some extra cash to buy gifts fo my cousins...hmmm, will I be play the forgetful kuya? Hmmm...

The top four players met up at Nuetral Grounds GHQ to submit their army list and it turned into a pre game gathering of sorts. Tactics were discussed, opinions were aired, strategies were planned etc. Having lost my willpower, I bought a new box of Goblin Wolf Riders to add to my army. Hmmm...sorry dear cousins, looks like you'll be getting just a standard gift, nothing too spectacular or the things you want.

After the meeting engagement of generals, I went home by the usual route and again my willpower lost control and I just had to buy a couple of Nude Dimensions CDs (I would recommend this mind relaxing tunes as your background music whenever there's of the female persuasion around, hehe ). Hmmm...sorry dear cousins, but your kuya seemed to forgot the gifts as he was stressed at school and the hectic city life. Hmmm...it just might work, hehe.

After the music store, I went home by the way of Greenbelt Mall, my usual walking route. It's friday, and I really love/hate passing through the bar areas of the mall. Let me tell you, there are lots and lots of beautiful women out there in that particular time. While I don't object to a long admiring look at a lady, having them in huge droves tend to overload the senses and revert your mind back to baby mode, the state where you make Ga-ga Go-go sounds and drool most the time. Especially if they're all wearing really tight clothes that would have been banned in the outer provinces. Ye gads, why do I torture myself so?

Monday, September 08, 2003

Tired to the Bones...

I had watched the Italian Job with my cousin and it was cool the way the gadgets work and the way the Mini Coopers bob and weave through traffic. The Mini Cooper is the car made for me, and watching the movie increased my passion for getting one. Give or take three years and probably not eating two much, it just might be possible...hmmm....

Nothing much happened today, except for the day out with dearest cuz, and the simple birthday party in the home of the celebrant. Actually, I'm tired to the bone, and contemplating another sleep all day period. Hmmm...bahala na...

Tommorow is grudge match between me and Kim, the no. 1 player in our area. He's gonna set up a website of his own with the our game as his first entry, and I'm thinking of setting up one myself. At least, I can set up my own pet creation, some pictures, a journal, maybe an online comic and message board. Hmmm...another one idea lighting up the brainwaves. Maybe in a couple of months or so...so we'll just see I guess...

Sunday, September 07, 2003

The Dreaded Word

I went out this weekend with some friends at a acquintance's house. It was fun and I got to rekindle some old friendships. Anyway, there is certain girl who I'll call Sweet...oh crap, that's my ex pet name. Hmmm, I'll call her Cuddlybear. We got together good, since we already know each, I know her ex-BF and we've been sharing stories over the years that I was here in Manila. I've been her big brother ever since. Anyways, we've always kissed each other on the cheek whenever we meet, a friendly bro-sis one, and there was no exception today as I was surprised and wasn't expecting her to join the weekend out. It was kinda cool the way the way she flicked her hair and the way she moved...but I'm getting ahead of myself. To make it short, when we went home and I was getting off the bus, she planted a big wet one on the cheek, the kind that makes you weak in the knees. I wasn't expecting it at time and was kinda shocked. Then she said, "Take care always, Kuya AM."


That seemingly innocent word is the bane of all men, just when you think you're good and ready to proclaim your love, she steals away the moment by declaring with those puppy eyes that she couldn't get through life without her Kuya or Big Bro. And then she relives some of the memories where you yourself had to fend off unwanted suitors, pick her up because her BF and her had a fight or something etc. Not that I feel that way strongly to Cuddlybear, although the way she kissed me gave me hopes...until of course, the Kuya Factor. Ah well, better luck next time.

I did have some experience with courting a close friend with that big bro-sis relationship, and it ended badly. I mean really bad. I had to rebuild the friendship from ground up and it took me some agonizing years. It happened quite a few times with me when I just can't seem to hold myself when crossing the line of frienship. That's why I know better now then to destroy that trust, unless of course the object of my affection is sending out strong signals, I mean really strong ones, the kind where there's a bolt of lightning attached. Oh well...

Saturday morning was the championship and no one was disappointed as both armies clashed right through the center. The Bretonnians, led by Sir Bobby himself, made a crucial roll and won the game by sheer luck. He is truly blessed by the Lady of the Lake. Kudos to the champion and the other players who participated in this massive campaign. I wished that this website offers us to post pictures but then again I can't have anything in this world.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

The Tree of Secrets

"Raindrops keep falling on my head...
Ta ra tat ta tata tata tara ta ta..."
( Goddamn, I still don't know the friggin' lyrics )

You guess it, it still raining here here in Sunny Manila! Jeez, when will this ever end?! Hay naku...

Anyways, being trapped in your house tends to make you muse of certain times in the past. This particular time is of course during High School where I was young and innocent..before that enlightening episode in third year of course...hay... Now in my HS days, there was this certain tree that stands near the basketball court and somewhere beyond the flagpole. There was no particular thing about this tree, nothing extraordinary at all. But if that tree can talk, man, you'll never run out of stories from it. Because that tree, a simple and unassuming mango tree, is and was privy to all the secrets of the students in the school. Rumors, intrigues, not-so-nice stories, earth-shattering revelations, quiet conversations...you name it, the tree heard it. During my time there, I also witnessed some of these events with the tree, since it was the tambayan of the barkada. The tree itself also survived lots of disasters like heavy winds, extreme heat, being flooded by both the storms and the weeping of girls who were broken hearted and being punched in the trunk by boys in a fit of jeolousy. Not to mention the number of times it had been climbed up, its branches torn by those stubborn people who, while fat, insist of climbing the tree ( Yea gods, now that I mentioned it, I was one of those stubborn people...ouch ). Remebering all this made me think if the tree was still there, after...what? 6 years since I graduated? Yep that's about right. A quick call to an old friend assured me the tree still stands, though she was puzzled as to be asked a weird question. Nothing, I said to her somewhat abruptly and cut off the connection quickly. Hmmm...maybe when I get home this Christmas, I'll visit the old alma mater. See the renovated HS building and, of course, visit the tree.

Oh, thanks for the messages some people sent me, it's kinda encouraging and satisfying that I am not alone in going through the same experiences. For those who don't know how to send me a message, there's a little symbol down the page where it say in a not so subtle tone " LEAVE ME A MESSAGE ". I'm actually encouraging people to leave me something, like comments and violent reactions, hehe. Tell your friends people, and I would be most appreciative.

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

A Little Rain Goes A Long Way...

5:00 am: Rain in Manila, the type that's light and smooth to the touch. Another day of wetness, yet appealing since it's a cool atmosphere. Watched the drizzle for a few moments, then went back to bed.

9:00 am: Still raining, yet this time it changed from a drizzle to a normal kind of rain, the kind you get where there's no definite definition. Watched the infamous street holes of Manila get filled for a few moments, then again went back to bed.

1:00 pm: Strong winds now accompany the downpour, this time filling the city streets itself of water, again transforming Manila into a broken down waterway, kinda like Venice after being hit by a nuclear bomb. The nation declared a no-school day, to the delight of everybody...except probably the nerds. After eating a light lunch, went back up to the room and fell asleep again.

6:00 pm: The weather turned serious this time, as gales strong enough to overcome Miriam D. Santiago's voice shrieked through the water filled city streets. The nation again sent out a call of storm signal no. 2, with the probility of getting to no.3 in a few hours. Watched the roaches run for higher ground, with rats as big as your arms right behind them, pausing once in a while to munch on the sudden roach buffet spread. Ah, even rats have their days. After a few moments, trudged back up the room and slept again.

10:00 pm : The storm seems to be subsiding to the normal kind of rain, yet still with no signs of letting up. Oh well, at least the electricity is still on, which is kinda wierd because when there's a storm, the electricity is always cut off. Turned on the PC and played Ragnarok, then doing this journal. So what does this stormy day teach me? After all that has happened this day, I conclude that sleeping with three pillows is better then two. Particularly fluffy ones.

Pillows: Large Big One's by Kish
Bed: Japanese Style Floor Bed, also by Kish
Song for the Day: Sleep All Day by Jason Mraz

Another typical day in rainy Manila.

Monday, September 01, 2003

Much Ado About Shakespeare

Benedict: This can be no trick. The conference was sadly borne; they have the truth of this from Hero; they seem to pity the lady. It seems her affections have their full bent. Love me? Why, it must be requited. I hear how I am censur'd. They say I will bear myself proudly if I perceive the love come from her. They say too that she will rather die than give any sign of affection. I did never think to marry. I must not seem proud. Happy are they that hear their detractions and can put them to mending. They say the lady is fair--'tis a truth, I can bear them witness; and virtuous--'tis so, I cannot reprove it; and wise, but for loving me--by my troth, it is no addition to her wit, nor no great argument of her folly, for I will be horribly in love with her. I may chance have some odd quirks and remnants of wit broken on me because I have railed so long against marriage. But doth not the appetite alters? A man loves the meat in his youth that he cannot endure in his age. Shall quips and sentences and these paper bullets of the brain awe a man from the career of his humour? No, the world must be peopled. When I said I would die a bachelor, I did not think I should live till I were married.

Enter Beatrice.

Beatrice: Against my will I am sent to bid You come in to dinner. Benedict: Fair Beatrice, I thank you for your pains. Beatrice: I took no more pains for those thanks than you take pains to thank me. If it had been painful, I would not have come. Benedict: You take pleasure then in the message? Beatrice: Yea, just so much as you may take upon a knives point, and choke a daw withal. You have no stomach, signior. Fare you well. Benedict: Ha! 'Against my will I am sent to bid you come in to dinner.'There's a double meaning in that. 'I took no more pains for those thanks than you took pains to thank me.' That's as much as to say, 'Any pains that I take for you is as easy as thanks.' If I do not take pity of her, I am a villain; if I do not love her, I am a Jew. I will go get her picture.

There is something very appealing when reading Shakespeare in a dark and rainy day. I don't know why, but when everything is kinda gloomy and out of sorts, I tend to get more poetic by the moment. Not the usual kind mind you, but when it pours buckets of rainwater, my sarcarms tend to become laced with deeper meanings and inane half truths. Oh well, at least the person I'm insulting with will get confused whether I really did insult him or not.

Then there's also the conceited bastard type where they twist the words into their liking, thinking that the woman who insulted them just professed their undying love. This also happens frequently sadly. Take for example above where Beatrice invited Benedict inside for dinner underlined with insults yet the latter twisted them into his liking. Not to say that Benedict himself is a concieted bastard in Shakespeare's play and is fact a honorable and worthy man, but that singular passage struck me as a regular symptom to people in love. We try to interpret when the person we like secretly speaks, trying to gauge whether they like us in return. Then if the signs are favorable, we make our move. In this case there are three kinds of persons. First, there's the one that interprets everything to his favor, where he thinks subconciously he is the sole reason of creation, and hitches up with everyone he can get his hands into. While this is makes him a complete jackass, he doesn't succeed most of the time and, thankfully, comes in a minority. The second one interprets everything as a catastrophe, where he blithely believes he doesn't feel worthy to grovel at her feet, much less stand within 10 yards of her. This person is pathetic, and even if the lady in question drops hints that she likes him, the person is too involved in own misery to make a move. Surprisingly, this kind comes in a majority, like 30-40% of the population. The last one is at least kinda normal for people, the kind that interprets the right signals and, after a suitable time, makes his move. It takes practice to achieve this I guess, though not without failures of course.

I'm not saying that most persons are like those I mentioned above, some are a mixed of the two or even three! In case you're asking, and you probably might I fall between the second and third. Im usually have no qualms about making my move, but when the person is too much for me, let's say a ramp model like one of my female friends or maybe even a lady like the Ice Lady, I tend to stop thinking clearly and offer worship and grovel from a distance. Ah, how well do I love thee, if only it was not for love that I myself loathe but for act of loving itself ... ... ... ok that's enough Shakespeare. No more cold spaghetti and ice cold cola at 3am, must remember I tend to act up when it's early morning and full on the stomach. Must think about real stuff ...

... cars, airplanes, sky high buildings, starbucks, goverment corruption ...

... and I'm back to the real world.


Beatrice: What fire is in mine ears? Can this be true? Stand I condemn'd for pride and scorn so much? Contempt, farewell! and maiden pride, adieu! No glory lives behind the back of such. And, Benedick, love on; I will requite thee, Taming my wild heart to thy loving hand. If thou dost love, my kindness shall incite thee To bind our loves up in a holy band; For others say thou dost deserve, and I Believe it better than reportingly.

Come Crash Into Me....

I woke up to the sudden booming of thunder and and crackle of lightning. Yet another day of typical Philippine weather. I tell ya, our weather stations have the reputation of the being the most reliable ones in the world. They only have three reports: Very Hot, Rainy and, at certain seasons, Typoon. As typical of this region's weather, after struggling to suit up for a wet day in the rain, the clouds parted to reveal the sun mocking at the pathetic efforts of mankind. Damn Mother Nature and her games.

Hmm, I finally scrounged up the courage to at least send a text message to the girl I met at the store. Something in the lines of maybe getting together and having a cup of coffee. Much to my disappointment and relief she didn't texted back. It's better to imagine she's busy or had no load then to dread to see her message. Will she accept my offer? Will she call up her bodyguards to beat the crap out of me? Oh well, we'll just see and tommorrow's another day and maybe I'll scrounge up enough courage to call her personally.

Today is the first day of the month and I got my monthly allowance from home. By some sort of divine inspiration, I detoured not into a bookstore but into a music shop. Imagine to amazement they actually had the very rare Dave Matthews Band live albums, the one in Chicago and another in New Jersey. Without any thought of possible future repurcussions, I immediately bought the cds and headed straight to the cashier, with a silly grin on my place.

Much later, I found out they cost a helluva lot and find myself without extra money for two weeks. Damn, back to bread and water.

The Helm's Deep game has cancelled, and moved to end of November. This Friday we'll be re-enacting that scenario of the Seven Knights, wherein there are seven suicidal knights against a horde of enemies. The Famous Last Stand as we like to term it. It's me with the horde, of course against seven crusader elves. Hmmm, this might be interesting after all.

Now listening to: Dave Matthews, Live in Chicago
Song Title: Crash into me
Number of times listened to this cd since buying: 10 times

Oh I watch you there
through the window
And I stare at you
You wear nothing
but you wear it so well
tied up and twisted
the way I'd like to be
For you, for me,
come crash into me