Wednesday, July 07, 2010

More or Less Alive...

Things have been ... hectic.

I have been to Korea, China, Thailand and Japan, with several travels to Manila and Cebu in between, in the last six months. All work related, sad to say.

The company that I work in is on the verge of opening two or three more stores this year. We had just opened Cebu branch a couple of months back.

My in-laws house is in the process of renovation and I have been helping out somewhat when I have the time.

Internet connection has been fuzzy these last couple of months (30mb torrent download: 1yr 7mo 3hrs...arrrgh).

On the bright side, I still get to read on the wee hours of morning when the voices in my head are too loud for me to get any shut-eye.

Still, that's something I guess.

On the reading list:

Haruki Murakami "Dance, Dance, Dance".
Kazuo Ishiguro "Nocturnes"
Ryusonuke Akutagawa "Rashomon."
Dan Abnett "Gaunt's Ghost Omnibus: The Lost."
Terry Prachett "Unseen Academicals"
Robert Kirkman "The Walking Dead."
John Scalzi "The Ghost Brigades"
Bill Willingham "Fables: War and Pieces"

On the must watch list:

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
A Dangerous Method
Green Hornet

New Games:
Dragon Age Origins (PC)
Dawn of War II (PC)
Runebound (Boardgame)
Arkham Asylum (Boardgame)
Legend of the Five Rings (CCG)
Vampire: the Eternal Struggle (CCG)
A Game of Thrones (LCG)

For now, I'm more likely to update my status at Facebook (Add me up if you like) than here. I'll get back to blogging once my workload comes clear next month ... hopefully.

I need a time stop.

State of Mind: Blurred Vision (where are my glasses?)
Book of the Week: The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman
Song of the Day: "Billionaire" B.O.B. (shoot me now).
Looking for: R.E.S.T.